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Tobias Mason Park

Eventually-which, in my case, means months ahead from now- I plan on writing a fanfiction story for the Animorphs, and I intend on expanding that story into a series if I get enough reviews....though, ENOUGH reviews for me means like...three reviews.... However, I have noticed that there are a lot stories on this site that follow the same plot: a few Chronicle stories (Taxxon, Pemalite, Chee, etc), some self-insertion or "new animorph" stories, a few "continuation stories" following book 54, the Beginning, some "Back To Before" or "What if" fics, etc, etc, etc.

Not that there's anything wrong with any of the aforementioned stories. I'm simply saying that I've seen so many of these ideas floating around and I want to avoid writing something so similar that it will be overlooked by any readers. I have a very general outline for the first book, but I would like to ask for your general opinion on what you, as an audience, would like to read.

A Chronicles Story?

A Time Travel Epic?

Post-Book 54 Series?

Pre-Invasion Series?

10/4/2010 #1

I'd like either time travel or possibly a post Book 54, eh maybe even a pre invasion series might be interesting. All I ask is that you keep the original characters in and not add a mary sue character please??? Sorry but I can't stand the Animorphs stories where people put in mary sues or other OCs who become the main characters of the story.

11/5/2010 #2

I would love to read a time one or a chronicle one.

For a chronicle I would love one done by the Chee or other Hork -Bajir or something maybe about the Iskoots it that how you spell it? That would be neat.

As for a time travel maybe one into the far far past or something? Or Oh! The Animorphs can go to the past but are transported to another planet and have to act like the creatures on the planet! That would be neat to read. But whatever you decide. If you haven't decided already :)

12/2/2011 #3
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