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Anya and Dimitri would make beautiful kiddies don't ya think? Come here and introduce the little ones you've made for them or just join to chat!
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Championship Vinyl

First of all, I respect everybody's opinions on their children. It's all creativity when it comes down to it. But this forum is to tell the rest of us YOUR thoughts on what their family would be like, whether you make up your own or agree with someone else's.

1/3/2009 #1
Championship Vinyl

(Listens to crickets chirping in response...) I guess I'll go first. XD

Well, I meant what I said about respecting everyone's ideas. I do. But I have to admit, in all honesty, that I've had my idea in my head for about two years now, and that it's pretty logical. Very logical. I guess I'm probably biased, but hey, aren't we all biased in some way to our own work? :-)

My firm belief is that they would not have kids right away, because of how young they are at the time. I also don't think they'd have a ton of kids either. I read a fic once, somwhere else, that said they had eight kids with a ninth on the way! Can you believe that? It's like, whoa, hang on a second! These two are like bickering twelve-year-olds. I don't see them with a ginormous family---they're too free-spirited for that, I guess is the term.

That being said, my belief is that they'd have two kids. Their daughter, a total daddy's girl, would be born in 1937, when Anya is 29 and Dimitri is 31. The traditional "parenting" ages, so to speak. Her name would be Tasha Dimitrievna: "Tasha" because that was the name of the ship they took to Paris, and "Dimitrievna" because they'd do a traditional Russian middle name for both children, meaning "son of (father's name)" and "daughter of (father's name)." She would look (mostly) exactly like Anya, and behave exactly like her too. She'd love climbing trees, outsmarting people, and knowing she caan get anything from her father with a bat of the eyes.

Their son, Mikhail Dimitrievich, would be born five years later in 1942. He wouldn't be named after Anya's father or brother, in my opinion, because that would be kind of depressing. I also figure he wouldn't be named after Vlad, either, because that would just be confusing. I've seen a lot of those, and while I totally respect the opinion, I don't understand it. Anyway. He would be named Mikhail partially---and only partially---after a friend of Dimitri's in one of my stories, "Somewhere Down This Road," which you'd have to read to get. Mostly he'd be a Mikhail just because. (After all, it's essentially Michael: Michael is the same in any language, whether it's Russian [Mikhail], Spanish [Miguel], French [Michel], or anything else.) Getting back to the point now. They'd call him Mikey during his baby/toddler/young child years, then call him Mike or Mikhail once he's older. He'd look (mostly) exactly like Dimitri, and be just as stubborn and crafty, too. He'd have that same sly grin that could get the women in the family off his tail at any second. Overconfident and underprepared, just like his dad. But hey, that's why we love those guys. :D

So, that's my sort of plan-type-thing for how their family would turn out. ("Plan-type-thing?" Wow, I must be slipping.) XD I never write it happening any other way. It's interesting to see everyone else's thoughts on the kids. I've also gone as far as to plan out Tasha's eldest daughter and her daughter, too, but that's a different ramble for a different time. Who's next?

1/3/2009 #2

In my first stories they had their first child, Alexandra, a year after they were together (not married.) Now I wished I wasn't so dumb because I created that story in my mind when I had no idea what "eloped" meant... yes I was a stupid 10 year old...

My kids (yes mine! I stole them from Anya and Dimtri... *evil grin*) took a while to develope. Alex and Nicholas started in my mind when I was about 8 or 9 which is pretty young for a mastermind like myself! just kidding guys!

1/7/2009 #3
Regis Filia


I hope that you don't mind me dropping by, but I was ecstatic to see that Anastasia had its own forum section.

Anyway, with the inclination of preserving the subject matter, I have not yet created my own, little Dimitri's and Anya's for the purpose of fanfiction. I'm new to fanfiction (Well, it's been awhile since I've written anything besides essays.) so I have not done much as far as Anastasia fanfiction goes. (Though I have published one story) However, I do have my own ideas of what Anya and Dimitri's children would look like.

