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Sean Mulligan

I'm looking for fanfics dealing with Fascist Animorphs from the Au in Megamorph 3. Perhaps fics where the regular Animorphs reflect their memories of their alternate selves or where the au is an alternate universe that still exists and they interact with the regular Animorphs.

1/29/2013 #1

Hmm . . . I've never thought of that. It seems interesting though.

I seem to remember a while back reading a fanfic about what happened to Rachel during the time, and another that told a story from what I think was that universe. I don't remember what either was called, though. Sorry.

It also should be noted that it states that Rachel's father is Jewish. Since I'm pretty sure that Jake is related through Rachel's father (don't quote me on that, though) that would mean that both of them were at least partially Jewish. Hitler defined a Jew by having one Jewish grandparent. Still, I don't think that would really mean much. It seems that Jake was relatively well off if I remember correctly. Plus, although that may have been a different AU altogether, I seem to remember something about Hitler being just a random driver.

But, yeah, I can definitely see that being a good story. I'll keep my eyes open.

1/29/2013 #2
Chiroptera Jones

I'd be interested in fics like that, too. I was considering one myself, ages ago, but I doubt it will ever get written.

I recall a fanfic where somebody wrote about some different fascist Animorphs (Sarah1281, I believe), but that wasn't about Jake and the rest.

2/18/2013 #3

Old post, just replying in case someone reads this. Author: Early, Fic: Hear no evil. Its about the animorphs from MM3

12/23/2016 #4
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