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Happy Monday to all!

Here's a little teeny, tiny teaser from Forbidden Pleasures. I hope to have it up in the next couple of days seeing as how I had origianally planned to have it up before this past weekend ... What can I say ... my Muse is only visiting sporadically lately! LOL!

When I finished cleaning up the remnants of Christmas Eve, I realized it had been nearly two hours since I'd started and I hadn't seen hide nor hair of Eric, which was unusual considering he'd been on me the entire day to stop and rest. I had pretty much refused all day since there was so much to do before our company arrived and I figured since all the company had left and we both had no plans for tomorrow that he'd have been in at some point to tell me to clean up in the morning and go to bed, but he hadn't, so I decided to go find him.

He'd bought Hunter a swing set for Christmas and I knew he wanted to get it put together tonight, so it would be ready for use when Hunter found out about it in the morning and it was getting really late.If he didn't start soon, there was no way he'd have it put together before morning.

When I found him, I found him curled up, asleep with Hunter.He looked hilarious, yet adorable, in that tiny, little, twin-sized bed.I had no idea how he could possibly have been comfortable.

He and Hunter had really gotten close.So close, in fact, that I swear, they were almost like father and son ... not that I could ever think Eric, or myself for that matter, could ever replace Remy and Hadley in Hunter's eyes, but he really loved Hunter and Hunter loved him just as much.I was glad because not only was it good for Hunter to have a male parental figure in his life, but also, seeing him interact with Hunter allowed me to see what a great dad he was going to be to our baby.We were all lucky to have him.

5/31/2010 . Edited 5/31/2010 #571

What's this? A teaser for I'm on Fire... woah. This implies that I have written and that it is with the beta. Crazy talk, I know. Here it is though, unbeta'd, so forgive the mistakes.


After leaving the party we decide to go for a walk around the grounds of the mansion. It is a gorgeous piece of property dating back to the 1800s. The gardens are nothing short of award winning, and Sookie has always enjoyed strolling around and looking at the flowers. Sneaking a glance in her direction I see her wincing with each step she takes. It takes me a minute, but I think I know what her problem is. The heels on her shoes are low, but Sookie has never had a tolerance for being in heels for more than a few hours.

Tugging on her hand, I pull her to a stop beside me. She pins me with a confused glance, causing her forehead to wrinkle.

"I know your feet are bothering you. You keep wincing with every step you take."

"It's fine Eric, I'll take them off when we get closer to the car, I just didn't want to go barefoot the entire time."

The sidewalks are immaculately cleared, but I understand her hesitation. I squat down so that I am in a crouching position.

"Climb on. I'll give you a piggy back ride."

"Eric!" she exclaims in disbelief.

"What's wrong, Sookie? It's not like I've never given you one before. You always seemed to enjoy them."

Shaking her head, she chuckles and gestures to her outfit. "Eric, I love it when you give me a ride, but I'm not straddling your back wearing this dress. I think giving everyone a free show would be a bad idea."

The head on my shoulders understands the logic of what she is saying, but the head between my legs is inundated with thoughts of Sookie straddling my back, with just a pair of panties separating her warm, wet center from me.

I clear my throat so that I can answer her.

"Uh, right, yeah. That probably wouldn't be a good idea."

She just laughs some more and pulls me back up to a standing position. When she takes in the current state of events below my waist, her eyes cloud over and she presses her body closer to me.

"Sookie, if you really meant what you said about not giving everyone here a show, I don't suggest continuing with that. I won't be held responsible for my actions if you keep it up."

Giving me a mischievous grin, she steps away from me for a second before jumping up, causing me to scramble to catch her.

"Since you can't give me a piggy back ride, I figured this would be a suitable option for carrying me."

Sookie will never stop surprising me. I carry her bridal style around the remainder of the garden and start back towards the car. I try to will my erection away the entire time, so that I don't attack her the moment we get to it.

So much for that hope.

5/31/2010 #572

Blood on the Moon chapter 23

Eric's in deep, deep trouble, the Magister has gone insane and is executing his enemies right left and centre, it seems that Eric and Pam are next in line.

He's also having strange visions of the future, could there be an expected surprise on way?

Lys and the babies are in Dallas and Lys is determined to help in some way.. As usual Lys 'help' has unexpected repercussions for all involved.

*contains scenes of violence and descriptions of torture.*

5/31/2010 #573

Upcoming chapter of Sometimes a Fantasy from Eric's POV:

Bill sobered and gave me a glaring look. "I will not pretend that I have any idea as to what goes on in your head. But it is surely something else for it has kept you alive for a thousand years."

"You might as well take notes," I muttered. I could not show him the blinding pain that was travelling through my veins and how exhausted I was becoming. I stiffened, riding out the agony. "I will have Sookie back," I vowed.

5/31/2010 #574
vikinglover elle

Happy Monday! Got three teasers here for you. Semi-beta'd as they are they should be finalized and posted within the next two days.

But I'm Claustrophobic Chapter 3:

We both love art, we work together; we live about five minutes away from one another. I couldn't help but go over and over the things Eric and I had in common while I waited to meet him for lunch. There is a slight knock on my door and my heart speeds up. I run my hands over my hair and stand up to greet… Bill?

"Sookie honey, don't you look lovely." Bill walks over to my desk, rounds it and places a chaste kiss on my cheek.

"Bill, what are you doing here? I thought you were halfway across the country."

"I was but I decided to come home. I missed you. You don't seem too pleased to see me."

"No, it's not that, I'm just surprised is all."

