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Twombie Awdur

Where the students can eat their meals or also do their homework.

12/19/2008 #1
Twombie Awdur

Jess walked into the Great Hall and strode to the staff table and sat down, looking at what was for breakfast

12/20/2008 #2

Lucy walked into the Great Hall with a saunter, smirking triumphantly at one of the Brown-Thomas daughters as she flipped her hair over her shoulder and sat down.

12/20/2008 #3
Twombie Awdur

Jade walked in and sat down at her table and started piling her plate with food.She was starving

Sasha and Kevin walked in together. Kevin was examing his arm while Sasha was looking for someone to talk to

12/20/2008 #4

"Oh holy bugger!" Ashley held onto her foot, jumping with one over to her house table. "Oh bugger, bugger, bugger! Shit... aki mushrooms?"

12/20/2008 #5
Twombie Awdur

John walked in after his sister rolling his eyes at her. He sat next to Lucy

Jade looked over at Ashley and called, "You okay?"

12/20/2008 #6

Ashley clicked her fingers at Jade, "Perfect! Just hurt me foot a little, as in dropping my entire book bag on it... Oh, sod that hurt..."

Lucy looked at John with an eyebrow raised, "She get annoying?"

12/20/2008 #7
Twombie Awdur

Jade winced, "That sucks...sorry" She smiled and juggled some apples

John sighed, "You don't know the half of it"

12/20/2008 #8

"I got my little sister Molly, plus a dozen cousins. Try me," Lucy drawled, taking a bite of an apple.

Ashley grinned at her, "I'm alright though... Nice apples... That turned out brilliant, I really shouldn't open my mouth sometimes..."

12/20/2008 #9
Twombie Awdur

John raised an eyebrow, "Cousins you get no sympathy, sisters though I feel bad for you. She annoying too?"

Jade laughed and put the apples back, "It's cool

Terry limped in and sat next to Jessica with a smile, "I'm getting to old to climb those stairs"

12/20/2008 #10

"She's... a typical Weasley, got all the kindness and happiness of the family. Red hair as well," Lucy drawled, stretching upwards and efficently hitting someone in the face. "You'd sympathy if you had all-Gryffindor cousins basically with a few Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaw that you had to spend every Summer with at your Grandmother's house."

Ashley sighed and took a bite of an apple.

Jean looked over at Terry, "You're too old to do anything."

12/20/2008 #11
Twombie Awdur

John nodded, "Yeah well my sisters a stupid cow and my parents adore her and my whole family is a bunch of hippies" He hit his head against the table

Jade sighed and took out a firecracker

Jess giggled, "old people" She said happily

Terry looked at Jean, "And you then?" he looked at Jess, "And I woulnd't talk if I were you, you're thirty"

12/20/2008 #12

"Shit, don't hit your head on the table," Lucy exclaimed, looking at him. "Hippies aren't as bad as enduring a whole day of family members you hate coming up to you and squeezing your cheeks and feeling you up, telling you how much you've grown."

Ashley tapped her feet on the floor impatiently.

Jean laughed, sitting down and eating some pie, "That makes me feel old. We are not old. We are 40 years young."

12/20/2008 #13
Twombie Awdur

John sighed, "Yeah? Try living with people who are constantly happy, never fight and always want to hug....constantly...all the time"

Jess laughed, "great then I can be thirty years young"

Jade lit the firecracker and it went off, zooming out her hand and around the Great Hall hitting several people on the head

12/20/2008 #14

"Holy fu-" Lucy cut herself off in mind that she could get detention for swearing as the firecracker hit her head. "Who did that? And you do not win, I'm ridiculed by my entire family for being the only Slytherin ever."

Jean rolled her eyes, "You can't be young, only old so I feel better about myself."

Ashley laughed into her pumpkin juice as the firecracker went off.

