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Okay, since pratically everyone hated the so called ending to the book of the series I was thinking of a certain character or two going back into the past. It will likely get started after I finish a couple of my other stories but I do plan on doing this.

I haven't read that many Animorphs fanfiction like at all so I don't want people thinking that I stole their idea or something. It will be likely that whoever I send back won't tell anyone who they are but that may change; but if it does I'll do it pretty far off.

Okay, the people I think would be good are Elfangor (As Visser Three is about to eat him).

Jake before the ramming of the blad ship.

Marco before the ramming of the blade ship

Tobias before the ramming of the blade ship

Ax. Before he is captured.

If people like the idea of two people going to the past let me know but I'll very likely not have Elfangor and Ax go together so two other people then them. Other than that anything goes; thanks you guys!

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