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Twombie Awdur

I'll be posting monthyl updates from now on on what's been happening with the charrys I know lol and the general story line...

Please post your charrys so I can add them via PM

If I don't get them then I won't be updating them...please do not post them in the topic

9/3/2009 #1
Twombie Awdur

Please Note: The Updated list will not include any charrys not roleplayed in the last month...

Gryffindor 1st years

Frederick "Fred" Weasley - Went home for the holidays after having a hard time with kids at school picking on him. His parents briefly got back together which sparked anger within him because he knew it would end in disaster which it did.

Megan "Meg" Finnigan (Waiting for Bree)

Adam Shikau (No Update)

Gryffindor 3rd years

Bill Jr. Weasley - Went home for the holidays, his laptop was confiscated when he, his brother and his cousin were busted watching porn

Kevin Weasley - Got a full back tattoo which earned him a grounding from his parents, was angry with his parents during the holidays as he got a hiding and into a fight with his father and brother, Bill JR let him use his cellphone to call his girlfriend which greatly improved his mood

Sasha Weasley - Was diagnosed with Nymphomania prior to the holidays. During the winter break she met her now boyfriend Aaron.

Belle Darcy (No Update)

Gryffindor 4th years

Hayley Malone (No update)

Alfred "Alfie" Peldon (No update)

Shirley Keagan (No Update)

Jasper Dominik Bath (No update)

Gryffindor 5th years

Felicity Fyedora Flitwick (No Update)

Martina Dickens (No update)

Jamie McEntyire (No update)

Lola Peldon (No update)

Lacy Reynolds (No update)

Twiggy Quirke - (No update)

Zachary "Zach" Paris (No update)

Svetlana Mihailov (No update)

Josephine "Joey" Jones (No update)

Devon Jackson (No update)

Jordan Bana (No update)

Gryffindor 6th years

Jacques Chance Potter - spent the holidays with his parents, sister and girlfriend. Partly at the burrow, the Lupin residence and skiing

Kerri-Ann Kourtinho - spent the holidays with her boyfriend, Jacques Potter, and his family

Jade Weasley - Got into a fight with her father, was cheered up when he took her for her tattoo

Nikki Alice White (No update)

Arta Torpore (No update)

Aidian MacHoney (No update)

Brent Lewis (No update)

Anabelle "Ana" Tavern (No update)

Shawn Tavern (No update)

Kaylee Waffling (No update)

Selene Black (No update)

Elizabeth Jane Wyndam-Price (No update)

Skye Lallia Bath (No update)

Penelope "Penny" Abbott (No update)

Mark Gontier (No update)

Gryffindor 7th years

Max Fairview (No update)

Adriana Swallow (No update)

Ted "Teddy" Lupin (No update)

Jacob Morrison (No update)

Jennifer Louse (called Jenny) Ramos (No update)

Ashwin Black (No update)

Skye Fowler (No update)

Mackenzie "Mac" MacDougal (No update)

Jacqui Flint - was a part of the huge fight on the Hogswart grounds which meant she got grounded by her father Professor Flint for the winter holidays

Tomoya Okazaki (No update)

Hufflepuff 2nd years

Alexandria Walker (No update)

Hufflepuff 3rd years

Jake Smith - Baby sister Amy died when the little ones were kidnapped. Has been in a denial since he heard

Lizelle "Lizzie" Finnigan - Baby brother Banjo was also killed when kidnapped while trying to help Amy Smith escape. Was a a part of the fight in the school grounds

Bindi Patil : (No update)

Hufflepuff 4th years

Colette Chelsey Potter (No update)

Ashley Christophers - spent the holidays with her parents. Snuck out of the house with her brother John

Michelle Buckingham (No update)

Autumn Lettice Bath (No update)

Hufflepuff 5th years

James Smith (No update)

Lachlan Finlay Abrahams-Grifford (No update)

Evan Davids - Spent part of his holidays with the Weasleys. Had sex with his lover Alan and got into trouble as Sasha managed to sneak out during that time, and his boyfriends baby brothers were caught watching porn on Bill Jr's laptop.

