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Since so many people are recommending stories for other people to read, I thought it would be nice to have a separate thread for recommendations. If you are recommending a story, please include a very brief explanation of why you feel it is a good read (or give us a general idea of the story). If the stories are anything other than OC, if you would be so kind as to indicate that, we would appreciate it.

The recommendations don't necessarily have to be all SVM fics. I know some people in the Sookieverse also read Twi fics and other genre. Oh and please do not forget to include a link! :-)

Also, if you are looking for recommendations, please feel free to ask here as well.

Happy reading!

Here are a few FF abbreviations, in case you are not familiar with them:

AU - Alternate Universe

AH - All Human

OC - Original Character

OOC - Out of Character

p.s., please use this thread for posting and asking for recommendations only... there are so many other threads out here where you can chat :-) Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

4/22/2009 . Edited 2/24/2010 #1

I would like to recomend Unexpected Events by buni, and Know thy self by Konfetti.

4/22/2009 #2

If you like the all human stories:




4/22/2009 #3

I'm reading a really good Twi fic now -- AU/AH/OOC, so don't worry if you haven't read the Twilight series. It's called Behind Enemy Lines by adorablecullens. It's complete, so you won't have to wait for additional chaps to be posted. Here's the link:

I've also read some other Twi fic AU/AH/OOC that are pretty good, too. Not that I'm "defecting to the other side" (hey, we all love Wide Awake, right?) or anything!

Boycotts and Farflies by vjgm -- It's hilarious.

The Bella Swan Diaries by ninapolitan -- it's really funny, too.

Both of these are also completed stories.

An SVM fic that will have you laughing until your sides hurt is The S Word by AphroditesChild54. I've read it twice. She is like THE queen of snark! Here's the link to that one:

4/22/2009 #4

Because we now have this thread for recommendations, I am adding this on, and removing the old single topic thread.

Originally Posted by: ericlover55

Topic: glamoured69's stories & Eric's backstory

Has anyone read any of glamoured69's stories yet? I have really enjoyed them mostly because her writing style is similar to Harris' and interlaces humor as well. She has Eric stripping at Claude's club in One Night at Hooligan's and is doing Eric's back story in Happily Dead Ever After. She had me laughing at Eric's towel scene in In the Midst of Wolves. You can read her stories here:

One Night at Hooligan's:

Happily Dead Ever After:

In the Midst of Wolves:

If anyone wants to talk about her stories, what you like or don't about them, where she is going to take them, etc., I would love to hear your thoughts.

1 Mar 23rd, 3:25pm


Gallathea's response:

I'm very much enjoying Happily Dead Ever After in particular! She's done a ton of a research for the historically-oriented portions of this piece, and it shows. In the chapters set in the present day, she writes with an appealing combination of humor, sensuality, and tenderness.

Apr 09th, 3:07pm

4/22/2009 #5

Heart's Desire bitches, Heart's Desire.


Brief description would be: Eric is basically in a full body cast after a horrible accident, and has to be hand fed. Guess who gets the job? Yup, Sookie. He hates her at first, but she's determined to get him to like her. Magic ensues. :-) (AH-AU) My favorite kind.

Also, I don't know if its okay to rec other stories here, but..... this is pretty much one of the most entertaining stories ever.

Scotch, Gin and the New Girl:

Gossip Girl meets Dangerous Liaisons. Rich bastards with nothing to do but mess with each others lives. Throw in the best characterization of Jacksper... ever, and a spunky new girl to stir things up and you have one hell of an hilarious romp. *sigh* I love it so.

4/22/2009 #6

angstgoddess's stories on Live Journal

Wide Awake:

Of Gemini & Gypsies:

4/22/2009 #7

There are so many, I could make a list a mile long just with fics from the gals on these boards. It's hard to pick and choose, because I'm so behind on my reading, plus I don't want to offend or leave anyone out and feel like a toad! But there are some I've really enjoyed that I think just got lost in the shuffle and didn't get as much 'play time' as they deserved, so I'll post those: - from FarDareisMai2 - A what if E/S/Q triangle resolution scenario. When I need a giggle, I read this! Bloody brilliant! from Maiermor. S/E, it had a very lovely feel to it, like a fairy tale! Mythology and romance abounds! - from MoonStoneFairy89 - She took Carla, a very minor character, and put a lovely spin on her final days in Rhodes. Only got 5 reviews!

