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Andi-Professional Daydreamer

The Dragon reserves in Romania

Charlie came out of the fireplace looking around.

1/22/2011 #1
Twombie Awdur

Terry held a finger to his lips, he was by the door with his wand out

1/22/2011 #2
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Bill nodded and had his wand out at the ready

Charlie nodded and stayed quiet his wand ready , listening.

1/22/2011 #3
Twombie Awdur

Terry looked out the door then walked to Charlie, "What's down to the left?" he whispered

1/22/2011 #4
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

"The boardroom." Charlie whispered. Looking around the room.

Bill walked to them.

1/23/2011 #5
Twombie Awdur

Terry nodded and looked at Bill, "Adventure seeking suicidal maniacs first"

1/25/2011 #6
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Bill smirked and said "This'll be fun." before peeking out the door on both sides and stepping out into the hallway wand drawn he motioned with his other hand for them to come on out.

1/25/2011 #7
Twombie Awdur

Terry followed after him, keeping an eye down the hallway for movement.

1/25/2011 #8
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Bill lead the way quietly "We going in that board room to check?" he whispered.

1/26/2011 #9
Twombie Awdur
Terry nodded
1/26/2011 #10
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Bill nodded and paused at the dooor pressing his ear to it.Listening

Charlie walked up to the door as well and took a deep breath looking at Bill his hand on the handle, waiting.

1/26/2011 #11
Twombie Awdur

There were two voices coming from inside. One talking about getting the dragons and going and the other talking about the money he wanted.

1/26/2011 #12
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Bill held up a hand and shook his head pointing to the door and mouthing 'People in there.' then holding his wand up 'Get ready.'

Charlie pulled back and aimed his wand straight ahead of him looking at Terry.

1/26/2011 #13
Twombie Awdur
Terry nodded and held his wand up
1/27/2011 #14
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Charlie then looked at Bill

Bill looked at the door took a deep breath and nodded

Charlie nodded then flung the door open wand at the ready.

1/27/2011 #15
Twombie Awdur
Ralph was standing there accepting money from a hooded man. Terry froze when he saw Ralph before flicking his wand, "Petrificus totalus" he said, freezing Ralph
1/27/2011 #16
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Bill shot a freezing spell at the hooded man "Petrificus Totalus."

Charlie had his wand raised but in his confusion of seeing Ralph hadnt moved simply standing there looking between the two men

1/27/2011 #17
Twombie Awdur
The hooded man disapparated before Bill could hit him with the spell. Terry walked into the room slowly and scanned it
1/27/2011 #18
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Bill scanned the room as well

Charlie shook his head and looked around

1/27/2011 #19
Twombie Awdur
"Just you then Ralph" Terry said, "no other buddies." Ralph could not answer of course.
1/27/2011 #20
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

"Thats not Ralph."Charlie said shaking his head "Cant be." he added examining the frozen figure.

Bill made his way back to the door and closed it , locking it "If there's someone else in the building we'll hear em trying to come in and can disapperate." he told Terry.

1/27/2011 #21
Twombie Awdur
Terry rolled Ralph's body over, "It's Ralph Charlie.... He betrayed you"
1/27/2011 #22
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Charlie frowned shaking his head "No no its someone using Poly juice potion. Ralph wouldnt do that." he said

"Charlie.It is," Bill said "Why would someone-"

"Lift the spell so we can make him reveal himself."Charlie said cutting him off .

1/27/2011 #23
Twombie Awdur
Terry took Ralphs wand and lifted the spell. Ralph stood up, dusting himself off
1/27/2011 #24
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Charlie glared at him "Who are you? Really?" he demanded.

Bill kept his wand trained on Ralph sighing at Charlies question.

1/27/2011 #25
Twombie Awdur
Ralph smiled gently, "You really do believe in the good in people Charlie" he said, "It's me.. Ralph..."
1/27/2011 #26
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Charlie Frowned studying him for a moment he lowered his wand his arms folding across his chest "You gotta be kidding me." he said "Wha-What the hell were you just doing Ralph?" he asked

1/27/2011 #27
Twombie Awdur
Ralph shrugged, "I'm doing what I have to do Charlie" he said. Terry put his hand on Charlie's shoulder
1/28/2011 #28
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Charlie shook his head "What do you mean what you have to do. You set this whole thing up?" He said

1/28/2011 #29
Twombie Awdur
Ralph shook his head, "I needed the money Char..."
1/28/2011 #30
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