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So there are so many contests running around this place all the time! How in the world can we keep up??

Here is a thread to post the details when you need to plug your contest or when you hear of a new contest that is up and you want to share the details! Feel free to post for any genre, any book series!! Please provide the link and contest deadlines!

Good luck to all contestants!


Current contest for Southern Vampire Mysteries:

Cowboy Up: NEW Deadline: December 10th

Poppin' Cherries: Deadline: November 30th

Cherries banner:


Twilight Contests:

Les Femmes Noires: Deadline: November 17th

Slash Blackslash: Deadline: November 30th

Slash banner:

Bridal Style: Deadline: November 30th

Mentalward: Deadline: December 13th


Twilight Crossover Contest

Out of this world: Deadline: December 16th

11/18/2009 . Edited 10/10/2010 #1

Thanks, Meads! Great idea!

11/18/2009 #2

The Cowboy Up One Contest Submission deadline has been extended to December 10th. PLEASE pass it on to anyone you know who is or wants to write a submission.

Details here:

11/20/2009 #3

M- Thank you for assembling these in one location, awesome G-T-G for the SVM threads. Hope you don't defect to Twi-land after last night. Mchelle

11/20/2009 #4
Southern Amateur

Also home for the holidays contest:

11/20/2009 #5
Kyss Ericsson


see I already loved you but now I am hot for you too. awesome thread and as always on top of everything! *foozles*

11/21/2009 #6

Voting up for TwiSlash Unveiled!

Read and Vote here:

11/22/2009 #7

Just wanted to let all the writers know there is a reference thread for the Cowboy Up Contest for those who may not know much about the world Cowboy Eric lives in ;)

Brainstorming and Inspiration For Cowboy Up One Shot Contest:

11/23/2009 . Edited 11/23/2009 #8
Poppin' Cherries

EXTENDED DEADLINE for the "Poppin' Eric's Cherry" contest! Virgins and Almost-Virgins now have until December 13th to submit entries. (We can understand that you might want to take things slowly for your 'first time'!)

All of the details can be found on the profile page:

Poppin' Cherries:

11/27/2009 #9
Naughty or Nice List

New SVM contest for the Yuletide Season!


Contest runs from: December 6th - January 10th

12/1/2009 #10

New Twilight Contest are up!!


A competition featuring one-shots centered around Alice Cullen

Deadline 12/31

12/2/2009 #11

Twilight in the Roaring Twenties Contest

An era competition of the 1920s. A time of jazz, bootleggers, mobsters, and Edward-Fcking-Cullen.

Hosted by: Thedarknessofthmoon, Jessica0306, and Littlelea05

Deadline for submissions: New Years. Jan 1, 2010. 12:01 PST

12/2/2009 #12

The ‘Make it Work!’ Contest

The ‘Make it Work!’ Contest is a contest of collaborations – in real life and on the page. The purpose of this contest is to collaborate with your peers to create a story the deals with collaborating. During this time of year, we are all reminded to put aside our differences and this contest is to remind us all of that and to hopefully promote it into the new year.


Stories must be submitted by 11:59 pm EST on January 14, 2010 to be considered for voting.

12/2/2009 #13

Mentalward” Contest

Exploiting the minds of those that are sick, twisted, and demented…

Presented by: Yanxxx, YellowGlue, DurtyNelly, and Rparkerp

Hey readers! I was just letting you all know that we have decided to extend the contest another two weeks! We just don’t have the numbers of entries that we would like and we know that this is a busy time of the year for everyone! So everyone please get to writing! We are excited to see what you all have in store!!!

Thanks to all those that have entered thus far!

-NEW Time Frame-

Contest starts: October 29th (Thursday) Please do not post a story before this date.

Contest Ends: December 27th 11:00 PM Central Standard Time (Sunday)

Voting starts: December 30th (Wednesday)

Voting ends: January 6th 11:00 PM Central Standard Time (Wednesday)

We are also thinking of adding a Judges choice to the winners. Look for updates of that in the future!

12/2/2009 #14

Voting now taking place for Les Femmes Noires contest!

12/2/2009 #15

The Perv Pack's "An Officer and a Gentleman" Contest

The Pack loves a man (and woman!) in uniform, whether Military, Police, Fireman, or Spy. There’s just something about someone in uniform that gets us going. There seems to be a lack of these fics in the fandom lately. We want them, we want them hard. Thus the An Officer and a Gentleman contest was born. Join us in celebrating all those that serve, and look mighty fine doing it.

Entries will be accepted starting December 5th until midnight (EST) January 9th.

12/3/2009 #16

Cullens Incarcerated Contest

Hosted by WARehab

Submissions will be accepted from December 1st 12:00 AM EDT to January 31st 11:59 PM EDT.