"Well, that was my intention. Shall I take you to lunch? I know you have an hour and we can sit, talk, and maybe make some time for a little…" He whispers a few suggestive things in my ear and I cringe away from him. The funny thing is if Eric had made those same suggestions, I wouldn't have minded one bit.

"I had plans for lunch already. I didn't know you were coming."

"Cancel them. I'm here; I haven't seen you in months. I should be your priority, Sookie."

Chapter 8 of New Year, New Beginnings (the much anticipated dinner...)

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

"I guess I could ask you the same thing, Bill. Why are you here?"

"This is my uncle's house, is it not? I have more cause to be here than you. Now why don't you explain why you are here?" I take two steps back as his proximity is making my skin crawl. I look around briefly for Eric.

"I don't have to explain anything to you. As a matter of fact I was just–"

"Sookie!" Eric calls to me. If he hadn't come looking for me soon I would have gone in search of him.

"Hey cousin. Is your father at home? I need to speak with him."

"Bill. He's in the dining room but I think you should wait here. Sookie, what's going on?" Eric whispers that last part in my ear. He pulls me closer to him and noticeably farther away from Bill.

"How about you tell me what's going on here. I show up and my estranged wife answers the door. Why didn't I know you were in Sweden? Why the FUCK are you here? And why did you serve me with that bullshit restraining order? We're not in Louisiana anymore so I'm not sure how effective you think it'll be."

"Bill, I think you better watch your mouth when speaking to Sookie."

"She's my wife and I'll speak to her how I wish. Why do you care sport?" Okay, I can see where this is going.

Chapter 2 of What Would I Be Without You

As soon as I reach the safety of home I call out to Sookie. She doesn't answer as I expect. She could be anywhere. I rush to our bedroom to see if maybe she's lying in bed. To my disappointment, she isn't there. She said that she would meet me back here. Did she change her mind? If she decided to go somewhere else, why not call and let me know? Now I'm worried. She hasn't quite gotten used to traveling in LA and she has no sense of direction. I laugh to myself as I remember how she got lost here in my building. She was in the laundry room and got turned around and couldn't find the apartment. I can laugh about it now but then she was terrified and embarrassed.

I try calling her cell but there's no answer. She must have turned her it off. Why would she do that? Now I'm paranoid and think she's avoiding me. I start to panic and can't figure out who else I can call. Someone has to know where she is. She wouldn't just leave and not tell me. I rush out to the living room and scour every flat surface within my reach for something that will let me know where she is. I finally come across a small slip of paper on the coffee table.


I don't belong here. I love you but I'm just not strong enough to share you with the rest of the world. I hope you can forgive me one day.

Love always,


She's ripped my heart from my chest, stomped on it and thrown it away with her words. She doesn't belong here; she's not strong enough; she hopes I can forgive her?

5/31/2010 #575
Sweet Sookie

I bet no one was expecting to hear from me again, lol.

Here is a teaser for the next chapter of The Beginning of Everything. It's an outake of the nanny search:

"Pamela. What the fuck was that?"

"Eric please, you can't be mad at me for that shit. That girl was a slut and you know it. If you want to get your dick wet, fine, do it at Fangtasia, not here. Who we trust with Sookie's care is much too important for you to be thinking with little Eric."

"Now Pam, you know there is nothing little about me."

"Eric, be serious."

"Fine, but do not take that tone with every one of the prospects. Amanda could have proven to be a fine nanny."

"The only thing Amanda was willing to baby sit was your dick. And it was clear she doesn't handle unexpected situations well. You saw the way she stood there gapping after I talked to her. She acted like she's never seen a vamp before."

"Yes Pam, I'm sure that is what it was. Besides the fact that she does not know about vampires." Daniel came walking back into the room and sat in the chair was he sitting in before.

"FYI, I don't like to be called Danny, and you may not call me whatever you want." Pam opened her mouth to argue but I shot her a look. If those two started arguing, no one else would get interviewed tonight.

"Even though you were a bitch about it, you were right, Pam. Amanda was a slut. She kept thinking about fucking you." He motioned to me.

"Well of course she did. That should not eliminate her from being considered for the job."

"Yes it should. If all she wants to think about is fucking the boss, she won't be thinking about what's best for Sookie."

"Fine Pam, eliminate the sluts." I said exaggerating the word sluts.

"I don't think that will leave us with much."

"Shut up Pam. Daniel, show another girl in."

So, that was it! It should be posted sometime this week :K

5/31/2010 #576

Here is the first part of the latest chapter of the story, Surprise! It will be posted in its' entirety not long after this post goes up.

(32) The Last Stand

I stretch, put on a robe and head upstairs after giving my man a kiss. I walk through my upstairs bedroom which I use more as an office now that I can wake next to Eric in the room below.

Eloise greets me and tells me that breakfast is about to be served. I sit next to Patty and enjoy the meal while Eloise goes back outside. Chase and Hunter were picked up not long ago. They are going to spend the day at the new Day Care in the office building.

Hunter has made several friends in Day Care and he loves it there. Some of the children are very difficult to read so he has had fewer mess ups.

I say to Patty, "Eric was real busy last night with his vampire meeting but I want you to know that I plan on giving him an earful about the sex talk."

Patty says, "He'll probably just remind you that the consequence we came up with was to watch some lame videos, not a tongue lashing."

"A sex talk is one thing." I tell her, "But having a live model... and that person is a former lover... Sooooo not okay."

Patty's face changes, "Oh. I hadn't thought about that... Of course, I was mortified at the time so that was not on my mind... They were really...? They seem more like brother and sister." Then she adds, "Except for when they do something incredibly weird like that..."

