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Hiya, I am posting this forum up in hopes that I can get some help and feedback on a fanfic I'm writing...or revamping I guess.

The reason for this silly forum is that I had written the same story in a different fanfic, which had a lot of reviews and that I had greatly appreciated. After some time though, I had to leave it as haitus because of school and life. After a long time, when I went back to the story, I deeply felt I could do better. A LOT BETTER. So I decided to discontinue my old version and completely revamp it as new in a different fic here.

However, my new one has reviews nearly 1/4 less than my old one (which is surprisingly shocking) and this has kinda discouraged me a little. It is not because I want reviews for the sake of it. I see reviews as not just something encouraging and a reminder that I want to give my readers the best in the next upcoming chapters but also and greatly feedback. And if more, I at least know I'm making my readers happy with a story I've written.

So I want to ask everyone what can I do or should do to improve my fic so that it's at least more catching to readers. Like is it my summary or some contents of the story that could go a different direction. I want to know if there's anything to get more feedback on my fic because the more I get, the more I know this story I'm writing is not something terrible (that isn't said on grammar mistakes...). My story isn't final and I do have some areas to improve or rewrite. I am constantly changing that not just for my readers but also for me that I'm writing the story how I visually and realistically see as.

I hope you guys can give me a direction or a light on this subject. Any feedback is great and even constructive criticism is great.

Thank you, everyone.

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