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Ember Nickel
Which are your favorite regular-sequence and extra books in the series? For me (regular-sequence), #19 wins. Hands, claws, tentacles down. The only one that approaches it would of course be #29...The reason I love Aftran's books is that they dimensionalize (as in, add another layer of complexity too) the series in a way that doesn't seem forced or done out of political correctness. Truly the best of the series. Outside of the normal 54: Andalite Chronicles far and away. It makes the main plot that much more realistic by having a backstory to go off of...Why am I looking for a "literary" reason? It was awesome. Pure and simple.
6/13/2006 #1
Number 18, I think that's it. And the one where David comes back really confused me, like KA wrote it in her spare time!
9/1/2006 #2
Sinister Shadow
Visser was my favorite book, but closely followed by #30 The Reunion. I liked these books a lot, I guess because Visser One is my favorite character and she appears in both of them (she even narrates Visser! :D) The plots of these books are also AWESOME, plus let's not forget how much I love reading about the rivalry between the Vissers, which was pretty much the main topic in #30, and was featured in Visser as well. :D
9/2/2006 #3
Yes, this is me, TobiasHawk13, the person who disappeared for about 10 months. Anyway, my favorite book is probably #33, and the Ellimist chronicles. Oh, and #8.
11/8/2006 #4
Sinister Shadow
Tsukiko: I don't think K.A. even wrote that one. :S It sucks, I know.
11/21/2006 #5
Hi! I like #17, as I said in about fifty other topics! :) Why are there so many fav book topics & forums anyway?
12/25/2006 #6
Sinister Shadow
becuz da bookz r c00l l33t!!!11 LOL I am so sorry you had to see that. :P It's called a n00b dialect fit. Translation: Because the books are awesome. :20 We like talking about them. A LOT. Don't ask about the :20 either. That's a loooong story. :P
12/29/2006 #7
My favorite of them all has to be the Ellimist Chronicles. After that, Hork-Bajir Chronicles. As for the normal series, number 8 (The Alien), since Ax is hilarious, and 26 (The Attack), because the howlers were awesome. 26 also had a lot of strange aliens and their customs/architecture/technology, etc. There are quite a few from the normal series I haven't read yet, however.
1/7/2007 #8
These forum things are rather neat. Anyway, I'd have to say that my favorite books were by far #33 and then the last two or three. Reason being is that I loved the complexity of the characters that KA (or the ghost writers) explored. They really developed the Animorphs so... minutely but had them maturing exponentially. It was really cool to watch them grow up. As for my favorite extra book, I'd have to say Back to Before. I loved how that book was thought out and how everyone intertwined even though they never really should've. It's like fate. I based on of my fics off this whole idea, which might be why I have a soft spot for the book.
1/30/2007 #9
Darth Vader es Cool 5
I want to read visser but MY LIBRARY DOESN'T HAVE IT. ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH! *beats head against wall* Anyway, I like the sickness, the second one with Taylor, and the one with the aircraft carrier.
2/28/2007 #10
Tobias Mason Park

I would have to say...

The Hork-Bajir Chronicles. I loved learning more about Esplin's origins.

The Test

The Illusion

And...deffinitely the David Trilogy; that should have been the first one

9/28/2010 #11

The Other.

Why isn't there more GafinilanxMertil out there? lol

(Edited to fix Gaf's name. I swear I'll spell it right someday! X.x)

11/7/2010 . Edited 11/9/2010 #12

That's tricky. I think I'm going to say The Capture and The Illusion.

I have lots of favorites though, so that's just going off of my first two thoughts.

11/8/2010 #13

My favorite was totally The Pretender, I cried when I learned Elfangor was Tobias' dad and I was also like "Oh wow that is so awesome!" and V3 pretending to be his cousin? it was so devious of him!

2/21/2011 #14

Gafinilan and Mertil wanted to be left alone. Gafinilan was dying and Mertil was handicapped. Neither of them could've helped much in the war.

2/21/2011 #15

I got to agree Lerinna: The Pretender was amazing. So something that Visser Three would do. I love the Andalite Chronicles Elfangor's secret rocks! Though did you guys notice that even though the series was for pre -teens, teens, and kids the stories outside the Animorphs seemed to have more I don't know graphic stuff in them? Not that I'm complaining but some people can't handle that stuff but it is awesome! I haven't read all of the Animorphs book chronicles and megamorphs but I really need too. I read the ending because I wanted to know how it ended but now I wish I had never read the last book.

12/2/2011 #16
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