I tell her, "They both claim that it was a long time ago. But still!" I switch topics, "Can I ask you what they wanted?"

Last night, after the vampires came down stairs Patty and I left them to do their planning. At some point, they went up to see Patty.

"As far as Sandy Seacrest knows, I am still with the Weres that de Castro had sent to protect me. There is no indication so far that anyone has reported otherwise." I nod my head, "It seems those Weres are still alive and after last night they are free."

I surmise, "And they told you because the Weres were sent to kidnap you and they don't want you to worry about them coming for you again?"

Patty nods her head, "They are trying to ascertain what this Sandy person knows... She knows that Madden is in the area but Pa... Felipe kept his visit quiet; he didn't tell anyone other than the guards next to him where he was going."

I respond, "Okay..." I know there is more coming.

Patty tells me, "Since we don't know for certain what the current plan is for me, I am to remain hidden as if I am captive. I have a few choices of captivity. I can stay in here, preferably indoors so that no one looking onto the property can see me. Or, I can go some place with my would-be captives, the same ones that she thinks really has me. Either way, they'll be acting like they have me."

"Well that sucks."

5/31/2010 #577

Here's is a teenie-tiny UNBETA'd teaser from Sookie's POV, from Chapter 4 of NorCrisp76's Southern Vampire/Night Huntress crossover, Wife Swap:

Suddenly, four men in dark uniforms appeared before us, blocking our way. Peter got in front of me, grabbing the gun in his holster.

"Sookie Northman?" One of the men asked.

"Yes, who are you and what do you want?"

"You are under arrest."


"You must come with us."

"Are you kidding me? I'm not going anywhere with you." Peter stood in front of me, his gun pointed at the men as he alerted our security team through his headset.

"I'm afraid you are." Another man was suddenly behind me, gripping me by my shoulders. I looked past the other men in front of Peter and saw two of our security team running from Royal Street towards us.

5/31/2010 #578

*sneaks in at the very last minute* Okays, here's a li'l peek at next chapter of Dead To Her World, which will be posting on Sunday :-)

"Whoa! I'm an eighth fairy princess?"

"I'm afraid it's nothing to be excited about. Real fairies are nothing like they are portrayed in children's tales."

"They're not?!"

"Hardly," I was hoping to leave it at that, but she was looking up at me with the rapt expression of undisguised curiosity and it was clear she would be willing to wait indefinitely for me to elaborate. "They are exquisite creatures, quite irresistible, in fact. But they are as cruel and violent as they are beautiful—with an especially well developed ability to manipulate and deceive. They are, in many ways, even more dangerous than vampires."

She looked duly scared, her eyes widening as her mouth formed a silent O of understanding. Good. She'd be much better off that way. There weren't many fairies left on this side, but just in case she happened to run into one before this whole amnesia thing was straightened out, she'd be much safer if she knew to run the other way, as fast and far away as possible.

"But you only have an eighth in you," I teased. "So I guess I don't really have much to be worried about."

She covered her mouth to stifle a giggle, then turned so that she mirrored my posture, flipping onto her side with her head nestled on her forearm. "I promise you, Eric, you have nothing to fear from me."

5/31/2010 . Edited 5/31/2010 #579
Musings By Char

Ok here's a peek at what chapter 4 has in store from my first story "Wind in Her Sails"

I pushed through the crowd and was soon facing Eric's office I took a deep breath. "Come in my lover it's opened." Eric responded before I even had a chance to knock. I took a deep breath opened the door then shut it softly behind me.

Suddenly I started to panic and my hands began shaking. Eric must have felt my anxiety because he reached my side in a flash. "Lover what is it, what is wrong" He started to pick me up but I resisted.

"No I'm ok I just need to sit down a minute" and the next thing I knew I was sitting on the couch with Eric kneeling in front of me questions filling his eyes. "Eric I'm ok really." I reached up and nervously ran my fingers through a stray curl. "I think maybe this was a mistake, I can see that your working and I can wait for a time when you aren't so busy. I'm probably interrupting you now. Pam said Victor was also going to be here with Sandy soon, I know I can't get in the way of that so I tell you what I'll take a rain check on our meeting and you just call me when you have some time." I started to stand up

Eric had stood up and was watching me with a suspicious look on that gorgeous face. "You are right I am really busy but I can make time for you. Sookie I've been wondering all evening what you've been doing today. I had some interesting emotions come across the bond earlier. Sit and tell me about your day." He sat down on the sofa pulling pulled me back down to face him.

5/31/2010 #580

Okay, here is an unbeta'ed teaser for The Cold Before Dawn..

There is nothing harder than getting up on a cold morning from a warm bed, but my feet hit the floor at first light. I grabbed my phone. There was a message from Sookie.

Come to the bar tonight at 1am sharp. Go along with whatever I say. Please. Yours, S

I read it twice, just to be sure, and then started my day, getting dressed for work at Merlotte's.

I tried to keep busy at work to make the time pass by, and I didn't see Sam until I was clocking out in the office at the end of the day. He walked into the trailer, carrying a hand tools and looking worn out. Sam was usually a talkative guy, but he was quiet as he put his tools away. I puttered around the office, straightening up the magazines all over the table, shuffling through paperwork, while I waited for Sam to say something. I wondered if he knew what was going on with the bomb threat—he seemed to know everything that was happening in Battle Mountain. He would want to know Sookie was in trouble, wouldn't he? Maybe he could help Sookie in some way.

I took a deep breath, and when I did, Sam gave me a questioning look. He finally spoke. "What's up, Eric? You look like you have something you want to say. Spit it out."