For starters, I thoroughly agree with you, Vinyl. Dimitri and Anya do have a rather childish relationship, in certain aspects, so I cannot picture Anya having children by the dozens. Over the years though, I could see them having more than two, but that is definitely a befitting starting number. My reasoning for this is considerably biased because, if I was to actually publish a story on the next generation of Romanov's, I'd want Anya to eventually have four. (In reference to the actual number of children, not including Anastasia, that Nicholas II and Alix had.) The first three would be girls. The eldest would be Olga, the second Tatiana, and the third Maria. So, yes, Anya and Dimitri would name their little ones after Anastasia's three, elder sisters. Naturally, the fourth would be the only boy and he'd be Alexei. (Hopefully, in contrast to reality, this Alexei would be free from the hemophilia gene!)

As for their appearances, the sisters would most resemble Dimitri, and the boy most like Anastasia. (:

1/25/2009 #4
Championship Vinyl

Hi again. As of this weekend, I will have the official sketches of (my idea of) their children posted on my account, also ChampionshipVinyl.

2/6/2009 #5

I remember when I was maybe 9 (now I'm 20) I had to write a story based on a book or a movie, so cause I was obsessed with Anastasia, I decided to write a story based on this movie. Back then I had no idea of FanFictions, I was doing that cause it was my homework. *grin* Yeah, I had insane teacher.

Anyways. In that story I had created Anya and Dimitri's child. It was a boy named Alexei (after Anastasia's dead brother). In the story he could be four or five, something like that. Actually, back then I didn't think too much bout it. Right now I don't remember much of the plot, but it wasn't very complicated, actually very simple, but I got 'A' for this story at my school. *grin* I just remember they lived in St. Petersburg, and became owners of Phlegmekof's orphanage, but I never mentioned any of thie kids living there, just Anya, Dimitri, their son, and somewhere Pooka (but not that much bout this cute puppy). There was aslo something bout continuing the diary of Nicholas II, but I just remember the fact, nothing that was added to it.

So, now you know where the idea of having an orphanage came from (this will be in my next ff). Maybe the story I got idea from, was childlish, but what can you expect from 9-year-old? *grin*

3/2/2009 . Edited 3/2/2009 #6

i know this would be off-topic, but i want you to know about by opinion towards the fiendish Rasputin: HE IS A &$#@%!? I OUGHTA RIP HIS LIPS OFF AND STUFF THEM UP HIS SORRY BEHIND!

3/24/2009 #7
Regis Filia

I like Rasputin. ):

But, that's partially due to the fact that I have a *mild* obsession with the real Rasputin.

Really interesting historical figure, but that's all I'm going to say about that, for the sake of staying on topic.

Though, I do have a inclination to say that "In the Dark of the Night" is a great villian song.

Just as Fox made Raspy a great villian for the film. There was somthing oddly hilarious about him.

His facial expressions= Awesome.

Woah. You said that you hated him and I went on this creepy, off-topic, tirade about he amuses me.

Sorry about that, alxkend. D:

3/27/2009 #8

Interesting conversation.

5/1/2009 #9

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I think CV did an excellent job at creating Anya and Dimitri's children. If I had no morals I would steal her characters. I wanted to be original, so I came up with my own. I do agree however on their kids not being born soon after the movie for the exact same reason. I don't expect Anya to be settling down and popping out babies. I think it's ridiculous to have kids when you still act like one. Besides, I'm sure Dimitri wasn't set for becoming "Paps" at age twenty, and neither Anya nor Dimitri exactly the parenting type. The children would come years after they've had their fun and adventurous youth.

