Macross Fans, Who did ALto end up with?
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Definately Sheryl.

Seeing as how she has much more emotional maturity than Ranka.

*waits to be flamed*

9/4/2009 #1

Yeah, Sheryl was the obvious choice. Ranka is still in a dire need to grow up.

9/5/2009 #2
galactic fairy 9


NO S*** DUH!

I'm so mad! because they said that in Macross Frontier The Movie

Alto would have the resolve that he loves Ranka

Oh Damn S*** With The Movie!

*Maybe I'm also waiting to be flamed..*

But what the hell people!

Need to get that information out of my system or else I'll blow up

uhm, if anyone's nice enough, could you tell me what the truth is about who Alto loves in the movie!?!?!!


2/14/2010 #3

Ranka ftw~ She's so cute!

8/20/2010 #4

Tv series wise, Alto didn't pick one because he's not aware of his own feelings. But if the scriptwriter is to be believed, his feelings were for Sheryl.

Novels wise, it was a threesome. Not as much as Alto 'chose', but the three merged together, Ranka/Sheryl too.

Movie wise, it could be either way. We won't find out until next movie.

12/3/2010 #5

I'll say the tv series greatly implies it was Ranka also I already saw the movie it was Sheryl but they like switched roles and gave Sheryl Ranka's scene and Ranka Sheryl's part...

4/20/2012 #6

From how I interpreted it, the TV series implied Sheryl. The movies outwardly stated it, so there's no question there. I personally prefer Alto/Sheryl over Alto/Ranka- I do like Ranka as a character, but I don't like that pairing very much.

And as for the light novel, I haven't read it yet so I don't know.

9/29/2012 #7
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