I ran my hand through my hair, and looked Sam in the eye. "Listen, you ought to know, Sookie's in trouble, there's a couple of morons in town wanting to bomb her bar, and we've got to stop it."

Sam put the rest of his tools in his locker before he said anything. When he turned around from his locker, he asked, "So you are the one who told her—how did you know?"

What! Had Sam been helping Sookie today? Could I trust him enough to tell my secret? Before I could decide what to do, Sam made the decision for me.

6/7/2010 #581

blood on the moon24

Lys hasn't heard from Eric in over two weeks, is he dead or has he deserted them?

6/7/2010 #582
Missus T

June 7, 2010 Teasers

Here are your teasers for Leap of Faith and Halo Effect. LOF will post when I get back from lunch. Ha ha. HE will post Tuesday as usual.

LOF CH 25: Seeing Red

When I got back to the apartment, I found a note from Eric, "Out for a run. Back soon." I made lunch and was just sitting down to eat, when he came through the door, shirtless, and gleaming with sweat. I looked him up and down, then swallowed hard.

"Oh no you don't."

"What?" I said, trying to clear my mind of naked pictures of us together.

"You don't get to look at me like that now. We don't have time. We could have fit it in this morning, but now we need to go."

"Really? I thought we were just checking in to the hotel. Are we in a hurry?"

He leaned against the breakfast bar; I struggled to keep my eyes on his face and not his sculpted chest. "We aren't in a hurry, but here's the thing, once I get you underneath me, I won't be letting you up for a while, and we don't have time for that."

Halo Effect CH16: The Meaning of Everything (Unbeta'd)

"Were you going to come to Chicago and meet me?"

I loved that she had just inserted herself into the role of the girl I was supposed to meet, she didn't seem bothered by the accidents and coincidences that connected us. "I hadn't decided. I was considering it, because I knew I would be so close to Chicago."

"I think I'm glad we met the way we did."

"Really? Why?"

She shrugged. "I think we would have both had some reservations about getting involved, if we met conventionally. I would have been really nervous because of who you are, and you would have been wondering what my intentions were, if I was there for you or your name. The way things happened, we just skipped over that."

"But we didn't. You didn't worry about who I was at first, but then, after Sophie Anne, it changed. So we didn't skip over it, or we came back to it, whatever. How do you feel about it now?"

6/7/2010 #583

Here's is an UNBETA'd teaser from Eric's POV, from Chapter 5 of NorCrisp76's Southern Vampire/Night Huntress crossover, Wife Swap:

"Northman, you asked for this meeting. What business do you have with me?"

"Marie, let us not beat around the bush. I am sure you know why I am here. My wife is missing. Bones is missing. Where are they and who took them?"

"Ah … What makes you think I know? You are the vampire king of Louisiana; you should know where your wife and vampires are in this city and state, yes? Unless you believe I am involved …?"

I squelched the impulse to rip her apart with my bare hands. I expected this from her, but how dare she bait me this way? Obviously I might be correct in my assumption Sookie's disappearance was part of some power play on Marie's part, but I had a few of my own tricks to play out.

"It is common knowledge you know everything that goes on in this city, Marie. Why would I not come to you first? I have nothing to hide or fear from you. I come to you in good faith and cooperation between your subjects and mine." I paused for a moment and then continued with a harder edge to my voice. "I have no reason to wish ill will on you, but should I find that you are not operating in a like manner, I will be very displeased."

Marie took my words in, and took a moment before she answered. "Yes, I do know all that is happening in this city, and you'd do well to remember that. You must have forgotten that when you invited that peasant whore hit man into your home to bestow powers on your wife."

6/7/2010 . Edited 6/7/2010 #584

Teaser from Couples Therapy that *should* be up on Wednesday as scheduled. Told from Sookie's POV, enjoy...


Lord help me!

I had just made, what could possibly be, the biggest admission of my life. Eric was just standing there, staring at me like I grew three heads, and all I could think about was kissing him.

So, without much more thought, or analyzing, that's what I did.

I stood on my toes, since I was nowhere near his height in my flat sneakers, firmly gripped the side of his face, and slanted my mouth over his.

It took a moment for him to respond, but when he did, the passion and fire was instantaneous. I could have lost myself there in the parking lot, but I didn't, and pulled away, still gently touching the base of his neck with my fingers.

"Are you going to tell me THAT was nothing?" I asked in a whisper.

"No," he answered breathless.

"THAT was something, Eric." I locked eyes with his as soon as they opened.

"Yes." He responded huskily.

"Tell me you felt that." I whispered against his chest.

"Definitely." Eric's throaty response sent shivers down my spine.

I didn't have the chance to respond, and this time it was his mouth covering mine. His lips, so sweet and hot against mine, were unrelenting and unforgiving. I was panting before I had the chance to open my mouth to him, and when I did, I swear I saw stars.

His tongue, so silky and warm against mine, was skilled and I had a brief flash thought of what else that tongue could accomplish. I moaned into his mouth as I felt his fingers tangling in my hair, his arm lifting me, and angling me for better access, and definitely more contact.

I could feel him firm against me and I knew that I was going to have to put on the brakes again, no matter how badly I wanted to take him against the light pole I could see out of the corner of my eye.

Reluctantly, I pulled away, and took a moment to right my clothes before looking back to Eric. His face was just as flushed as mine felt and his lips, swollen from our kiss, were begging me to taste them once again.

6/7/2010 #585

Upcoming chapter of Sometimes a Fantasy:

I tried to relax in my seat but I still felt like I had no right to feel safe. I was on edge. There was no way we escaped the Queen's palace that easy. Even the speed at which Jason was driving, veering us as far away from New Orleans as possible, didn't make me feel any better.