I do have to say that I think their first-born would be a girl, and I would name her Tasha. The original idea is not mine. In fact, who knows who thought of it first. I give credit to Kelly, the earliest recorded person I've heard of to have thought of that name and was given the credit to it on her once active site Anya's Journey form back in 1997, I believe. However, this does not mean I steal the character. My idea for her personality and looks, while probably not too far off from other's since we are all putting Anya and Dimitri into her, had mostly come on my own and is still developing. By now, Bon Bluth and Gary Goldman could have declared Tasha the official name for Anya and Dimitri’s first daughter and probably written up some detail on their ideas for the children. The idea’s been used quite a few times, and is in fact a good idea. I couldn’t think of another name that would fit better. It just seems so natural after all this time.

I am unsure of exactly how I think Tasha would look, I think in general she would be a little Anya but I wanted to put some of Dimitri’s looks inter my design of her too. I'm actually working on a few head sketches of her different possible looks. I might make her face a tad more like Dimitri’s, but that’s just a sudden thought. Tasha has to have some resemblance of Daddy Dearest.

I do also like the idea of Anya and Dimitri having a son next. I was considering leaving it just Tasha, just today, but the idea of a second child still sounds right to me. I figured no more children, because Anya isn't the type to have baby after baby; she still has a life, that doesn't revolve around children. The kids "happened" after a while. Also, I went with son because another daughter just didn't seemed to fit, and Dimitri needs a little man at some point if he and Anya are going to have more than one child. The boy would have hair similar to Dimitri's, possibly the same, maybe lighter, maybe not. As for facial features it would be a mix but I’m willing to bet I’ll go with Dimitri’s brows, possibly for Tash too (color, shape, or both), but something in the face I think should strike as Anya. Then again, I’ll have to think about it. I might come up with some possibilities for his head too. The name, I'm not quite sure about. Looking through Russian names, I found few that sounded like names Anya and Dimitri would give to their son. I'm working on it. Kudos to CV for picking probably the most likely one. I think it's possible they would name their son after someone close and personal, but Vlad doesn't seem like the best bet for the name, and I can't easily imagine him being named after Anya's deceased family members. I know it would simply be a tribute, but Anya seems to have completely moved on from her past. Looking into their future, I think Anya and Dimitri would find something original (in the sense the idea didn't come from friends/families names), that they both agree on.

As for age difference between the two kids, I’m still working on that as well. I recently started writing stories that had their children in them, so I was suddenly hit with all these decisions. I think the second kid would come not too far after their first, but long enough for Anya and Dimitri to enjoy some years with their first- -getting started, and then the boy would probably just happen (Tasha wasn’t planned, but she came around the time they were ready for a child).

I'm not trying to copy anyone for those who have similar opinions; this is just what does sound right to me. If you read a fraction of this, thank you. If you read all of it, you probably wasted time, but I thank you for taking it to view my very long opinionated piece. And for being one of the few people who care about Anastasia, as most young children of today and the future will probably never know of it, and will never be familiar with wonderful animation, spotted all the way through this movie only.

6/8/2009 #10

Hello, I'm just here to say that this is a interesting topic because no one really knows what happens next and it gives them a chance to create a story that continues the mystery. (Now remember, this is related to a real mystery . . . Well it sorta been solved, but it's an animated movie. What are you going to do about it?)

I, myself, love the movie and I've always wonder what happens next. I thought that Prince Ivan from Bartok's movie was Anya's son. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! But it did give me the idea of my story "Anastasia II: A New Beginning" It's about Anya and Dimitri having a son name Alex. He has a best friend who is a hilarious cub name Ryan, who is the nephew of Zozi, and a bat name Izzie, who is the nephew of Bartok (If you listen, you will heard his name in the first film). Of course, there is romance, he falls in love with a girl named Svetlana Stalin and yes, she is the daughter of Joseph Stalin. They all work together to stop a man named Hasten and his minions.

In the story, you will see the bond between not only Anya and Alex, but Alex and Svetlana as well.

If you get a chance to read it, please review.