This contest is no joke! They even have their own video! *eyes pop*

And of course, contest banners:

12/3/2009 #17

Sorry, found out about this one kind of late. Deadline is today!

The Thing Called Love contest!

This contest will run from September 22, 2009 - December 4, 2009

12/4/2009 #18

Voting Now taking place for the

Inspiration is Key Contest

Entry Acceptance: October 27th-November 30th Voting: December 1st-December 8th Round 1 Voting: 1st-5th (Public) Round 2 Voting: 5th-8th (Judging)

12/4/2009 #19

The Sandbox Presents a Holiday One-Shot Contest...

Anything Goes Under the Mistletoe

Contest opens December 6, 2009 and ends at 11:59PM EST January 2, 2010. The rules are as follows:

12/4/2009 #20

Ongoing Contests, Open for Submission:

Geekward Shuffle Challenge - 12/12,

The Mentalward Contest - 12/13,

The Friendship is Key Contest - 12/14,

The Faithful Shipper RPF Contest - 12/15,

The Out of this World Crossover Contest - 12/16,

The Broken Holiday Record Contest - 12/18,

The Who's Under Your Tree? Contest - 12/24,

The Wrinkly Heart Contest - 12/27,

To Go Amongst Mad People Contest - 12/31,

The Most Shitteous Craptastic Cuddlecock Crack Contest - 12/31,

Forks Hospital Contest - 1/1,

Twilight in the Roaring Twenties Contest - 1/1,

Anything Goes Under the Mistletoe Contest - 1/2,

A Rose by Any Other Name Challenge - 1/3,

Make It Work Contest - 1/14,

Oops! Your Cliche Is Showing! Contest - 1/14,

I Get Off in Volterra Contest - 1/21,

The Cullens Incarcerated Contest - 1/21

Complete contest links and details can be found on The Lazy, Yet Discerning Ficster blog!

12/4/2009 #21

Not Collaboration! Anyone want journal articles on collaborative theory? Actually I have a feeling this collaboration contest will be better than reading about collaboration.

12/4/2009 #22

New Anonymous contest up!


A Twilight Fanfiction Contest themed to the Winter Olympics and Paralympics 2010.

Contest entries must be received no later than midnight PST Sunday February 7th, 2010.

12/5/2009 #23

So, are there any writers who would be interested in participating in a parody SVM contest?

Y'all know how I love my giggles ;D

Just wondering...

12/5/2009 #24
Southern Amateur

There's a worst fic ever contest for twific, but my friend and I were going to do a parody for the work together collaboration twific. Seriously, we just discussed it yesterday.

Our idea was to use all the cliche lemons in a fic for it. So if you guys want to make a parody fic, that would be awesome since that's our idea anyway. We can come up with something different for that contest since it's not meant for parodies anyway.

12/5/2009 #25

I love parodies! I'm sure I'd write one if there was a contest, but I'd love even more to read some and have a good laugh. Great idea!

12/5/2009 #26

Thanks for the replies, guys :) I'll keep you posted. I was thinking probably not till after the holidays. So, maybe mid January or early February.

12/5/2009 #27

Two more days for the Cowboy Up! contest, gals!! Can't wait. I am super anxious to get these bad boys judged and hand out prizes! I love that I get to play Santa to ya'all!! :D:D

12/8/2009 #28
Team Jane

Here is my submission for the Cowboy Up Contest! Sookie and Amelia decided to take their yearly vacation at a dude ranch in Texas. The foreman is none other than the sexy ass Marlboro Man, Eric Northman himself.

12/8/2009 #29

Ongoing Contests, Open for Submission:

The Faithful Shipper RPF Contest - 12/20,

The Who's Under Your Tree? Contest - 12/24,

Mentalward Contest - 12/27,

The Wrinkly Heart Contest - 12/27,

To Go Amongst Mad People Contest - 12/31,

The Most Shitteous Craptastic Cuddlecock Crack Contest - 12/31,

Forks Hospital Contest - 1/1,

Geekward Shuffle Challenge - 1/1,

Twilight in the Roaring Twenties Contest - 1/1,

Anything Goes Under the Mistletoe Contest - 1/2,

A Rose by Any Other Name Challenge - 1/3,

The Perv Pack's "An Officer and a Gentleman" Contest - 1/9,

The "Anything but Twilight" Vamp Smut Contest - 1/13,

Make It Work Contest - 1/14,

Oops! Your Cliche Is Showing! Contest - 1/15,

I Get Off in Volterra Contest - 1/21,

The Cullens Incarcerated Contest - 1/21,

The With a Burning Heart Contest - 2/7,

The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Cullen Contest - 2/17

Please check out this link for many more details for upcoming contest:

12/11/2009 #30
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