"You alright Sook?"

"Yes, Jason."

"Don't worry, we'll be home soo – JESUS CHRIST!"

"WHAT!?" Andy bellowed.

"AHH!" Hoyt's hand shot out to brace himself on the dashboard. I sat up straight, when suddenly the car lunged forward to a break. I put my hands in front of me and pushed the back of Hoyt's seat. I looked out the window onto the deserted highway blanketed by tall trees to see a figure in the middle of the road. My heart clenched in my chest. It wasn't over. It was only the beginning.

6/7/2010 #586

Wow.... haven't done one of these in a while. Sorry about that. I've been suffering through a wicked case of writer's block. It would appear that every single one of my Eric and Sookie muses has left for summer vacation. I was looking to get the old writing juices flowing again, when that sexy pair Cat and Bones decided to make an appearance.

This is something that hasn't been done yet here on This is a Night Huntress All Human one shot. It definitely brought the writer in me back out - four thousand words in one night. I hope to finish it and post it soon. In this tease, Cat and Bones meet for the first time. I posted part of it on twitter last night, adding a little bit more for the Monday Forum crowd. Enjoy!

Still untitled, still unbeta'd

I had just finished making the bed when I heard the roar of a motorcycle approaching. I peeked out the window and saw a Ducati parking out front. I wasn't a big motorcycle fan, but I knew a pricey bike when I saw one.

The man who stepped off it was unbelievably gorgeous. As the helmet came off his head, I got the first glimpse of his bright blond hair. I never thought bleached hair on a guy looked good before this very moment. He was wearing dark wash jeans, a tight black t-shirt and a leather jacket. He took a small duffel off the back of the bike, pulled out a phone and stared up at the apartment building. It was the first time I got a good look at his face. He was beautiful. His cheekbones and jawline looked like they were chiseled from marble by a master craftsman. He had dark brows, which gave away the dye job. I'd need one of those new towels soon to wipe up the drool that was pooling on the windowsill.

I was pulled out of an erotic daydream by my phone ringing. I jumped up and grabbed it, running back to the window so I could stare and tall, blond, and gorgeous for a little while longer.


"Hallo, luv. Crispin Russell here, looking for Cat Crawfield. Randy MacGregor gave me the number for your mobile. I'm standing outside your building, trying to figure out which flat is yours."

Holy shit. There was no way in hell that piece of man candy was Randy's best friend. Oh my God, he was staying here. With me. On my futon. Like twenty feet from my bed.

"Hallo? You there, pet? Did I lose the connection?"

"No! I'm right here. Sorry, I got distracted. I see you, you're standing in front of the red bike right?"

"Now this just isn't fair. Give a little wave out the window so I can see you, too."

He laughed and the sound was as rich as velvet. I wanted to get naked and wrap myself up in it. He was smiling, laughing, looking at the façade of the building trying to find my window. Part of me wanted to jump out of it just to see if he could catch me. Luckily, my rational side won out.

"How about you go to the front door and I'll buzz you up. Third floor, second apartment on the left. Oh, and it's a walk up."

"No worries, luv. I'll be there in just a moment."

6/7/2010 #587

Next chapter of Time After Time will be posted in awhile


The strong hand around my waist tightened its hold. Closing the very little distance between us as he pressed my quivering body against his warm one, I accepted the warmness whole heartedly.

I felt like I was in a warm cocoon, his muscular scent enveloped my senses as I clutched onto his shirt, bringing his body closer to mine. I was practically in Eric's lap.

But he kept his hands firmly around me in a non sexual way. It felt good; his hold on me and warmth of his body was amazingly soothing.

My little episode brought the good Doctor to disturb this little session between me and Eric. I was not happy, neither was Eric if the growl coming from him was any indication.

Quinn cleared his throat, finally with some authority in his voice he spoke up, his voice was dead and the warmth had gone. I just met this man and I couldn't help but dislike him already.

"Mr and Mrs Northman." He repeated. Before I could deny it Eric spoke out and I was flabbergasted.

"Yes Doctor?" he was clearly mocking him and he knew it.

6/7/2010 #588

Woo! My first time teasing! First up we have a tease for my story Secrets That Kill. This is from chapter six and it is in Alcide's POV. It will be posted either Saturday or Sunday. It's un-beta'd so all mistakes are my own.


As I left my apartment complex, I slipped on my sunshades. A voice calling my name had me turning and sighing with resignation. My father strode towards me, a scowl on his face. Even though it was a Saturday, he was dressed for work. He wore a dark gray suit and shiny loafers with dark glasses concealing his eyes from me. His hair was cut short and was the same black as mine, with threads of silver, just about the only sign of age on him. The way he walked told me that he was pissed at me. Not just pissed, but P-I-S-S-E-D at me. As I waited for him to catch up with me, I wondered what I did to tick him off this time.

My father, the one and only Jackson Herveaux, stopped in front of me, pulling off his sunglasses as he did so. He didn't say anything, which didn't surprise me. He just stared at me with cool eyes, his lips twisted in distaste over my wardrobe. Good thing I stopped worrying about what daddy thought years ago. I stared back at him, refusing to speak first since that was exactly what he wanted.

"Alcide, you didn't come into work today." he said tightly, tucking the sunglasses into his breast pocket.

I gave him a dry look. "It's Saturday. Most of the world takes Saturday off. You should try it, you might actually have fun."

He ignored me. "I expected to see you in the office."

"Well, that is what you get for having such high expectations for me, Dad. I'm not working today. I'm going to go see some friends. I was on my way out, as a matter of fact." I said with a shrug.

