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I need some help with one of my fan fics. If you could have joker kill, Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Mad Hatter, Catwoman, Robin, or Joan Lealand who would it be?

12/20/2008 #1
theodora 9

catwoman she brings in the batman element she and batman are close and her death definately would stir up trouble but what about harley quinn getting fed up with being mr j's no 2 she teams up with posion ivy creating lady crimanals inc and majorly cut into mr j's criminal activities witch majorly peeves him and regretfully he has to kill harley and not so regretfully poision ivy one he cares about the other is athorn in his side but business is business you always hurt the one you love the most,

8/9/2009 #2
Dominion of Shadows

i have to agree with theodora, catwoman would be the best choice to kill off. If not catwoman i might go harvey and make it when Batman had just lost him as an ally sorta, or bring some of that alliance essence back into it somehow in order to increase the effect of it when Joker KO's him if u get my drift

PS i know this may not be the right bplace but can people please read my anfic and review it? it's my first batfic and i wanna know how i did? XD thanks

9/23/2009 #3

I was thinking Mad Hatter. He's the other "physco" villian in Batman, and Joker might see him as compition. And I think he's weird, and a kinda stupid Batman villian, and I want to see him killed off.

Not sure if that's a very good reason though...

5/20/2010 #4

I want Joker to kill Damian Wayne aka newest Robin.

11/27/2010 #5
The Dark side of the Mind

I think Joan Leland

I believ he shouldn't kill Robin

Becouse as he once said I don't do the same thing twice.

Well I think he said something like that anyway

4/29/2011 #6

Like to invite you all to my newest Forum: The Rogues Gallery

Looking for people to post links to their Favorite Fan Fics in the Archives and also looking for admins thanks.

8/25/2012 #7
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