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Twombie Awdur


School Rules

1. Alcoholic consumption is only permitted to students over 16+ or they will be suspended. Also, alcohol is not allowed to be owned or consumed by students on school grounds.

2. Students of the opposite gender in either genders dorms must have three feet on the ground at all time, if found out students have done otherwise immediate action will be taken.

3. School uniform must be worn from 9am until school hour officaly end (4pm) excluding weekends.

4. Bedtime for 1st-4th years is 10pm, each student must be in their common rooms at 8pm.

5. Bedtime for 5th-7th years is 12am, each student must be in their common rooms at 10pm.

6. Every lesson must be done within the Mandatory Classes. Every student must take every Mandatory class, and one Optional class (at least) Each student attends 6 classes each lesson in all 6 must be completed. If failing to do so, they will result in failing and repeating the term. (year)

7. Respectful Academic behaviour is to be followed at all times, if not you will be expelled.

8. Sexual activity is strictly forbidden anywhere on Hogwarts grounds. If found out you have broken this rule, suspension will be immediate on top of notification to your parents.

9. No drugs are permitted on the grounds.

10. You must have all books for every equipment for every lesson. No exceptions.

11. Only 3rd years and over can visit Hogsmeade Village. Also you need the form given to you to be signed by a parent or guardian. No exceptions.

12. School uniform is to be worn in the appropriate way with no accessories applied unless person has a uniform pass. No exceptions.

13. Natural hair colour is a must unless a specific eligible reason is given.

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Twombie Awdur


Trials for the Quidditch Teams will be held next Tuesday (September 12th) all students who wish to try out should write their name and house on this notice.

Gryffindor - 6pm (Straight after dinner)

Ravenclaw - 7pm

Slytherin - 8pm

HUfflepuff - 9pm

Sincrely yours

Professor T Phillips, head of Gryffindor

12/25/2008 #2
Moon Hound Hati

Discussion for Muggleborns

Dear fellow Muggleborn students,

Next Friday evening there will be an open discussion regarding our status and future as Muggleborns in the wizardingworld. The discussion will start at 7 PM in the unused classroom on the forth floor in the east wing. Any Muggleborn students who are interested are free to attend.

I look foreward to seeing you there.


Levi Lawless

1/31/2009 #3

To my fellow students,

I am writing to ask if anyone has any information regarding a student by the name of Daniella Wilburn who has been admited to the hospital wing after being attacked could they please step forward. It does not have to be information recarding the attack, just any information at all.

Information that would be of vital importance:

If anyone has seen her within the last two days and knew where she was?

Any information regarding the attack?

Any strange occurences?

Other information needed:

Enamies she may have made? General behavior which could lead to the incident? Wierd or abnormal behavior?

Thank you very much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon,

yours, your head girl, Ella Brown.

2/10/2009 #4
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