"I thought that you returning home meant that you had come to your senses. As my son you stand to inherit a lot, Alcide. I expect you to know how to run the family business. Which you won't learn unless you come into the office." Dad said, once again ignoring what I had said about going out. "I expect to see you in the office within the hour."

"I won't be there."

"What did you say?" my father asked, his voice low.


Next teaser is for my other story, The Gambler And The Lady. It's Eric/Sookie and is a old time western. This will be posted in a few days, it's chapter two. It's un-beta'd so all mistakes are my own.


"Sheriff." I said politely, looking over her head to see if I could spot Sookie.

"How's your nose?" she asked with a grin.

I bit back a groan. My nose was going to be the talk of the town for weeks. I would go down in town history as the man who got punched in the saloon by the singer. It wasn't quite the reputation I was going for. "It's fine. Barely even stings."

"That's a big ole lie if I've ever heard one. I'm the one who taught Sookie how to punch so I know it hurts." she said with a snort.

"Maybe I'm just made of tougher stuff than your locals." I replied dryly. So she taught Sookie to punch? Interesting.

Sheriff Pam's eyes raked down my body and I got the distinct impression that she was admiring my body. I won't deny that it inflated my ego. I liked to be admired by the ladies, even if one was a sheriff. Her gaze shifted back to my face. "Well, you are definitely not made like the locals, I'll give you that. Let me just give you a piece of advice on how things go around here in Desire. We have a good town, good people too. We don't have any trouble here and we don't want trouble, you understand? Watch your step around here and we'll get along just fine."

Another warning. Either these people took their peace seriously, or they were upset with me for upsetting the little blonde singer. Being a gambling man, I put my money on the singer. I held my hands out in front of me in a gesture of peace. "I'm just here for the cards, Sheriff. I'll be moving along in a few weeks."

Pam nodded and patted me on the chest. "Then we have nothing to worry about."

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Alright, I hope everyone's Monday is going well.

Here's a teaser from the new chapter of Forbidden Pleasures. The same chapter that my last teaser was from ...

Yes, this means it will finally be posted! It is with Northwoman right now and once I get it back and make the corrections, it will be posted. Tomorrow at the latest!

Now, that we've all had a happy squee, here's the teaser ...

As I came down the stairs dragging a huge Rubbermaid container on wheels, full of Hunter's gifts, behind me, I hoped I wasn't making too much noise.I knew if he woke up, the whole Santa thing would be out the window and that would not be good.

Jason will be here within the hour," Sookie said smiling as she shut her phone.

"Are you sure he doesn't mind?" I asked, worried that he would be pissed when he arrived.

"No, he's cool.He said Tara was trying to get him to watch Miracle on 34th Street and he was glad to get away," she laughed."Unless you count A Christmas Story, Elf, and Bad Santa, Jason doesn't do Christmas movies."

She was sitting on the floor between the tree and the fireplace and between the glow of the lights and the glow of the flames, she looked like an angel which inevitably made me hard.I wheeled the Rubbermaid container over to where she was sitting, removed the lid, then took a seat beside her.

"I wish I could make love to you ... right here, under the glow of the tree and the fire ... right now," I said huskily as I leaned in and brushed my lips against hers.

"Mmm, me too," she said snuggling closer to me.

"But we have too much to do," I said frowning.

"And a small child in the room on the other side of that wall," she said pointing in the direction of Hunter's room, "that could wake up and come in here at any given moment."

Sookie mentioning Hunter brought our focus back to the task at hand which was getting Hunter's gifts under the tree, so I started unloading the contents of the container while Sookie arranged everything under the tree.

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Musings By Char

Below is a quick glimpse of chapter 5 of my story "Wind in Her Sails" Hoping to get it up by mid-week.



To say I was startled by the noise upstairs is putting it mildly. I was furious. The first time my bonded had really shared her feelings with me and we were interrupted. Someone was going to pay for that I swore to myself as I flew up the stairs and punched in the security code. I barged into the room ready to attack. I was shocked with what I saw.

My office chair was turned over and Claude, the fairy, had my child, Pam, down on the ground holding her by the throat.

6/7/2010 #591

Here' a little peak at next chapter of Dead To Her World:

Before I'd even managed to take two steps towards her, she flattened herself against the wall and whimpered.

And most certainly not in a good way.

Her hands flew to cradle her head as she scanned the room, her widening eyes consumed by pure terror.

"Sookie? What is it?" I took her hand, gently guiding her to sit on the bed.

"I—I'm not sure. But whatever it is, it's getting closer ... and it doesn't seem very happy."

"Don't worry," I assured her as I sat beside her and brushed her hair out of her face. "I will keep you safe."

She winced, as if in pain, and put a hand to her head again. Unsure what exactly I could do to help her, or what the fuck was going on, I just remained at her side drawing ever-widening circles at the small of her back.

When the door slammed a moment later, we both jerked, our eyes locking together. "It's okay, Sookie. Amelia has this house protected, so only those that the spell allows in can enter the house." By the look in her eyes, it was clear she was no more convinced than I was. "I am going to go check—"

"No!" she hissed, fisting her hand in my shirt and pulling me closer. Shaking her head, she whispered, "Don't leave me, Eric."

As I stayed beside her and tried to calm her down, the unmistakable smell of wet dog made my nostrils flare.

Ah, the plot thickens.

A moment later, he was whining at the door. So much for evolution.

"Well isn't this cozy," he sneered. "Get your hands off her, Northman." Turning his attention to Sookie, his tone and demeanor softened. "Sookie, are you okay?"

