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(Ahaha okies ^3^ & its okay Vampire lover)

Scirion disappeared and reappeared only to block his daggers and summoned another Fireball straight at her. He was not in himself though since he barely had any emotion in his eyes at all, it was like he was in auto pilot but Clovis knew much more than that. "Korosu..." He whispered as he gathered all the energy sources and let go of it in one strong thunder shock.

Meanwhile Clovis had his own fight, he was a bit caught up with Scirion's moves so he did not notice someone headed straight for him, he only did when his senses told him of a danger and he jumped out of the place barely dodging the sowrd. His eyes widened for a while but then he masked his features and drew out his weapon, Apathy and fired 3 bullets in succession, jumping away from nearly knocking over bella and re appearing on top of the ship's look out. He panted softly, he was using so much of his energy to hold Scirion's attacks back and try and sense this vampire being. It was eating up his energy. 'Damn, I need to finish this quickly.' He took out his pocket watch and saw it was 40 minutes already, just 5 more and he would be able to use the syringe to stop Scirion.

12/30/2008 #91
Luminera Claymore

Amy quickly dodged the bullets by turning into mist but one managed to graze her side.She quickly followed him to the look out and got behind him.She wrapped her arms around his neck as she took the gun from his hand.The smell of her own blood was making her feel a little sick as she felt it run down her side.

12/31/2008 #92

Clovis gasped when he felt hands wrap themselves around his neck, his gun was taken but he still had a trump card under his sleeve. 'I won't allow myself to be taken so lightly! Not when time is ticking by!' He glanced back at the watch and saw it was only 4 more minutes left he neede to act fast! He bumped the back of his head agains't the vampire and twisted her hands around and then took his gun and aimed 3 sleep induced bullets towards her before jumping down the look out, bracing himself for the fall. He spread his arms to cause more friction from the wind to lessen the acceleration caused by jumping down so high up and twisted in the air so he landed on his feet and knee. Then he tried to look for Scirion... he couldn't find him anywhere but remained moving so the vampiress won't catch up with him. 'He must be somewhere! i need to inject this inside of him!' He glanced at the watch again and it read 3 more minutes... 'Come one Clo you can do this!' He thought to himself.

(Hey sorry but... do you think I can wait for Dragon before replyin? You can reply now but I'll wait for her...)

12/31/2008 #93
Luminera Claymore

Amy felt a bullet enter the crease of her shoulder and quickly dug it out before it's lace spread through her.She dodged and fully released her speed gaining on the strange man."I'm not letting you get away with that!"She slid on her side and trew his gun into the murky waters and drew out her bow."pay back!"She said with her voice dripping with venom.She let her arrow sing and quickly fired another in the shodow of the other.Her arm was loosing blood fast and growing heavy.She stopped and tied a small rope around the top of it gritting her teeth as she notice that she wouldn't be able to use it for about thirty minutes if her healing was as paced as it usually was."I've had worse."She thaught.

12/31/2008 #94

(Sorry but I couldn't help but reply hehe... maybe I'll wait for Dragon after this post hehe)

Scirion dodged the arrow and let it fly pass him, he disappeared and reappeared with a big fireball and threw it at Amy, he disappeared and reappered with another to throw in Jonalee's direction, he kept doing this, reappearing in random places so as to stop prediction, then to them he was also preparing the summoning of Suzaku, the great firebird.

Clovis was stabbed by the arrow, the arrow was pierced on his left side, and he groaned, pulling it out then running away again, keeping motion. He glanced at his watch and saw it to be only 2 minutes left. 'No! I have less time! if he kept this up, the whole place will be consumated by Suzaku!' He gritted his teeth and summoned his beast. He closed his eyes and chanted. "Great beast of the waters, I command you, I summon you to heed my aid! The Blue Dragon, Seiryuu!" He made a complicated motion with his fingers and the ground below him formed in a circle with ancient inscriptions then a Blue dragon flew out from behind him, roaring ferociously. "Seiryuu!" He shouted and the dragon flew past him towards the disappearing and reapping form of Scirion. "Amy, please stand back! this will get very dangerous!" He run forward and pushed her away so she won't get hurt by the fireball, instead he got hurt, the fire sizzling and burning his already bleeding left side.

(Did you know that Seiryuu and Suzaku were meant to be either enemies or lovers? It just fitted so well here hehe)

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I raised my eyebrows and still looked.

12/31/2008 #96
Seraph Darkfire

Seraph was walking down the street.

12/31/2008 #97
Midnight's Grove

Johanalee doged the attacks and went full out, Sending dagger's small knives, first and as he reappeared hitting him square in the chest. Pulling out her sword she aimed a very hard offensive blow just as the other male started coming.


