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Shadow Shinobi57

To be honest, flamers need to find another way to amuse themselves. Really, this whole started with me when my Q&A was flamed for being a total piece of shit. A Q&A! Who cares, Q&As are supposed to answer questions! If they wanna flame someone and let it mean something. Seriously, if there is a full time flamer out there, I dare you to flame one of my other stories! Malice and Desperation or Ninjas of Lylat! Go ahead, you bastards!

Go ahead and let your feelings out. I'm just starting this so people can reply to it. Try and spread the word so every can say how they feel about this.


1/2/2009 #1
Time Turned Fragile

F*CK FLAMERS! be on the lookout for Flame Rising and Flamer Lucan! I swear they're the same person... except Flame Rising has a grasp of the english language while Lucan is probably a 8 year old...

1/20/2009 #2
Shadow Shinobi57

I was thinking that, but it's either that or they know each other. We need to know some stories, guys. We need to know what they said to you and how it made you felt so we can get motivated to take them down. Make them eat dog shit.



1/22/2009 #3

Okay I realize I'm probably bein Ironic but I don't care. FLAMERZ NEED TO BURN!!!!

2/15/2009 #4
Jeff Alexander

Meh... Your opinion, but I only support Flames if the story deserves it or if it makes a good point, not just if it's "ZOMTG ur stori fukn suxx nvr rite agn" Damn! I've gotten quite a few of those...

2/15/2009 #5

Yeah but still they can be more constructive about their flames. If it's just shit like "God willl smite you for makin this humongous pile of feces" or something like that then I get pissed.

2/15/2009 #6
Shadow Shinobi57

The kind of thing that I'm talking about are pointless flames or ones that don't belong. The reason I started this was because me and starfoxluver got flames on our Q&A's. A guy flamed our Q&A's!! It wasn't supposed to be good! Here, this is what Flamer Lucan said on mine:

These Q&A's are shit, for lack of better words. I can't believe you people ACTUALLY READ THESE THINGS! I'll ask what I asked in another Q&A. Were your parents brother and sister? That would explain the mental retardation. This story is worse than midgets kicking a puppy. If you're wondering why i read it in the first place, and why i'm leaving a review: It's because I need to get my ideas across.v The fic you're about to read (If you have not already) Contains sheer retardedness and no real excuse for it! No! I'm not sorry and I refuse to let this go. It's crap pure and simple. If you havent already read the shit, I advise you read the next one... Just skip it! Save yourself from a half hour of absolute shit! IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY! You know what? I'm going to go throw acomputer off a cliff and pretend it's yours so I can finally take this horrible trash from the face of the earth. By the way: Bleach is just as bad.

I don't care much about the Bleach thing, a lot of people don't like it, or any anime/manga for that matter. But a Q&A is for the hilarious, not the extreme writer's detail I put in my other fics, like Malice and Desperation and Ninjas of Lylat. It's absolutely stupid. If someone has something negative to say, say it in the nicest way possible, instead of openly says it sucks and says stuff like feature above.

2/16/2009 #7
Time Turned Fragile

T.T I'm just finding out that he has a community called "Worst fanfics ever" and it features 2 of my fics and an ever growing list. I heard he recently flamed Pikana, Mr. Pichu and Joebthegreat... not so sure HOW, but I think someone should report him.

2/16/2009 #8

If you're thinking aabout talking to the higher ups don't bother. Me, Elelmenter and Voice int the Night tried to get this one dude booted but the admins didn't do shit.

2/16/2009 #9
Shadow Shinobi57

I know. I tried, but it didn't work. I guess the flamers were created to work around the system, and they just take it as harmless criticism. These guys might just take over this place.

P.S This only concerns Forever Fades Away. Did you get the prologue I sent you? If you did, did you read it?

2/16/2009 #10

Nah here's what I figure as long as we don't do anything o them I figure thye'll eventually get tired and die off. They aren't even serious they just do it for the lulz.

2/17/2009 #11
Time Turned Fragile

Uh oh! I didn't! Wait, the one where it talks about Colonel Ken Tessing? I got that one. However, I didn't get the latter versions. I personally think it's a bit dry. We should at least introduce the Starfox Members in the prolouge. But yeah! I got one, i didn't get the others.

