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I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with my work, the Animorphs Travels series, in which a character from the real world is taken to the Animorphs universe in an attempt to change fate. I'll be the first to admit that it's not amazing work, especially the first fic which I started years ago and really reads proper editing. Bad as it is, it's still my work, so I was outraged to discover that a user named MeClara1234 has been blatantly stealing my work and posting it as her own (literally copy/pasted). Even worse I found out that she claims to have got my permission for using my work and that several readers of my work new about all this and neglected to inform me.

I've reported her story for abuse but have yet to receive any kind of response. I advise everyone to keep any eye out for this user and other thieves like her, as your work might be the next to get stolen. Sadly this incident means that I'm unlikely to continue posting my fic...

3/4/2011 #1

That's very terrible. But if it makes you better, I went to check on this user and the account seems dead so I think she has been kicked out or something. You can continue your fic and would be a shame if you stop writing but it's your call on this so I do hope things will be alright.

It's a terrible thing what people do. I also have been stolen. A friend told me that one of my art pieces in Deviant was used on an UNO fan-made game and that outraged me. But there is nothing I could do. So lately I've put trademarks on my pictures (and to reassure things, I asked my cousin on copyright so that's a big win :) ). I could not imagine my writing works be stolen as well. No one has the right to plagiarize someone else's work. But I come to think that what goes around comes around. After all, posting a copied work on the same website will let the admin know something's foul in the air.

Whatever the case may be, I do hope that user has got her just dessert and that you can continue posting your fic. And now I shall go and read your fics and review them. :)

4/17/2011 #2
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