Bella followed him as he headed for the other battle managing to stand up again. Full fleged ran into him knocking him sideway's. Risking a glance at her capitn, she was able to calm down a little when she realized they were no longer red but a vivid green, she was determined. Oh great. She thought as she turned her attention back on him as he was getting up. gripping her double-bladed sword, she knew this wasn't going to end well.

(sorry but I might not be able to be on till like tomarrow nightish... not a clue, but it's goingto be awhile sorry. )

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(Okay I understand! ^3^)

Clovis was knocked sideways but he twisted in the air and decided he had not much time since its just 1 minute left so he threw the syringe which headed towards the direction of Scirion. the syrings hit Scirion's neck and the green liquid disappeared inside of his skin. Clovis sighed as he glanced at his watch which told him his time limit was finished. He sighed, Suzaku disappeared in a burst of flames as her master, Scirion fell to the floor asleep, tranquilized by the syringe in which Clovis threw. Seiryuu was still there though, hovering over its master protectively and healed Clovis of all his wounds.

Clovis nodded his head in thanks to the sapphire dragon. "Sigh, kono baka yarou..." He mumbled under his breath as he neared Scirion's form, falling to his knees, he reached over and cradled the brunette's head over his lap. Seiryuu watched over them with something akin to concern but still kept a protective stance to ward off any harmful attacks. "Hey..." He brought his head up and met Jonalee's eyes. " I'll be the one to apologize in place of him... so, I apologize." he bowed his head slightly, he was thought this was the proper way to apologize. He gently ran his long fingers over the brown chocolate locks of his partner.

1/1/2009 #99

I raised my eyes. "Well. That's over," I said and sighed. I got off the roof and started walking towards the ship.

1/1/2009 #100
Seraph Darkfire

Seraph sighed "Nothing to do here" he said "I wonder if there are any interesting people here?" he looked at the ships as he passed.

1/1/2009 #101
Midnight's Grove

Eye's of determination changed to bright blue of curiosity. "And exactly where doing here in the first place?" Hopeing to get the answer's peacefully she put away her sword but still in sight so he would she'd be ready if he tried anything. hinting Bella to do the same she took a step forward eyeing the unconcious man who, just a minute ago, attacked her.


Bella got the hint and put away her blade. Crossing her arms she asked, "What was that liquid in the syringe anyway? And I've never seen anything like that..... " She stopped, she was going to say 'since someone similar like him ransacked the town killing her family' Looking away hopeing they just thought it as a statement.

1/2/2009 #102

Clovis grinned, since he never smiled, its either a smirk or a grin. "He was here trying to cause chaos... he's just that stupid sometimes, he'd be like a kid, wanting to draw attention to himself, only much bigger and much destructive. As for the syrings and the liquid inside, its a specialized made tranquilizer, its strong enough to make him sleep, hopefully get a hang over too." With this he softly smack his palm on Scirion's head, making the brunette groan, he smirked. "See? He's out cold, I'm really sorry if he did mass destruction on you ship (understatement of the century Clov) but he needs to get his hunt once in a while or else, something bigger than this destruction will happen... and if at all possible, I'm not going to make that happen... not again..." He whispered the last part, tilting his head down so his eyes were hidden by golden tresses. Seiryuu was gently nudged his master using his nose, he got no response.

1/2/2009 #103
Midnight's Grove

Still curious Johanalee ventured "So what is he?" Seeing Bella flinch she turned to her and asked "What?"


Bella shook her head muttering under her breath. She didn't know exactly what he was, but she got a pretty good idea. She then took a step back watching the creature nudge his master.

1/3/2009 #104

Clovis's grin turned into a frown and he telted his head downwards to hide his eyes. "Its not my place to say... but if he trusts you, he might tell you too... We are almost the same but different in many ways. All I can tell you right now is that, he is no human... and so am I." He spoke, his voice soft but firm. His fingers still ran over brown chocolate locks, he sighed and removed his fingers to clap his hands together and almost immediately Seiryuu's form disappeared in a gust of water droplets. The water poured down on Clovis and the sleeping form of his dear partner. 'We are both inhumane... just as much as you hate yourself... I do too...' He silently thought.

1/3/2009 #105

I walked up to the boat.

"Are you guys done fighting?" I asked.

1/3/2009 #106

Clovis snapped his head upwards at the man's voice. "Hmn, it depends on them... Now come to think of it... you need a ship right? Maybe we can use her ship... if she allows it of course." He said, he movedaround so now he was straddling Scirion's sleeping form, glancing at his pocket watch he saw that it was already about 30 minutes since Scirion's drug too effect so he sighed, eyes closed, inhaling then exhaling, once he opened his eyes he began slapping Scirion's cheeks and shouting at the top of his lungs. "WAKE UP, YOU IDIOT!!! KONO BAKA YAROU!" He repeated this about 3 times before he felt his wrist was grabbed, he looked down to see Scirion mumbling and rubbing his eyes.

