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At A Venture

Hi all!

So I thought it might be fun to try doing a weekly one-shot writing challenge. To take part, all you need do is post your completed challenge to the forum (a little link or a note should do it) by the deadline. It's not a contest, so don't fret too much! We all love to write (and read!), so consider this a fun way to combat writers block!


1) All entries must be at least 500 words and should not be over 10,000 words. Let's try to keep these fairly short and manageable.

2) Entries must be One-Shot. That means, one chapter ONLY. No expansions, no matter how your readers beg!!

3) Entries must include the challenge in either the text of the piece, or as a concept that builds the piece. It should be fairly obvious that your one-shot is built around the challenge!

4) Entries must be posted to the forum by the deadline (as a link, or in a note saying that you wrote the piece). The deadline is ONE WEEK (7 days) after the topic suggestion is posted, by midnight Western Standard Time (that's 3am EST, 2am Central, 1am Mountain).

5) All ratings are allowed. You can make your post as risque or tame as you like!

6) Feel free to use any 'verse character that you choose. Please keep original characters to the periphery.

7) One-Shots may be companion pieces to other stories, but they should be understandable to new readers!

8) Entries should include an author's note that the piece was written for a challenge.

I will post the first topic tomorrow (Wednesday)! Spread the word so we can get lots of people involved!


2/10/2009 . Edited by Indigobuni, 12/27/2010 #1

AAV! You Rock!

I'm so excited!

2/10/2009 #2
At A Venture

Make sure to tell people though!

2/10/2009 #3
At A Venture


Deadline: Wednesday 2/18 @ Midnight PST


"Holy strawberries, Batman! We're in a jam!"

2/11/2009 #4
Kristin Elizabeth

Hi all...I think this is what Meadow was talking about when she invited me to participate...I'll be looking it over in a bit hopefully after I get some work done at my office :) Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!


2/11/2009 #5
At A Venture

My Entry:

2/12/2009 #6

Okay, so since I'm apparently daft at the moment.... just a quick question. Does that line have to appear in the one shot as a piece of dialogue, or does it have to center around the entire theme of the piece, or both? Or neither? Am I totally confusing this?

LOL! Its 2:30AM, clearly I should be sleeping.

2/12/2009 #7
At A Venture

Rule #3 actually addresses this. Basically, you can go either way. You can include the topic in the dialogue of your one-shot, or you can just center around it as a theme. Since this week's theme is stated as "Holy strawberries, batman! We're in a jam!", it implies a "trouble" situation. However you want to use that is up to you!

2/12/2009 #8

Here is my lame attempt:

Category: Southern Vampire Mysteries Title: The Sixth Member Genre: Friendship/Humor Rating: Fiction Rated: K Summary: Amelia wins tickets to a reunion concert! Just simple minded fluff. URL:

All my thanks to Buni and Dans! You rock my world.

2/16/2009 #9

Hey AAV,

No new topic?

2/19/2009 #10
At A Venture

There will be one up tonight.

2/19/2009 #11
Kristin Elizabeth

Hi Meadow... ;-) Have'nt seen you on the wiki today! Hi Ataventure! I did see you on teh wiki :) Interested in the new challenge...I hope to participate this time.

2/19/2009 #12
At A Venture


Deadline: Wednesday 2/25 @ Midnight PST


"Gravedigger, when you dig my grave, could you make it shallow so that I can feel the rain?"

2/19/2009 #13


Interesting AAV. Please dont post till Wed. With a line like that, and your work, I know I wont be able to restrain myself!!!! LOL!

2/19/2009 #14
At A Venture

I'm actually going out of town next week on Wednesday. If I post anything for this week (I hope! But I'm gonna be SO busy!!!), it'll be up by Tuesday at the latest.

2/19/2009 #15

Oooooooo I like that!

hmmmm.... *ponders* I could work with this. hehe

2/19/2009 #16

Oh! AAV, I hope you have time!!

Ziggy, do it! I am so looking forward to whatever you come up with!!!

2/19/2009 #17

I'm gonna let it stew and see what happens. S. Meadows, your profile picture is too friggin' cute...

2/19/2009 #18

Zig, don't you spend any time away from Northman's Off Rivington!!!!

2/19/2009 #19


I'm gonna try and have a Northman's update before the Oscars roll around.

I started two new story projects like an IDIOT and now they're consuming my brain. But I know, I know... I gotta finish what I started first.

This graveyard theme is intriguing though... If I have anytime in b/w all the shizzz I'm gonna try to come up with something.

2/19/2009 #20
Kristin Elizabeth that song! Very interesting theme ATV!

2/20/2009 #21


Will you be playing?

*jumps up and down with excitement*

2/20/2009 #22
Kristin Elizabeth

I will try my Mead :)

2/20/2009 #23

here is my little story for week #2. just threw it together. Hope you enjoy!

2/20/2009 #24
Lawn Girl first fanfic ever...

so short, I know...but at least it's something, right? ack.

2/20/2009 #25
At A Venture

My challenge fic:

2/20/2009 #26

sorry...had the wrong link! My bad, i suck!

here is the right one!

2/20/2009 #27
At A Venture

Hey all! So, I'm going out of town tomorrow, and I probably won't have time to put up the Weekly Challenge. Thus, I am putting it up a day early. Don't worry, the deadline will still be next Wednesday, and the deadline for Week #2 is still tomorrow! This is just an early theme post for week #3! Thanks to everyone that participated (and plans to participate) in Week #2! Hopefully we can attract even MORE writers for Week #3!!


Deadline: Wednesday 3/4 @ Midnight PST


"I've had about as much vacation as I can stand."

2/24/2009 #28

My contribution:

Category: Southern Vampire Mysteries Title: Shallow Grave Genre: Drama/Romance Rating: Fiction Rated: M Summary: A little One-Shot Challenge fun courtesy of our friendly neighborhood scapegoats, the Fellowship of the Sun. URL:



2/24/2009 #29

Okay, okay, I gave in and posted . . .

2/24/2009 #30
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