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Rebel Real Name: Nikki Janice Rodgers

Physical Description: Medium length black and sky blue hair, minty green eyes, 5' 1" tall, strong features.

Power Description: Makes atoms burst, creating light fixtures. Also has super speed, strength, endurance, agility, and a keen mind. History: A year after she was born, Nikki's mother Dazzler took her to her father's house to save her from the gang that was stalking the family. Leaving her on the doorstep, the gang was killed by Dazzler while she also died. Captain America took in his daughter, taking time off from the Avengers to raise her. Since she was born premature, when her powers developed they gave her a hospital trip. Her powers also gave her the blue streaks in her hair. When Nikki was 12 the super-human civil war began. When she could no longer ignore it, Nikki went to work for Iron Man as a spy. During one of the biggest battles Tony discovered she was the traitor and tried to kill her. He didn't succeed and Cap nursed her back to health. At the end of the war, it was Nikki's turn to take care of her father when he was shot. She had a large role in the ending of the war. If she had been killed by Tony, the war would have lasted much longer, therefore having many more casualties.

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I would like to see your superhero come alive. Sounds like a good character.

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Hugeo (hue-ghee-oe) Real Name: Johnny Bigg Physical Description: light brown skin, dark green hair, brown eyes, 6'3", skinny yet muscular Powers: In a science experiment gone wrong, Johnny was given the power of size manipulation. His growing and shrinking powers have no limit. His strength quadruples when he shrinks smaller than 37 1/2 inches
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