12/20/2008 #15
Twombie Awdur

John sighed, "I'm ridiculed for being the only one who wears black" He burst out laughing as he saw the firecracker hit her

Jade whooped then stopped as it headed towards the staff table, "Uh oh" She sat down quickly trying to rub the left over powder on her hands onto her robes

Jess smiled, "Fine I'm old but I still look sixteen" She looked up calmly as a firecracker shot towards the staff table

12/20/2008 #16

"Oh, sod off," Lucy muttered to him. "And that, is another one of my relatives. JADE, GET OVER HERE NOW!"

Jean waved her wand at the firecracker to direct it elsewhere, "You do not, you look... thirty."

12/20/2008 #17
Twombie Awdur

Jade looked up and sighed. She didn't get along with Lucy really. She got up and walked over, "What?"

Jess smiled, "Really? I don't think so" She examined herself, "And neither does Blaise" She winked

Terry grinned and saw Jean eating the pie and smiled

12/20/2008 #18

Lucy looked at Jade with an unimpressed look, her eyebrow cocked, "What the hell was that? You know that your mother and father will murder you if I tell them, and I'm a Prefect! It's my job, so being a pain in my arse is not going to make me... ugh, just bugger off."

Jean grinned, "Blaise is obviously a bit of a twit."

12/20/2008 #19
Twombie Awdur

Jade rolled her eyes, "Don't call me over then tell me to bugger off. Stop waisting my time"

Jess giggled, "I'm torn between defending my husband and agreeing"

12/20/2008 #20

Lucy looked at her, flipping her hair out of her face, "I just told you off, that's not wasting your time. If I see another firecracker lit in this room I will see fit to give you a monthes worth of detention."

Jean smiled, looking at Terry before asking, "Want some pie?"

12/20/2008 #21
Twombie Awdur

Terry shook his head chuckling

Jess looked confused

Jade took out another one and lit it, letting it off right in front of Lucy. Except this time it headed towards the headmaster

John smiled evily

12/20/2008 #22

Jean laughed lightly and took a bite of her own pie before growing wide-eyed at the firecracker.

Lucy shook her head at Jade, "You will be absolutely murdered when you go home next, I am sending a letter to Grandmum Molly."

(you or me being Richard?)

12/20/2008 #23
Twombie Awdur

(You please I'll be him next time XD)

Jade glared at her, "Just cause you're stuck up and no fun doesn't mean I have to be. Besides I'm Nana's favourite so there" She saw where the firecracker was headed and swallowed

Jess smirked, "Someones going to be in shit"

Terry nodded

12/20/2008 #24

Lucy raised her eyebrow at Jade, "You're also the one who gets in the most trouble at home, hence the reason you're being yelled out half the time."

Richard calmly extinguished the firecracker, his voice ringing out cold and clear, "Jade Weasley, to my office."

12/20/2008 #25
Twombie Awdur

Jade was about to say something when she heard the headmaster and winced, "Yes sir" She grabbed her stuff and trudged out the hall

Jess tried not to giggle, "I remember that trudge...I did it often" She grinned

Terry laughed, "Often? You invented the goddam thing...and perfected it"

12/20/2008 #26

Lucy smirked before going back to her breakfast, "That is why my cousins hate me and I hate them, Christophers."

Jean shook her head, "You were a pain in the arse, you know that. You and Blaise."

12/20/2008 #27
Twombie Awdur

John smirked, "I don't blame you then. You win" He started to eat his breakfast

Jess smiled innocently, "We never got up to anything"

12/20/2008 . Edited 12/20/2008 #28

Lucy smiled triumphantly as she ate her breakfast, her legs crossed over one another, "You got any other annoying relatives than your sister?"

Jean snorted, "Of course not, we only caught you in a lot of places. My favourite memory had to be the owlery."

12/20/2008 #29
Twombie Awdur

John shrugged, "My dads cousins kids are annoying. My mum doesn't really have a family she was an orphan like me" He ate his breakfast quietly

Jess blushed slightly, "You're never going to let me live it down are you?" Her eyes lit up as she looked to the door

Chris walked in with a smile and sat down

12/20/2008 #30
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