She pressed herself even closer to me, her grip on my shirt tightening, as she looked up at our uninvited visitor. "You know me?"

6/7/2010 . Edited 6/7/2010 #592

*waves* Here is a dwarf-sized teaser for the next chapter of Dead To My World. It's more like a teas, because it's so short, but here it is!

"I could have had backups, if I wanted them," I sniffed.

"I don't doubt that," Eric said very seriously, looking at me the whole time. "Even when I am not myself, I know how to find beautiful women."

"Um, are you complimenting me or you?"

Eric barked out a quick laugh. "Both, I think."

6/7/2010 #593
forever is never forever

Chapter 9 of Love Child:


Dane left the lounge. And once the door was closed, Zachary used his vampire speed to appear right by my side. I jumped once more and once again, Zachary laughed. He gave me a devilish smile, revealing his sharp fangs.

"There's something very different about you," he said.

"What makes you think that?" I said.

"I can smell it," Zachary replied, "There's a hint of fae in you. But, that's not all."

I gulped, "There's nothing else about me."

"Oh, you're a liar," he cooed.

"So you think," I snapped.

6/7/2010 #594
vikinglover elle

I've been working all week and I hope to have new chapters posted within the next couple of days. All unbeta'd snippets...

Chapt. 9 of New Year, New Beginnings

A few minutes later we walk hand in hand to his door and I pull Eric down into a kiss. I may have been a little forceful but I've wanted to do nothing but kiss him all evening and now that I have him alone…

"I've wanted to do that all evening. Well, that and more."

"Mmm… lover, you might want to let me open the door first," Eric says against my lips.

"You better hurry up then." I smile as he fumbles with his keys trying desperately to open the door before I attack him, again.

"If I had known you'd be this aggressive I would have brought you home sooner." He mumbles something that sounds like "I kind of like this" as I crash my lips to his.

"No more talking."

"Yes ma'am."

Chapt. 5 (I think) of UnThinkable

"She's going to Gothenburg." Göteborg? That's a three hour trip.

"Thank you." I hang up before she can utter another word.

I check out the boards to see where the train to Göteborg is boarding and what time the next one leaves. Five minutes? I only have five minutes to find her and convince her to stay with me. I run as fast as my legs can carry me, almost knocking a few people over in the process, and come to a screeching halt when I see her. She's sitting at a bench with a dark haired, scruffy looking guy who has his arm around her. Just seeing him playing with her hair, touching any part of her makes me go nuts. I'm glued to the floor because I know if I approach her–them–I'll kill the bastard. My hands ball into fists at my sides, clenching until my knuckles go white. I have to calm down. I can't talk to her in this state.

Four minutes.

She turns and looks over her shoulder. She seems so relaxed, happy, casual. Not like she was just a while ago. She couldn't wait to get away from me to meet this, that Asshole guy. She sees me and looks surprised. Not angry in the least but I'm sure she can tell I am livid. She pats Asshole's back and he moves is arm, letting her hair fall from his fingers. She whispers something in his ear and he looks back at me. He stands as soon as she does but she hustles over to me while he picks up their bags.

Three minutes.

"Eric, what are you doing here? How did you find me?"

"That's not important right now. I'm here. I came to beg. Gå inte. Please? Don't go."

Chapt. 16 of Valentine's Day

2 weeks later…

I just got the last of my boxes from the car and seeing the look on Eric's face lets me know I'm doing the right thing. I'm finally moving in with him and trying to rid myself of the things that have clouded my mind these past two weeks. I never thought I'd be so upset with my family but here I am.

"Did you need help with that last box?"

"No, I think I got it. Hey, is that uh… what?"

"I still can't believe you're here."

"Me either. I can't say I'm not happy to be here but under the circumstances…" I don't need to finish my thought as I know Eric knows how I feel about my "circumstances." I still can't get over my Aunt Linda's confession.

6/13/2010 #595

So I finished watching TB S3E1 for the second time, and I am so giddy and excited there is no way I'm going to be able to sleep right now. So instead I'm going to post an un-betaed teaser for chapter 26 of Dead To My World.


There was a long pause on Sam's side of the conversation. That wasn't good.

"Fine," Sam said sullenly, like a child who didn't get his way. He thrust the phone at me and stalked off without a backwards glance.

So of course the first thing I said to Eric was, "Eric, what the hell did you say to Sam?"

"I was just giving him some advice, bar-owner to bar-owner, on why he is responsible for the safety of his employees," Eric murmured.

Yeah. I bet. I grinned despite myself, and I was glad that Eric couldn't see me. I waited until the smile passed and then I replied, "Eric, I don't know if anyone every told you, but advice is like, 'maybe you should wear the blue jeans instead of the white ones,' or something. Not, 'I'm going to rip your shifter balls off because you let Sookie fight vampire drainers.'"

Eric laughed. "Sookie, don't be ridiculous. I would never say that."

"Oh yeah? What'd you say then?

"I said I would rip his shifter head off because he let you fight vampire drainers."

I burst out laughing. Eric laughed again, only this time with me.

6/13/2010 #596

YAY! It's rare that I ever have anything to tease on a Monday, so here's a teaser for Chapter 3 of Sign There, which will update when I wake up tomorrow.


I tossed and turned all night because I couldn't stop thinking about what I was going to do with Sookie. I found myself conflicted about it. Yes, I wanted to have sex with her. Not only had it been a while for me, I also wanted it because I wanted her. Sookie was a beautiful woman, and I was very attracted to her, but she also seemed smart and funny, not to mention the innocence she radiated.