9/28/2009 #11
Guardian Keymaster

My opinion on Anya and Dimitri's kids is probably not logical but...*shrugs*

I do agree that Anya and Dimitri wouldn't go have several babies after another. That seems crazy.

I might need to work on this a little...but I envision Anya having a daughter four years after their marriage and naming her Svetlanna (just to be original...too many Alexanders and Alexandras). She would look exactly like her mother did as a young girl. She would be free-spirited, adventurous, and have some of Dimitri's trickster personality in her.

I need to workshop that idea maybe. Is it a good idea?

7/25/2010 #12

Well, I think it's pretty cool idea, but if I may suggest you something, don't make Anya and Dimitri being sweet to each other for all the time. In my opinion they would never address each other with "honey", "darling" or any other such words. Well, sure sometimes, I guess they would, but not for all the time. I've read really a lot of such stories (well, even of of my own ones is like this, but I hate it) and they were way too sweet. But, the idea it self is very good, I think.

7/26/2010 #13

I agree with you there, kamahontas.

7/30/2010 #14
Luna Moonshadow

Hello my name is Luna how are you all?

11/5/2010 #15

Yeah, kinda long time since my last post, but I just remembered something about my very first story for Anastasia... I was insane back then, that's for sure. I don't know how it exactly happen but the first line of this story just popped into my mind... Sorta like the memories in the movie... But, I wasn't in any place that would remind me about, nor I didn't get a punch from meanins. :D Anyway, I guess I should go back to the main point, don't you think?

Just as I said, when I was 9 I was a stupid kid, that had no idea of life, and I thought that people of age 18, 19 and older are very adult, and serious, but I was wrong. Now I'm 22 years old, but I'm still like a child. And when I got the task to write this story in third class of primary school (in Poland we start school at the age of 7), I began my story with more or less something like that: "Ten months after their wedding Anastasia and Dimitri had a son, who they named Alexei." Yeah, correctly, 10 months. Now I know it was a dumb idea, but oh well, back the it was important that I got a good mark for the story, so I didn't care if it was a right "timing" or not. Yet from perspective of the time, and because I'm already older than 19, I can't imagine these two having a child so early. I get the creeps when I think that someone at my age could have a three-year-old-kid...

6/27/2011 #16
The Sunday Girl

Hi all - I'm new and I've only just discovered this discussion. Like you all, I love thinking of the little children Anya/Anastasia (I'm gonna refer to her as the latter, it was her proper name and all) and Dmitri could have! So this is me giving my two cents. :)

I have to admit I see them having more than two children, like most of you think. Then again, they don't seem the type to have shedloads of kids, either! So, for their first, I think a baby girl would be good. One of my favourite names is Maria, which happens to be Russian and also the name of Anya/Anastasia's sister. True to the facts, Maria and Anastasia were best friends as well as sisters, so I think that Anastasia would choose Maria for her daughter for her sister. Maria Dmitrievna - that sounds good :D. In my head, she has Anastasia's face shape and nose, Dmitri's chocolate brown eyes and hair colour, and has shoulder-length bobbed hair with a little fringe. She'll be the girl version of Dmitri!

After Maria, a little son is kinda called for! He'll have his mother's hair colour and nose, and his father's eyes, face shape and hairdo. I also see him being the perfect companion for Pooka, the little pup, when Anastasia's busy. I think Dmitri's brows have to go in with this one (colour, shape), and Maria will have her mothers. For a name, I kept debating with Nicholas and Georgey (Nicholas for A's father, Georgey for her uncle (d.1899, by the roadside, TB attack) and also for D's father (my own invention for my fanfic)) but Georgey won in the end. Maria Dmitrievna and Georgey Dmitrivich, sounds right. Georgey is basically the boy version of Anastasia!

