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How is everyone feeling about the Animorphs reprint, which will be starting May 2011 (as noted at

I've been trying to write a lot of Animorphs fan fiction as a result to boost the amount of fan fictions around before their reprint. (Though, for the small blips I keep accidentally writing first person and then realizing I want it to be third person later, which means I have to fix them all a little.)

It makes me feel a bit nostalgic for the once-a-month books. Michael Grant's writing some series right now, but it's sad to think they'll all end so soon in comparison, even if I like the quality better and think such a setting could have been great for Animorphs in the past. Sometimes I think Animorphs was just a bit too far ahead for its time and would have done well as a concept in the post Harry-Potter world when shorter children series with once-a-year publication started becoming such a large part of the industry.

12/29/2010 #1

I am somewhat in the middle of feeling about the reprint. I guess because I am currently writing an Animorphs fanfic with some minor changes that could possibly be related to the reprint (something about with today's technology) and if feel when it comes out, I may lose my motivation to continue writing maybe because of its differences from the original. But I am also curious as to how different it is from the original series. Yes, very contradicting

Of course it's the same with the hearing of a sequel to the reprint, which may make me lose my motivation too. But it's not my place to say that. If it will be slightly different with the reprint then I am prepared to embrace at whatever throws at me, soft or hard and hope I live through the blood loss. I might even want to improve my writing for my Animorphs fic.

Well we'll just have to see when the reprint comes out. :) And ending that, I am not interested to see those of yours, read them and review them. :3 -goes off to read-

4/17/2011 #2

I'd be pretty happy about it either way. Fortunately, so far the changes have been pretty mild! I'm just glad I can get new copies now.

5/12/2011 #3
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