Charlotte Lewis (No update)

Courtnee Constance Beatrice Murphy (No update)

Ash Peldon (No update)

Shane O'Neil (No update)

Mitchie O'Neil (No update)

Dahlia Olman (No update)

Katelyn "Kates" Caughey (No update)

Hufflepuff 6th years

Zara Irene Walker (No update)

Jasmine Akasha (No update)

Aiden Malone (No update)

Sophie Marie Antoinette Williams (No update)

Zoey Deschanel (No update)

Gertrude Porter (No update)

Desiree Myers: (No update)

Aaron McKing (No update)

Forest Rae Bath (No update)

Beau Laroque (No update)

Patrick Miller (No update)

Hufflepuff 7th years

Mei-Xie An (No update)

Anthony Bodma - his father died during the holidays (Tony was already back at school) so Tony has refused to really speak since then. He is know in counselling with Nathan who has taken a paternal love for the boy

Charlie Hieronymus Pace - had sex with Mitchell Marx. Has been highly concerned for his best friend Tony since the death of the Transifguartion Professor

Morgan Brown (No update)

Sian (Somin) Peldon (No update)

Maisy Dai-Delude (No update)

Lake "Legs" Bath (No update)

Ravenclaw 1st years

Andy Peter White (No update)

Ravenclaw 2nd years

Troy Ann (No update)

Oliver Ann (No update)

Ravenclaw 3rd years

Antoni Krum (No update)

Amelia (Mia) Peldon (No update)

Ravenclaw 4th years

Hannah D'angelico (No update)

Ravenclaw 5th years

Alan Weasley (No update)

Lyla Ellis (No update)

Bellatrix "Bella" Snape (No update)

Wesley Lont (No update)

Ripley Auguest Bath (No update)

Selena Sena (No update)

Ravenclaw 6th years

Pascal Desmeraise (No update)

Tara Spelling (No update)

Juliette "Jules" Birkin (No update)

Oliver Carmichael (No update)

Ryan McLaggen (No update)

Lily Reynolds (No update)

River Pratt (No update)

Flynn Scifo (No update)

Marielle Bracken Bath (No update)

Ravenclaw 7th years

Ecthel Angelus (No update)

Amy Walker (No update)

Mariana Fairview (No update)

Ella Brown (No update)

Julie Alexander (No update)

Siena Swallow (No update)

Sean Rolls (No update)

Candice "Candy" Rowe (No update)

Skyla Fowler (No update)

Elise Sacena (No update)

Skyler Campbell (No update)

Slytherin 1st years

Abby Rose White (No update)

Joshua "Joshy" Peldon (No update)

Sunshine Piper Bath (No update)

Slytherin 2nd years

Chad Ann (No update)

Slytherin 3rd years

Jayden "Jay" Shade MacHoney (No update)

Elijah Felix Bath (No update)

Slytherin 4th years

Caitlyn Lawson (No update)

Christopher Zabini - made some muggle friends during the holidays and got scolded by his father. Bumped into his grandmother (from his fathers side) and discovered she was planning something sinister which led to a duel at the mansion

Anabel Fricker (No update)

Melody Kings (No update)

Slytherin 5th years

Regulus Snape (No update)

Katlyn "Kate/Katie" Waldin (No update)

Slytherin 6th years

Rune van der Vecht (No update)

John Christophers- ran away from home during the holidays after his father discovered that his girlfriend Lucy Weasley was pregnent

Lucy Weasley (No update)

Scorpius Malfoy (No update)

Calissa "Cally" Chase (No update)

Celeste Tavern (No update)

Camilla McKinley (No update)

Slytherin 7th years

Levi Lawless (No update)

Danielle Wilburn (No update)

Derrick O'Leary - is highly upset over the death of Mac, and is taking it really hard. But on the same token is still causing trouble

Daniel "Dan" Faraday (No update)

Seth Andrew Grimwell (No update)

Brittany Brooke (No update)

Phoenix Flint (No update)


9/3/2009 #2
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