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Are you the type to peek between the covers, or start from the beginning (top) and work toward the end (bottom) :-)

2/4/2012 #1

Thank you, Buni. (hauling in trampoline, couch and the boys). Every time I think of 'the boys' I regret the loss of Zigster here. Talented girl. I miss her.

2/4/2012 #2

Hell buni, at this point in time I'm just lucky to be in the bed ... .

misscyn does love a good library! Cherry pop!

2/4/2012 #3

Buni, I can't make out what your avi is. I see a hat, a guy (?) hugging something. What is that?

2/4/2012 #4

*comes dragging stuff into thread* Sorry I'm late... *huff* *puff* ...but here's the MO couch and the stripper pole. I can't believe y'all forgot them!

It's been a busy morning with the little man: wake now we're back to nap mode. Got a feeling he's gonna be doing a lot of that today since he didn't do it at all yesterday. Mi-Mi sure doesn't get much done around the house when he's around! But that's OK -- they're only little for a short while. You new moms remember that, and take advantage of every chance you have to spend time with your kids before they're smartalecked teenagers...the housework won't go anywhere while you do.

2/4/2012 #5
nycsnowbird A new photo is posted EVERY SINGLE DAY of this gorgeous man. Conan? Drogo? Jason Momoa. You remember him? Go and friend him on Facebook and get a new photo of the man every single day. He is so damned beautiful. There are some posted of him as a teen. He was body building even back then. Lifeguard physique. Wow. Just looked him up on imdb. Lisa Bonet doesn't even reach his shoulders she's so tiny ... or he's so tall.

2/4/2012 #6

Can we have a Jacuzzi to loll in too?

2/4/2012 #7

Nyc, it's a woman's back (see the V of her dress). She's wearing a hat and a man is holding her. I got a postcard long ago from my first love and this picture was on it. It's a photo called Le Baiser, Château Landon,1978 by Eddie Kuligowski. He sent it to me because it reminded him of us.

2/4/2012 #8

Oh yeah, Jason Momoa is definitely Barrons.

2/4/2012 #9

I must have missed the description. He seemed more the intelectual, dark fedora & raincoat type.

2/4/2012 #10

I think I may have an addiction to Mini Chips...*stares at the eight empty packets sitting beside me*

Also today has been a lazy day. I posted a letter to my Mum (it has a voucher for 10p off every litre of petrol/diesel she gets and a cheque), bought Mini Chips, came back to the flat and got back into my pyjamas and have not moved from my bed since and don't plan on doing so anytime soon. However this also means I haven't ate dinner but I don't feel overly hungry for food anyways.

Mum and I talked for three hours yesterday and kinda finalised what I want to do for my 21st. I know it is almost a year away but I want to go to San Francisco in July 2013 so need to start saving up now.


2/4/2012 #11

Why San Francisco, amm?

2/4/2012 #12

My goodness ladies, we should open up the Northman Urgent Care clinic for the walking wounded we have here on the thread! FDM, Buni, NYC, Ehee, Cyn, Amm ---what you gals get up to -- It's been a rough winter around here in the fact that Tom and I keep sharing/swapping a cold back and forth and it sounds like a TB clinic at work with all the coughing and hacking. I think because it hasn't been cold enough to kill viruses, bacteria and any other little fuckers out there, that everyone is so sick.

Here in DC its cloudy and I think around 42. Hope Seam, that you can dig out in Colorado soon. I don't know where that storm is headed, but I'll bet that the midwest will get it next, after they experienced temps in the '60s last week.

Take care, my lovlies. Cyn, good to hear that Joe was being more "human" in the last day or two....and, if you heard "heavy breathing" when Joe butt-dialed you, are you sure it was his ah..."breath"?


2/4/2012 . Edited 2/4/2012 #13

One of my close friends lives there and another (who lives in England) has been three times. If I can't get to SF then I'd like to go somewhere in California. Its just one of the places I'd like to visit, along with Germany, New Orleans and possibly Chicago.

DB we do seem to be a bit of a disasterous group :P

Oh and I was wondering if any of you had ever heard of getting mouth ulcers when you are on your period?


2/4/2012 . Edited 2/4/2012 #14

Hi ladies!

Spent the morning and lunch up in Oxnard. Inlaws recently bought a house near the harbor up there, a vacation house for the whole family, so we went up to meet with the handyman and painter and get the things that need doing done.

cyn, I'm happy to share a few recipes with you. Should I post them here or would you rather dm me your email?

I love Momoa. I really, really do, but I just don't see him as Jericho Barrons. Granted, I've only read the first book so far, but I don't see it. I'm willing to be convinced though, lol.

2/4/2012 #15

Oh for God's sake Trojan condoms thinks they can make vibrators:

I was reading a magazine and saw the ad. I just hate it when some things go mainstream. Next you know Kleenex will be making disposable sex towels and Vaseline will have their own line of lube. If they don't already, I know squat about new innovations in lube. It's like when you're used to fancy store candles and someone gives you one made by Glade. Yuck.

Either way FDM. I'll send you my email and you pick.

2/4/2012 #16

I saw these while I was waiting on line at the Walmart Pharmacy. I didn't see the word "vibrator" and wondered, "Who would buy a Trojan labelled "mini?"

2/4/2012 #17

OMG Gaijin, I just asked my husband if he thought they were selling them at Walmart. Good God. There's just something wrong with that. I don't know whether to shit or go blind.

2/4/2012 . Edited 2/4/2012 #18

Considering that there's always a line, it's just too embarassing to pick one out and inspect it.

"Oh, this looks interesting, maybe I'll try it... Can you return it if you're not pleased?"