I never used to be attracted to innocence because I preferred a woman who knew what she was doing and didn't tend to be clingy. Now I had a seemingly innocent girl that was already better than any experienced one I'd been with, and she was the exact opposite of clingy. I was having trouble wrapping my head around it.

And it's not like I was a slut or anything. I'd only actually been with six women, but they were all women who had multiple partners before me and I knew exactly what they wanted from me, and I was okay with that since it didn't matter. I didn't want much but sex from them either. We were usually just in a "relationship" so that we were exclusive, not out of deep feelings for one another.

So why did I want a true relationship from Sookie? Why did I want to take her on dates, introduce her to my friends, be introduced to hers? Why did I dream of her in my kitchen, cooking breakfast, barefoot and pregnant, telling me she loved me?

I was fucked.

6/13/2010 #597
Missus T

Morning! *waves* Here are your teasers for Leap of Faith and Halo Effect for this week. LOF will post shortly and HE will post tonight - yes, tonight! I won't be anywhere near a computer tomorrow and I want to get it up.

Leap of Faith Ch: 26: There's No Such Thing as an Ex-Marine

Eric went to freshen up our drinks while Cal, Soph and I wandered back to Victor's room and went out to the balcony. The night was clear, and the stars reminded me of sitting worlds apart from Eric, looking at the night sky.

I was distracted, daydreaming about Eric finally coming home to live with me in Bon Temps, when I realized Cal was talking to me.

"Sounds like he's paying Twining's brother to drive his stuff to your place. He's got a big truck, and you know Eric, he'll have to drive the 'Vette himself."

"Oh yeah. He told me he was driving it." I chuckled.

"Eric's not the best at keeping in touch," he started.

"We've got it covered." I smiled, glancing at Soph. She and I had become good friends, we talked often on the phone and emailed back and forth.

"Good. Well, be sure to come visit us when Eric comes out to check on the bar." He was quiet for a minute.

"Of course." I hadn't really thought about how hard this would be for him. Eric was his best friend. They had been through hell together, and undoubtedly, Cal would have to go back without him. Soph leaned her head on his shoulder and I saw Cal relax.


Halo Effect: Ch17 Guitar Hero

The house was quiet, so we went out to the balcony, and they were on the beach. Sven was kicking around a hackey sack and Chris was talking to a couple of girls in bikinis. We both laughed, and Eric said it was pretty typical.

"Really?" I laughed. "I bet if you were down there the girls would be standing around you, not Chris."

"Don't underestimate the power of a good wingman, Sookie. Chris and I work well together."

I snorted. "Nice, and Sven is chopped liver?"

"Ha ha. No, he picks up the shy girls that inevitably drift away from the pack."

"How very National Geographic of you all."

Eric laughed as Sven noticed us and waved. "Hey! Get your suits on and come down!"

Chris looked up and raised a hand, but continued talking to his harem, which had locked their eyes on Eric. I watched Chris's face become more animated as he talked and the girls all returned their attention to him.

"He's telling a story about me," Eric said quietly.

I shook my head. "You three are a well oiled machine."

6/14/2010 #598

Third chap of Canvas aka Stalker Eric is up.


She stands there enjoying the wind, although she clearly shivers from the cold. She wraps her arms around her midsection and I am tempted to go over to her and replace her arms with my own.

Hell, I want to throw her over my shoulder and take her back to my cave; rub her feet, hold her close, share my body heat with her voluptuous body.

God, what I want to do to her! I want to rub myself all over her numerous times as I make her body heat shoot up. I longed to lick between those silky thighs, that would warm her up for sure.

I adjusted my pants. This isn't helping. A constant hard on is not the answer. But oh, the things I wanted to do to her!

I often thought about getting her alone and what I would do to her then.

But I guess she would freak out if I kidnapped her and there'd be no playing 'Me Tarzan! You Jane!' From worrying about her coat, my mind wandered from sexual fantasist to criminal mastermind.

I rub my eyes under my shades. This isn't me. I do not stalk women. It used to be the other way around; never have I chased a girl, not even when I was a teenager. But this girl no, this woman is completely captivating. I want to get to know her more than anything. She is the perfect example of a female specimen. I want to capture her on canvas. Everything about her is exquisite. Hell I'll bet even her fragrance itself is intoxicating.

Often, I muse on the idea of bringing out my art supplies here with me so I can take her likeness, not just have her in these small pieces of paper. It's funny, but when I am back in my hideout I can never portray her essence on canvas. I need her there, in front of me. This is not likely, of course, as I remind myself that kidnapping is against the law.

Why is this so difficult? The law system that is. It would be so easy if no one noticed someone going missing. If only I could just grab her and keep her for myself. I grunt to myself, I need to stop this or else I might just end up acting on my impulse. I cross the idea of kidnapping Sookie Stackhouse from my mind…..for now.

6/14/2010 #599

Oh boy. I was going to try and post this by tonight but, I don't know. I wish there were more hours in a day, or minutes were longer or something like that. I'll do my best to get it to you very soon. Thanks! Upcoming chapter of Sometimes a Fantasy:

As weak as I still temporarily felt, I was hungry for more. I felt my length stir and my fangs elongated.

"The night is still early Miss Stackhouse."

She turned her head to me, flat on her stomach, a lazy, dreamy smile on her face. "I don't think I could do a lick of anything else but sleep."

She gasped when I was on top of her back, my erection pressed at her entrance. "I'll be a good lover and let you enjoy and not have to lick a thing, although, if you decide to participate during..." I entered her and she gasped again. "It is much welcome." I surged out and then went back in, her ragged breathing urging me on.

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