4/22/2009 . Edited 4/22/2009 #8

OMFG! I just read "The S Word" at your suggestion, ehee...I never laughed so hard! I am looking forward to seeing what you all recommend :)

4/22/2009 #9

Zigs, I so agree with you on "Heart's Desire". I have seen that sort of detachment in patients and Sookie's patience with him is incredible. I've not heard of the other one. I'll have to check it out!

4/22/2009 #10

The List on the Twilighted board:

I just love the story because of that list.

4/22/2009 #11

There are so many amazing writers on this site...this is just a few of my favorites.


Author: Danielle18........Story: .....fav one shot, E/S.

Author: Konfetti.......Story: fav as far as “the talk” and how Sookie resolves her feelings for Eric.

Author: Ann Madison......Story: action. Even at ch. 32, Sookie still hasn’t resolved her feeling for Eric, or anyone else. (Um, Ann, if you are out there…dying for an update!).


Author: At A Venture.....Story: is under a spell and can only be woken by “True Loves Kiss” … hysterical!

Author: Leia1912.....Story:’s at 46 chapters, and it keeps getting funnier! And some sweet ESN, too.


Author: Malanna.....Story:

Author: Yogagal.....Story:

4/22/2009 #12

Woo Hoo new Sookie adventure story with Eric! And best of all chapter that opens with ESN on a plane!

Check it out here!

4/25/2009 . Edited 4/26/2009 #13

I don't have the links handy but my favorite fanfiction is

DEAD AHEAD by Ann Madison...yes,,,Ann you're killin' me, I'm sitting here in Dallas waiting for training on Monday and would love to read an update this weekend!!!!

DEAD BY DAWN By Citizen Kane.....this is my second favorite fan fiction. Again killin' me waiting on an update!!!!!!

I really like many more, too many to mention them all

the new one THE NEXT LIFE by Miss Southern Belle promises to be a really interesting story.

4/25/2009 #14

Just going in order of last updated off my favorites list--there are some really fantastic fics out there that I'm not mentioning, but I'm hoping more people add to this thread so that I can be pointed towards great work I might not have already seen!

What Dreams May Come (AH/AU) - and it started as a ficlet! Great, unusual premise, and very sweet.

Carnival of Rust (AH/AU/OOC) - very compelling, emotional writing from one of my favorite writers

Tropic of Virgo (Twilight AH/AU) - this writer somehow manages to write in a way that's sultry and pointed at the same time.

Death Eatin' a Cracker - if you like healthy doses of humor mixed in with your plot

Wide Awake (Twilight AH/AU/OOC) - what? You haven't read this yet? Get thee to Wide Awake! You've got at least a couple of days' worth of reading to do. ;)

un-censored version available at:

Northman's Off Rivington (AH/AU) - Zigs has a huge following on this fic for very good reasons; it's incredible. Plus, she can be bribed with baked goods.

Chasing the Light - I've actually had dreams about this fic. Seriously. It works its way into your head like that.

Happily Dead Ever After - Ever wonder what Eric was like as a kid? Here's a good chance to imagine it. Chapters alternate between Eric back story (starting with his birth) and Eric & Sookie in present-day Louisiana.

How It Could've Gone (AH/AU) - I'll read anything DC writes, and I'm very much enjoying her all-human version of the SVM characters in this one.

5/1/2009 #15

Florence Nightingale at Your Service, Viking - Is Eric as grumpy as most men when he gets sick and needs someone else to take care of him? Yup, but he's so charming about it. Heart's Desire - Getting email notifications of a new chapter means anything else I was doing at the time stops.

