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lil'hp fan124
I find this pairing very interesting and extremely cute. I watched the anime and thought, 'These two would look really cute together!' What's your opinion of this pairing and have you read any good Ryuichi/Shuichi fics? Here are some of my favs: Shinning Lover http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2761585/1/ Like We Never Loved At All http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2547462/1/
2/8/2006 . Edited 2/14/2006 #1
After reading Gravi 2, I fell completely in love with RyuShu~! I haven't actively searched for any lately, but I certainly will read your recommendations~!
5/27/2006 #2
OMG! That's my favorite gravitation pairing! Yuki doesn't appreciate Shuichi much.
8/15/2006 #3
lil'hp fan124
That's true. Yuki's so mean to Shuichi sometimes!
8/15/2006 #4
Gravi Reader
I've been recommending this Ryu/Shu to everybody, since it's very good.
9/4/2006 #5
Gravi Reader
Here's another story rec: www.fanfiction.net/s/2508653/1/ I hope these links work.
9/12/2006 #6
[q]After reading Gravi 2, I fell completely in love with RyuShu~! [/q] Haha! Same here. I always had a feeling that Ryuichi loved Shu. I mean, he's a 30-something and single! He must get lonely! Puts he makes Yuki jealous! That's always a plus! ^_^
7/8/2007 #7
Daemon Queen Lilith
One really amazing story, the best I have read of this pairing and one of the best I have ever read period is http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1779283/1/Pianissimo_Butterfly If you like this pairing than it's a crime not to read this.
9/27/2007 #8
LoLZ~!!! If they were both together, Shu would never cry again~!!! WEEEEE~!!! Ry IS a good year older than him, though, (Even though he doesn't look like it.) BUT OH WELLZ~!!! Even in the 1 series I was absolutely OBSESSED wif dem being together. Are they together in one of da Remix or megamiz series??? Never read those. Two ukes hooking up? I'd like ta see that!!!
12/2/2007 #9

oh i liked this pairin wen ryu kisses shu in gravi EX i was like DAYUM BAD A** PAIRIN!

5/21/2010 #10

That story is soooo sad, and yet at the same time so sweet. Here is another really sweet one that is on my #1 list for Ryu/Shu pairings.

8/15/2010 #11


8/15/2010 #12
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