2/4/2012 #19

Maybe I'm uptight, but it's crossing lines to me, to go to a store where you buy your kids' vitamins and your dog food and your Sunday dinner, and they're all in the cart together, with your wart cream and your g-spot locator right on top. My sensibilities can't take it.

2/4/2012 #20

Oh, they've been selling vibes and all sorts of lubes at your Walgreens, Targets, and Walmarts for a while now. I was all O.O. the first time I saw it, lol.

2/4/2012 #21

At Tesco we can get all sorts of lube and condoms as well as Durex Pleasure Rings, though I seem to be the only one in Halls that even knew that Durex did anything but condoms. However for vibrators the only place we can get them is Ann Summers. I would be embarrassed to have one in my trolley amongst all my weekly groceries but I think I would be fine buying it on its own at the self service checkout. The only problem with the second option would be that it would likely have a security tag on it so it would be embarrassing asking whoever is around to please take the electronic tag off my newly purchased vibe... :P

I should really be sleeping but can't seem to shut my mind off and pain is starting to flare up. Lord but I worry how I'm gonna be if I ever reach old age. Also know I'm stressing out too much about shit back home *sighs* If it didn't mean that I could possibly fail then I would be on a plane back home right now.


2/4/2012 #22

Reminds me of that Woody Allen movie where he's buying x-rated magazines and the clerk has to call over the loudspeaker to get the pricing on them.

Duckbutt, chapter 64 is done. I've got a phone call in with TexanLady tomorrow to go over a reference in it that I don't agree with and it should be up by tomorrow night. I'm looking at moving the story and all of TL's stuff to Blogger. LiveJournal has made it impossible for me to go in to earlier chapters and make corrections. It used to be I could post 11,500 words, thereabouts, per entry. They've cut that back to 4500. I can't even fix a spelling error because the revised entry won't save. The site wants me to redo the page to fit the 4500 word constraint. If I redo a page that's in chapter 11, for instance, it won't save again between 10 and 12 but move the entry up to the latest chapter. It's an impossible situation and I don't trust the site not to pull this again on me. They've also taken away the button to do paragraph indents. I mean, WHY? The amount of time it took to get that beast up there was enormous. I'd like a front end that would have clickable links to each one-shot and each separate story. Blogger apparently can be made to do so. I won't be announcing it till I've got the new site up, running and tested. Stay tuned.

Buni, ehee—where the hell is the paper fan in the new blitz in GoT? Driving me crazy. I found everything else but it.

2/4/2012 #23

nyc - ericizmine uses wordpress and her chapters are long too. Sometimes there's a link to the next chapter & sometimes not. I don't know if that's the site or the author. She has a front page with links to each story and one-shot, plus it runs under the header and down the side of each page too.

I don't know anything about this stuff, only that it's easier to use than LJ.

2/4/2012 #24

Nyc, the paper fan is right next to the Closed sign (to the right of it)

2/5/2012 #25

Buni, thank you for that, it was driving me crazy.

GV, I am not a coder. All I want is an easy interface to write in. The amount of effort needed in setting up a new site is enormous and I'd rather be writing. There are people who enjoy writing within html. I'm not one of them. I'm a dinosaur that still remembers pounding away at a manual typewriter (although my first typewriter was an IBM Selectric—remember those?) and I don't want to spend a lot of time programming a page when I could be simply writing. I've had a very kind offer to help me set up the new site by a woman completely comfortable with the interface and I'm taking her up on it. All I'll need to think about is the look I want to convey and what masthead I want to use.

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday today. The supermarket was swamped at 9am when I went to get some Half & Half for my mother who was out. Carts loaded with beer and chips and dips and M&M bags. I realized immediately it was Super Bowl Sunday. If I didn't know by word of mouth, the fact that men are out shopping at that hour stocking up told me so.

2/5/2012 #26

morning all, happy Super Bowl. I watch the commercials and then switch over to the Puppy Bowl haha.

Okay, the Power Ball is like $250 mil. I get excited when the numbers get big like that. Anyone interested in christening the thread by getting a Lottery Pool going just for this draw? We'd have to each buy say, a five dollar ticket, post the numbers on the thread before Wednesday, and pinky-swear to split any winnings. For fun. Xing would have a cow, and we could all go out to CA to egg AB's house LOL. Any interested, let me know.

61 degrees here ladies, sunny and warm. Headed out to walk with a big hat and a big tumber of iced tea. Say a prayer for the polar bears and the ski slopes, but I'd be lying if I said I don't love me some global warming sometimes :)

2/5/2012 #27

Happy Super Sunday! Couldn't care less about the Superbowl -- I just like the commercials. I don't watch sports on TV since hubs and I got together 9 years ago, except when the Cardinals make it into the post season. We've been invited to a big party; we usually go every year, but since we've got the little man today I'm gonna pass.

cyn, I think the Powerball idea is great! Count me in! I gotta get out this evening so I'm gonna stop and pick one up.

Don't know what the temperature is here, but the sun is shining and that's a huge improvement over the past couple of days. Yesterday was rainy and just barely made it into the 40s. Seam, how's things on the snow front?

2/5/2012 #28

So today pregnancy is kicking my butt!! I woke up got ready for work and then 20 minute before i should leave i start losing all the food I ate this morning. I haven't felt this terrible since my first three months!! To top it off i fell hard two weeks ago and my foot still hasn't healed so i am not really walking properly.

Needless to say i called in sick to work an hour and a half before my shift. Thank God i work somewhere that doesn't make you feel like a total jerk for calling in. Now i am nursing flat ginger ail and saltines. I feel awful.


2/5/2012 #29

Jeni, I find that melba toast works well too. Have you tried some gravol? I take it every four hours (amongst other meds) so I know it's safe to use. Hope you feel better soon! I am all too familiar with the god of nausea/vomiting during pregnancy.

2/5/2012 #30
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