Know Thyself - Starts with one of the best versions of "the Talk" out there, and is chock-full of intrigue, interesting plot developments, and genuinely emotional moments.

The Office (Twilight AH/AU/OOC) - So, so wrong--but so, so right. This relationship is totally screwed up, and it's a fun ride.

Reflections of What Might Have Been - a one-shot scene rewrite from Book 8. So much more satisfying than the original!

Love Songs - gorgeous writing from AAV

When Does It Get Easier to Be Me - Kristin demonstrates that an original character can be incredibly appealing despite being undeniably creepy. How does she do it? I don't know, but I always want more.

Late - Truly epic in scope and length. Morgy's attention to detail is amazing, and her narrative is lovingly developed.

Dead by Dawn - If I could buy updates of this on the street, I'd SO go there.

Dead Ahead - One of the only people I've seen who's come up with an original character so appealing that he'd have his own "Team" thread if he were part of the SVM canon.

5/1/2009 #16

Audry in the Underworld by Laura-K is addictive ! I couldn't stop reading it ! O/C A/U.

5/4/2009 #17

Here's the link fro part 2 of Audry in the Underworld :

5/4/2009 . Edited 5/4/2009 #18

This one has quickly become one of my new favorites--it makes sense out of a number of the loose ends in Dead and Gone and is extremely well-written!

5/11/2009 #19

Although there are some really good new stories our there that start up where the last book left off.....I'm still holding onto hope that Ann Madison and Citizen Kane will finish their stories (putting many of us our our misery): Dead Ahead and Dead by Dawn.

6/3/2009 #20

I just started following a new fic called Stranger than Fiction. It follows the SVM story canon. Basic premise is a middle-class housewife from New Jersey, who is a big fan of the SVM books, finds Eric has somehow been magically transported into her home while her husband and kids are at work/school. Very good reading. The author is a former English teacher and she does a fantastic job of writing. Here's the link:

6/7/2009 #21

This blog is by definatelystaying, the author of the twific The Forbidden Room

It's new and still being developed, but she and two others put this together to recommended fics for people. People can submit their twifics and once the team reads them, will list them if they are to be recommended. I thought it would be interesting since these three are very popular with their writing.

6/7/2009 #22

Indi, I was on that site yesterday. My impression is that they want to make recommendations of stories that are good, and it includes those that may not have high readership. I saw the list of noms runs the gamut. I made one recommendation. I might add one or two more. I'm glad hat they will add stories that people may not know about.

6/7/2009 #23

ehee, thank you for recommending Stranger Than Fiction! Very fun stuff.

I'd like to recommend I Have Gone Out:

It's got great writing, a very original plot (with some incredible twists and turns), and one of the most intriguing original characters I've seen yet in a fic.

6/10/2009 . Edited 7/21/2009 #24

Morgaine just put up a new one about Eric and Alan Ball. It's pretty funny. I can see Eric telling AB how it is!!

Title: Eric & Alan Category: True Blood Character(s): Eric N. Words: 910 Genre(s): Supernatural/Humor Rating: Rated: T Summary: Eric Northman has a few things to say to the creator of True Blood.

6/11/2009 #25

I would like to recommend:

Two Worlds, One Choice ReWrite by, Erullisse

An absolutely hilarious enjoyable story!! Your going to love it.. Erullisse beautifully and inspirationally mixes- comedy, drama, and love, into a world of riveting fantasy that you can not put down. You'll enjoy hours of reading her truly wonderful story!!!


6/12/2009 #26


New story from Meg2,

Title: Dead Wrong Category:

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Character(s): Sookie & Eric

Words: 1,003

Genre(s): Romance/Supernatural

Rating: Rated: M

Summary: Follows Dead and Gone, spoilers all nine books, some short stories


6/20/2009 #27

Indigobuni's" Bent But Not Broken". Imaginative brilliance!

7/16/2009 #28

I really enjoyed reading Lights On by marine1047.

7/17/2009 #29

Changing it all by FODforever! Sookie gets to go into the past and change the future.

7/19/2009 #30
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