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This thread is for anyone who would like to bounce ideas off one another...whether it's for a new story, or for current stories. We all know the pains of suffering from "writer's block". Maybe someone else can help with an idea of where to take your story.

Have a story that you'd like someone to look over for you? Don't be afraid to ask here. We have a lot of people on the threads who would be happy to take a look for you.

2/10/2009 . Edited 7/19/2009 #1
dans tous nos reves

Thanks Indigo! When I have writer's block I listen to the song Electric Relaxation by Tribe Called Quest. Not quite sure why, but it helps me get the juices going. Can't say it will work for anyone else, but it kind of helps me clear my head.

2/10/2009 #2

Thanks Indie {hugs}, as always you rock.

2/10/2009 #3

WRITER'S CORNER! Really... but, but.... nevermind :(

*puts on tough girls facade and sticks out tongue, then goes and cries in corner*

2/10/2009 #4

Aww Meads. Come out of the corner.

2/10/2009 #5
dans tous nos reves

Well, it's not like readers are banned . . . . After all, you gave me the inspiration for a kickass scene involving a "bare" Eric doing battle with a "bear." So, of course, your ideas are welcome!

2/10/2009 #6

Okay here is my dilemna (besides spelling :P), I watched an excerpt of clerks on you tube, yeah chapter 4 is the vampire version of jay & silent bob intro, and that is what brings Sookie outside the store to see what the heck is going on. I had chapter 4 done, but then when I watched that scene, I scrapped it, now I'm totally blocked. I even posted that scene on my blog, I also put up their dance, funny as heck. I guess I'm trying to stay somewhat true to Clerks, because there are so many fans out there, and I guess I wanted to do it justice. Any ideas?

2/10/2009 #7

All ideas are welcome, from writers and non-writers! Come and play Meads. If you have a story line you'd like to see written, let us know.

2/10/2009 #8

Well I did inspire a bare/bear idea! :)

I am glad you guys decided to do this.

If you need me you can find me at the BT Library, hopefully studying but mostly I will be hanging on the AS thread drooling!!

2/10/2009 #9

I wish I could help ee1, but I'll defer to those who have actually seen the movie. :-(

2/10/2009 #10
dans tous nos reves

Wait, EE1, why did you scrap the entire chapter?

2/10/2009 #11

The only story line idea I have is for Birdie to make me Eric's favorite fang banger, but she just laughs at me!

You all are much more creative! I can't wait to see what you all come up with next!

2/10/2009 #12

The intro version I had was all wrong, wasnt really staying true to the movie. Besides those 2 are iconic characters. I so didnt want to mess it up.

2/10/2009 #13
dans tous nos reves

Actually, if it fit with my story I could use you to do battle with Sookie over a certain Viking. However, there's no where to put it. Otherwise, I'm always happy to indulge. I like trying to squirm unexpected things into my writing.

For example, I once inserted the line "the purple lion roared through the bars of his gilded cage" in an AP History class final one time. I think it went somewhere between lines discussing Zinn's People's History of the U.S. and Civil Disobedience or something. I wanted to see if the prof was paying attention. Apparently, they weren't.

2/10/2009 #14

I'm the same way. Always at the last moment, I think of something clever to insert, which is why there is an updated version of Deadly Decisions on both wiki and my blog, where I added another snarky comment for Eric to say to Sookie. I was unsure on FF whether or not you could do an edit on an already published story.

2/10/2009 #15
dans tous nos reves

Hmm. Perhaps I need to rewatch . . . So, are you at the point where Jay and Silent Bob are outside rapping or listening to Bezerker/Russian dude/whatever?

2/10/2009 #16

I'm debating about when you first see them. Ya know how loud Jay is, which causes Sookie to go outside and see what the heck is going on. Have u had a chance to read my story yet? That should give u an idea of the flow.

2/10/2009 #17

My orginial idea was for Sookie to witness the aftermath of jay and silent bob slaughtering some local vamps that was trying to steal their "territory" or spot, because they are still selling drugs, from weed to "V". Sookie then sees Jay drop kicking a vamps decaptiated head way across town

2/10/2009 #18
dans tous nos reves

I have read the story, and saw the part about Sookie hearing loud yelling, and recognizing the voice. (By the way, I love the vampire-version of the porn-ordering scene with Amelia. That ws a good spin on that scene.)

My problem is that I'm drawing a blank on the movie itself . . . I think I need to rewatch it to give better input. I've seen it like a thousand times, and it's awesome. Your storyline has a lot of potential. I'm just drawing blank on the sequence of events in the film. :(. Aaargh, I hate my selective memory. Maybe I'm just brain dead today?

2/10/2009 #19

Like i said go on you tube they have scenes on there.

2/10/2009 #20
dans tous nos reves

Okay, I'll try to watch it sometime this evening. I'll get back to you on that. (Although, I really like the idea of a fight over "turf" and a vamp's head flying throught the air. That should definitely go in there somewhere.)

2/10/2009 #21

Clerks is a pop culture phenomenon that one would not except to see in the Sookie cannon so if you could make it work, that would be genius.

It reminds me of a dream I had. Eric, as The Dude, saying something like, "Look Maude, I'm sorry your mother is a nympho but I really don’t see what that has to do with.... Do you have any fae blood?"

2/10/2009 . Edited 2/10/2009 #22

Also finding it difficult to not use some of his catch phrases from other films they were in. Yet that stuff was funny as heck!!!

2/10/2009 #23

You know what would be also funny. Someone does an adaptation of "Dude Where's Your Car?" in Sookieverse. LMFAO!!!

2/10/2009 #24
dans tous nos reves

Haha, yeah, Eric and Bill pull up to a "Burgers and Blood" or something, and order two bottles of O neg, and the drive-thru person says "And then." And the scene ensues . . . and ends with Eric chopping off her head. ;)

2/10/2009 #25

I can picture it. Sookie and Amelia leaves from a party. Then they are looking up and down the street. Amelia asks, "Hey Sooks, where's your car?" The funny part is that Eric bought her a new car, and placed it where her old Malibu used to be. I got the beginning and the ending, it just needs a filler.

2/10/2009 #26

Huh... There is another dude movie?

The movie I was referring to is called The Big Lebowski. Please tell me you have seen it. It is only the best movie ever. Well, IMO. I love cheesy pop culture movies!

The movie is about the world's laziest man, The Dude. Can anyone see Eric as the world's laziest vampire? Probably not.

Nope, still no good ideas. I'll keep trying..... back to the drawing board.

2/10/2009 #27
dans tous nos reves

Ummm ... Meads . . . that's a GREAT idea. Juxtaposing the ever-ambitious rogue vampire with the Dude? Excellent. You should get on that. Be the writer Meads, be the writer.

2/10/2009 #28

I vaguely remember that movie. Wasnt there a scene where they were bowling, and he was always wearing a robe?

2/10/2009 #29

I agree, you should run with it meads

2/10/2009 #30
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