I have to add another two children. I see A&D having four. I like the idea someone said of three girls for A's three sisters, but I'm not about to copy. So, for the two girlies that follow Georgey, I picked Viktoria Dmitrievna and Sofia Dmitrievna, perfectly good Russian names (the latter also, my invention, is the name of D's mother). Viktoria has Dmitri's face and nose, A's brows, eyes and hair colour, and bobbed curls. She'll also be the complete opposite of her Mama - neat, witty, rule-abiding, rather like A's sister Tatiana. But that's why we have Sofia - who'll be Anastasia through and through. With A's brows, face and hair colour and D's eyes, and a blunt full fringe to go with her long straight hair.

I have A and D marry after two years of travelling, so age twenty & twenty-two, and then a two year gap until Maria comes along. Then three years until George, two more until Viktoria and one after that for Sofia. The nicknames are Mashutka and Manka for Maria; Shora for Georgey; Vika for Viktoria; Sonka for Sofia. I'm sketching their faces, and will pop them up on my deviantArt account soon. That's my two cents!

8/16/2011 #17

This post is kinda introduction for my new character - Alexei Dimitrovich Markov. A character that was developing in my mind since I was 9. And finally he's "coming to life" in a new story I'm working on. But before I'll be done with it and before posting, I'd like to know what you think about him. So, I think I shoulda give you a short description of him.

Of course, he's Anastasia (Anya) and Dimitri's son. Their only child, but not the only kid at home, because his parents are running an orphanage. For ten years Alexei (by family and friends nicknamed Alex) is the youngest one, but later on (during the WW II) Anya and Dimitri take new orphans in, which annoys Alex. Especially one, as he calls her, "stupid little brat"...

He's bit spoiled, and acting like Dimitri, before falling in love with Anastasia. He's an exact copy of his father in both looks and characteristics. At the age of sixteen Alex starts to be interested in gambling, especially poker, and that will cause him a lot of trouble later on. But there will be someone who will change his attitude...

Besides that, Alex has one feature that is tricky. He pretends to be cold, but something he cares the most about in whole world is his family. He'll never show it, but he has a hart of gold.

Okay, I think that's it. Hope to hear from all of you what you think about this character of mine. :)

8/16/2011 #18
Dr. Austin A. Winchester

Kamahontas, I think you're right that Anya and Dimitri wouldn't call each other "Honey" or "Darling". It would be way to sweet for them. I could see them callling the other "Honey" or "Darling" when their teasing the other, but not to be sweet.

8/23/2011 #19
Dr. Austin A. Winchester

Okay this is kind of off topic, but does anyone know what Dimitri's last name is? I'm not sure if it was ever mentioned in the movie or not.

8/23/2011 #20
Dr. Austin A. Winchester

After thinking about it, I guess I could see Anya and Dimitri having three kids. Two girls and a boy. I'm not sure on names yet or descriptions. And I could also see Anya and Dimitri having kids ten years after the end of the movie, so Anya would be like 28. In the movie, they're just kids themselves and have crazy adventures and growing up to do before they actually settle down. That's my two cents. Comment or ignore me. I don't really care which.

8/23/2011 #21

From what I've noticed, his last name is never given in the movie, but many fans already had few ideas for his surname. I remember Horowitz as his last name, but personally I thought of something more Russian, so in my story his full name is Dimitri Ivanovich Markov. But, you know, it's just my idea.

8/24/2011 #22
Dr. Austin A. Winchester


8/24/2011 #23

You're welcome. :)

8/25/2011 #24

I agree I can't see them trying to have children at first. Anastasia and Dimitri seem to be free spirits and I could see them traveling a lot and never calling one place home for too long. But considering their time period, I could see that they would most likely try to have children earlier than Anya becoming 28. I also see their first child as an "accident" something neither of them wanted or thought of at the moment.

5/6/2012 #25

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew of any fics out there that deals with what happend after Demitri was knocked out as a kid after helping Anastasia and her grandmother escape. Or how Demitri and Vlad meet.



11/19/2012 #26

Hi! If anyone is interested in a roleplay, feel free to PM me! Thanks!

5/21/2017 #27
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