"I'm awake! You didn't need to slap me that hard! Grr..." Scirion growled, now rubbing his sore, very red cheeks. Clovis only grinned triumphantly.

1/3/2009 #107

I shook my head and turned to the captian of the ship. "Hello. I was wondering if you were willing to take me to Malgim Island and from their to Seni. I will well compensate you for this job and I'll give you a special bonus as well as 'hazard' pay if we run into any," I said.

1/3/2009 #108

(So now we be both waitin for Dragon and Vampire... ehehe looks like it we're always teh ones waitin ne? But it be kewl I guess every people have their own lives anyways)

1/3/2009 #109


1/3/2009 #110
Seraph Darkfire

(I've been left out, I supose it is because no ones' character is near mine)

1/3/2009 #111

(Dun worry just jump in the boat... well yea you're right bout that part... Blue's left out too cause she dunno where to go from here... maybe you'd like to jump in? and maybe like ask as too what in the hell we're doin fightin on a ship with a beast and now its gone?)

1/3/2009 #112
Seraph Darkfire

Seraph jumped on the boat that every one else was on "Wonder what is going on here?" he asked quietly.

(How is that?)

1/3/2009 #113

(O.o err well... maybe? but its not my boat though... so we be waiting for the owner of said boat (Jonalee, Dragon's character) to go reply... maybe everything will go smoothly once everyone is introduced to each other and then from there onwards we may continue teh RP... its startin slow since we have like... different time settings and each has own lives to bother...)

1/3/2009 #114
Seraph Darkfire

(Alright then)

1/4/2009 #115
Midnight's Grove

Seeing so many people jumping aboard she said, " I'm not running no charity ride!." The crew finally waking up started appearing from below decks. Seeing Bella she walked over and said "well what do think?" shifting her weight and hands on hips.


Bella surprised that she get's to make a decision said, "Well they said their paying, even if other pirates decide to attack. if they know the risk, and thier money's risk if we happen to lose a fight then I say why not. We have plenty of provisions." Seeing her captin nod in agreement she stepped forward, eyes wandering to the no awake brown haired man remembering her experience, said " Al right but we can't garentee anything, this is after all a pirate ship so we may run into other's. Our only available space is below decks near the brig. Of course, any disbehavoir we deal in pirate form. Enjoy your stay." she said and grinned at the people, turned then walked away to the main deck, she hated being around so many people.

Seeing the dolphin she recently chatted with, she waved but the dolphin just shook her head as if disappointed and disappeared. A flashback of her father doing the same thing.

1/4/2009 #116

Scirion felt disgruntled and his senses felt fuzzy with vibrations, he streched much like a lion and growled softly. "Hmn..." He purred and closed his foggy silver eyes, when he re-opened them they returned to normal and alert. He faced his companion who was now fuming silently but otherwise content with the changes. "I'm sorry bout back there... hehe" He didn't sound sorry at all...

Clovis merely sent him a glare and stomped over to the railing and leaned his weight on it, sighing at the soft carress of the breeze against his cheek. 'I can still remember that day... as if it was just yesterday...' His eyes glazed over with the memories of his childhood. Scirion walked over to him and patted his hand on top of Clovis, getting no response he merely sighed, knowing this is one of the blonde's rare 'Empathy' moments.

'I can't beleive I just did that... though it is my fault that he keeps remembering that day...' He silently thought, feeling the breeze brush against his semi long hair. 'And I think I need a hair cut...' He thought, running his fingers against his hair, pulling the chocolate locks in closer inspection. He noticed someone who looked to be quite lost or maybe just lounging around and decided to go and bother him. "Hey, you look a little lost... or are you?" He asked the dark haired boy.

(There so Seraph no longer gets left behind... ^.^)

1/5/2009 #117
Midnight's Grove

Johanalee started making her way towards her crew shouting at them to set sail even though it was the middle of the night. Seeing Bella lounging on deck she went over and said. 'you're apart of this crew too, or do ye need reminden'?"


Jumping at the sound of her captin she turned and said, "No, I'll get on it." Leaving Johanalee she went to go help the crew passing a dark haired boy with the Clovis character.

1/5/2009 #118

(I'll give chance to others... and wait for them to respond... it seems kinda unfair if I dun give em a chance...)

1/5/2009 #119
Midnight's Grove

(very true. I just had to reply though^^ looks like we be waiting.)

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