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He's hot and mysterious and spy-y and everything, but what about the Zach that said "Somebody knows?"

1/1/2009 #1
Ray by Another Name

Hmm...He's hot, seems to be pretty rational, caring in his own way, a bit protective, helpfulish, mysterious, seems to have a bit of a temper. That's all theory of course...

1/1/2009 #2

Lol. He's a bit of everything. :D

1/1/2009 #3
Ray by Another Name

So true its somewhat scary... :P

1/1/2009 #4

Yeah...Like...he's bi-polar...but worse. One minute he's mysterious then next he's not then next he's a know-it-all...

1/1/2009 #5
Ray by Another Name

Or maybe he's just trying to keep his cover, but he's having trouble with it...

1/1/2009 #6

Aw, see, now I like him even more!!!!!!!

1/1/2009 #7
Ray by Another Name

Lol, but of course.

1/1/2009 #8
gangstapenguinduck lover

That side of Zach, I think, is cold. Emotionally unattached, but rational and logical. It makes him even more lovable. (((:

1/1/2009 . Edited 1/1/2009 #9
Ray by Another Name

I know!! He's just...PERFECT!!! XD!!!

1/1/2009 #10
Kelsey Goode

You can see he tries to act all tough and keep his cover, but you can tell Cammie is his soft spot. Sure he may be cocky and sarcastic towards her but, he did offer her M&M's in the elevator, he told her "somebody knows" and when she hit her head he felt for the bump on it, athough he could of just done that because he wanted to touch her... :O

Plus- he kissed her! And the scene in the P&E barn, which is my icon, he like admitted he liked her! And then he saved her from the Josh and DeeDee encounter in Roseville, and he looked for her when she fled the dance.


1/2/2009 #11

Uggghhhh stop it! YOu know, before these forums, it was JoshJosh Josh and all my friends wwere S*** You freaking moron this is worse than Jasper! And now, It's all ZachZachZachZach arghhhh. Lol

OMG I found this really hot uhhh pic of Jasper, it's that scene in the movie where he did that bat-twirl thingy and it was really hot and then he hit the ball and then I melted...Lol.

See, now I'm on a Hottie High.

1/2/2009 #12
Kelsey Goode

lol i kno wat u mean, i loved that scene! ;)

1/2/2009 #13
Ray by Another Name

I love that scene too! Its my fav scene in the movie!

1/2/2009 #14

Bat twirl...-sighs dreamily- Bat twirl...Also, the whole mood and everything from that scene is awesome! Like the music, and the way Emmett said "That's my girl" or something when Rosalie did that thing and the sound Edward and Emmett made when they crashed into each other and of course the bat twirl bat twirl omg....

1/2/2009 #15
Ray by Another Name

The bat twirl was best, and the crouching pose Jasper was in comes in second. wow... this is a bit off topic...

1/2/2009 #16

Ohemgeee that too! Lol. Who cares if it's off topic...Look at the introduce yourself thread! Lol. Maybe I should make one "Going Fangirl Over (insert hot guy name here)" Lol. Nah. Too much work. Lol. I was sooooooo upset when I saw that he ONLY HAD ONE FREAKING LINE IN THE WHOLE MOVIE!!!!!! I was sooo upset and also he looked like....all....disturbed and whatnot, lol, except, of course, in the screenshots and in the very hot baseball scene.


When they make the rest of the movies he better have a larger part or I will....Cry!! Lol.

1/2/2009 #17
Ray by Another Name

So agreeing with you there. The third movie he will have tons of lines though, so YAY!!! Plus, in the third movie we get to see him with his scares and stuff. OH! Random thought, in the 2nd book it says Alice spent tons of time at the Swan's house over the summer because of Bella's leg and all, so does that mean Charlie got to meet Jasper? I wonder what Charlie thought of him... probably something like, "Isn't he a little tall for her..." Lol. Told ya it was random.

1/2/2009 #18
gangstapenguinduck lover

I would so laugh my a** off if Jasper only got like, ten lines in the third movie. XD Seriously. You've got to love movie producers. Favorite part of Twilight: Edward pretends to bite Bella during the final dance; OR the scene where he pops the apple up from his shoe. :P


Mmmmhh...I don't think Jasper would be able to handle being around Bella AND Charlie at the same time, if you get my drift.

1/2/2009 #19
Ray by Another Name

In the third book he has like an entire chapter to himself.

So true...sadly...but just imagine Charlie's reaction to meeting Jasper. Would be funny wouldn't it?

1/2/2009 #20

ha, yeah, he'd probably be thinking "There's MORE of them?????" Lol. But then he'd get all calm...and serene...

1/4/2009 #21
Ray by Another Name

Lol, yeah, I think since he thinks of Alice as another daughter-like person, he'd hate Jasper almost as much as he hates Edward. Of course, he wouldn't hate him when he's around...

1/4/2009 #22

Lol. I wonder how he deals with Edward being all "Bella....Precious Bella...." when he still thinks of her as food. :O

1/4/2009 #23
Ray by Another Name

He probably goes to (fill in fav word here) to Alice or something.

1/4/2009 #24
gangstapenguinduck lover


XD He'd probably freak and try to protect Bella with her head under an arm like a a caveman.


I think that would make Edward burst out laughing so freaking hard.

XD Just picture that for a second:...

1/10/2009 #25
Kelsey Goode

Haha. I can sooo picture it....

1/10/2009 #26
Ray by Another Name

Me too, except I see a golemish Edward...Golemn and Edward fused...hmm... *seeing it in head* *shutters* Scary.

1/18/2009 #27
Team Zammie

RPG site go there!

7/25/2009 #28

Zach is awesome. He's hot. He's tough yet sweet in his own way... And basically perfect! I would SO go out wit him if I could.

9/15/2009 #29

Hi there... Since ur talking about the second movie of twilight saga or new moon.. does that mean that u already seen it???

Anyway... did zach ever learned something about his own parents except cammie's dad?? and what did happened in GG3?? I so hadn't seen it yet.. Anyway... please I know its a spoiler but whoever have read GG3, please tell me the story even if the summary! please! Onegai!

10/12/2009 #30
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