I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like I'm doing practically nothing!!!

2/17/2009 #12
Shadow Shinobi57

Well, dude, the prologue is just putting some start to it. I don't think that Star Fox is needed much in it. Let's discuss this on a separate forum. I'll make a new forum topic in here.

...And...ya know...down with flamers.

2/17/2009 #13

"And uh...down with flames..."

XD!!! Hey BTW what happened iwth timid?

2/20/2009 #14
Shadow Shinobi57

You know her. She does a few things on here than completely goes into hiding or something. I'm thinking about either getting her to allow PMs or give me her email address.

2/20/2009 #15

She doesn't allow PMs. i never did understand why some do that

2/20/2009 #16
Time Turned Fragile

odd, eh?

2/20/2009 #17

Yeah mate.

2/21/2009 #18
Telekenetic Mind Freak
Down with the F*CKING flamers!!! I'm sorry to inform you but a new flamer just joined his name is TheBestThereIsOnThisSite. he has already flamed two people, Krys. and lucario22. the thing is he plagerized a chapter of Krys' story Krisis word for word, he didn't even bother to change the name if any of you see any of his flames please report him and silence him forever
3/8/2009 #19
Shadow Shinobi57

I took care of it. hopefully they'll do something about it. But I know how unreliable those admins are on this site. Last time I reported someone, they didn't do a damn thing about it.

And I know it's against what this topic stands for, but I flamed the guy who stole from Krys. I did it for a good reason. I was just angry as hell, man. I just hope he stops.

But part of me wants to see him plagiarize from me. I dared him to. I wanna see how he fucks my stories up. See if he has the balls/ovaries to do so.

3/8/2009 #20

Same here. I wanter that fucker to plagerize me. I want him too. I will fucking toast his ass. He copied 3K's story. I'll ask him what's up. Let's take this fucker down

3/8/2009 #21

Another thing if s/he was "TheBestTHereIS ONthis SIte" they wouldn't need to copy and paste shit. Get your own writing

3/8/2009 #22
Shadow Shinobi57

I know. He/she thinks he/she is so full of him/herself. He/she needs to go suck a railroad spike.

Along with Flamer Lucan and Flame Rising.

3/8/2009 #23

Nah that's too good for them. Anyway I just completely flamed the fuck outta them and I feel sorta hypocritical but I don't care. They had it comin. They didn't even try to change it up. That's was 3K's 2nd or 3rd chap I think. Too easy too recognize

3/8/2009 #24
Shadow Shinobi57

It was the third chapter.

Plus, I'm looking up the guys who actually left positive reviews for his stories and telling them what happened.

This guy is quite plainly 'Worse than the ass of a dead animal carcass'. Ehehe...

Ya know what...If he actually writes something on his own, we should copy him. See how he likes it!

3/8/2009 #25

Hahaha! Totally. But what if its completely craptacular (Man that's a funny word)? We don't wanna be seen as bad writers. BTW hey mind you mind checking out my Resident Star Fox story? I'd appreciate it.

FLAMERS CAN BURN IN HELL!!!! ...wait what? XD

3/8/2009 #26
Telekenetic Mind Freak
yeah it probably would be craptacular have you seen his spelling? he spells like a three year old retard being hung by his thumbs lol DOWN WITH TEH FLAMERS!!!!!
3/8/2009 #27
Shadow Shinobi57

Still, we could just fix it up if we did. Go through it, run a spell check and grammar check and all that noise, and we got ourselves something we can use against him. I'll do what I can. Any suggestions on a solution? I'll go with it.

BTW, I posted chapter 8 of Malice and Desperation for all my prodigious fans!

3/8/2009 #28

Fox Fighter that's not nice. Retards have feelings too adn I don't think they'd be happy with you comparing them to that ass cookie.

3/8/2009 #29
Telekenetic Mind Freak
your right he's worse than a retart he's a gaytard and he writes like a gaytard getting fucked in the ass with a two by four board after being hung by his thumbs for two days
3/8/2009 #30
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