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Personally, I'm rather fond of them folding laundry and Penny doing it all wrong and Sheldon giving the socks a dirty look.

1/30/2009 #1

Two scenes in The Barbarian Sublimation.

1) Leonard walks in on Sheldon teaching Penny how to play Age of Conan. Sheldon is being surprisingly patient with her.

2) Penny sneaks into Sheldon's bedroom late at night. "Sheldooooon." "Danger danger." "No one is allowed to be in my room Penny."

Plus pretty much every scene in that episode.

1/30/2009 #2
Keiko Noriko

Oh, that's a hard one! I think the hug in the XMAS episode, or maybe in the latest episode, he lending her money without thinking twice, I love hor they're developing their friendship (and why not, at least for us) relationship. Each episode I think I'm less and less dellusional and this might lead somewhere I'll like

2/5/2009 #3


2/5/2009 #4
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

favorite moment between em for me has definately got to be:

"Pennyyyy, enough! I have to sleeeep!"

"Well, you were great, thanks."

Then she walks out... "Oh hey Leonard, listen, don't go into Sheldon't room, he's not wearing bottoms." XDD

3/23/2009 #5

With my memory the way it is, I can't mention any specifically, but... Well, am I imagining things, or was the latest episode - the one with the new neighbour in 5A - even more P/S shippy than usual?

4/2/2009 #6
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

no u were not imaging anything, i think it was more Penny/Sheldon oriented too. =]

favorite part of that whole episode was definately when Pennt yells at him about the bees and crap (can't remember word for word)

and he's all like, "No! I was just talking about bees! It's on the Discovery Channel!" and he looks all scared. XD

4/2/2009 #7

Old school moment:

Going to the grocery store and the putt putt golf discussion.

6/13/2009 #8
The Anonymous Fic Reviewer

I have to say, I love pretty much all The Barbarian Sublimation scenes (siding with psycholizard), especially the scene in the begining where Sheldon moves out of his normal spot to teach Penny play (did anyone catch that?).

And of course, the well loved Christmas hug initiated by Sheldon. :3

6/20/2009 #9
The Anonymous Fic Reviewer

Oh yes, I forgot, the scenes from "The Financial Permeability" are quite nice too. Not only lending her money, but when Penny leaves the room, Sheldon doesn't sit down to eat; instead he goes to his room.

He never eats in his room, does he? : D

6/20/2009 #10

I still love, absolutely love their scenes in "The Vegas Renormalization" ;)

6/26/2009 #11

Don't we all?



6/26/2009 #12
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

two questions here: First, did anyone else watch the Emmy's????

And if so, did anyone else see the way Kaley Cuoco was like latched onto Jim Parsons when they announced an award????

Johnny Galecki was totally left out for a while, but Jim and Kaley looked SOOOO cute together!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

yeah, me and my friend talked about that one moment for like 10 minutes today! XD

9/21/2009 #13
Miss Dreavus

I liked the barbarian sublimation scenes, panty pinata, when she gives him 'the glare' , but then genuinely smiles.

Of course, the Vegas renormalization was a good one : '' Some people can't handle that kind of relationship'' - ''Can you ?'' rofl. Why are you asking Dr. Cooper?? lol

Also, I just saw the preview for next week episode, the adhesive duck deficiency. Hehe, I think everybody will love that one!!!

11/12/2009 #14
Face Under The Veil

Today I`ve seen 3.08!!! It was full of Sheldon/Penny stuff! And they sang `Soft kitty` together! That was amaaaaazing!

11/21/2009 #15

I absolutely agreee... 3.08 is full of Sheldon/Penny scenes! I just adored Sheldon trying to comfort Penny; and "Soft Kitty", of course! I hope 3.10 has more Sheldon/Penny, because it was absent from 3.09!!!

11/27/2009 #16

I just hope that the one thats one tonight will have so many Penny/Sheldon moments. Can't wait!

I got addicted to this pair! 3

5/3/2010 #17
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

This one was a bit odd for Shenny moments...

cuz the whole episode revolved around Penny and Leonard acting like Sheldon's parents...

but he looked so cute in his Mickey Mouse ears!!!!! ^_^

5/3/2010 #18

...ANOTHER "L/P = parents, S = child" episode?

Bloody hell, I'm getting really annoyed by the constant infantilising of Sheldon. Particularly as he's the only one on the show with any sort of real maturity. I hope the episode's not as bad as it sounds.

5/4/2010 #19
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

no it was cute. =]

I mean, yeah, they're treating Sheldon like a little kid, but it's kinda more based around the fact that he's so socially inept that he needs someone to help him...

and also, it's Leonard and Penny acting like parents and making Sheldon choose between them cuz he wants to still be friends with Penny but he doesn't wanna betray Leonard.

Overall, lots of hilarious moments! XD

5/4/2010 #20

AWH! no fair! *crosses arms* But, I didn't watch it yesterday so... I'm gonna watch it right now :P

5/4/2010 #21


Anyways, two weeks ago, I've been saying, "Bazinga!", to my friends, and only one of my friends got it. LAWL!

Yeahh.... lol

5/4/2010 #22
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker


my friends and I say that allllllll the time!

Like seriously, we just scream it at each other in the hallways cuz we're all BBT nerds! XD

My old geometry teacher almost said it to some kid he caught cheating too! lmao

I told him he should've said Bazinga but by the time he realized it, the moment already passed. =/

5/4/2010 #23

Sometimes, I would knock on my friends desk three times, saying, 'Knock knock, "Taylor.", knock knock, "Taylor.", knock knock "Taylor.

And she would just laugh. *SIGHS* I even told my friend about that one scene in the "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency" episode, where Sheldon was "comforting" her. lol its just so funny when he "tries" to act normal!

I even told my teacher yesterday that I was going to watch "The Big Bang Theory", and my teacher gave me a puzzled look. But, then... I didn't watch it. :P

5/4/2010 . Edited 5/4/2010 #24
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

me and my friends do that too. lol

now our thing has to be to say "Go Team Leonard" with the whole "L" on forehead thing! XD

plus, we always say crap like, "Oh Leonard you magnificent beast" and "I'm just talking about bees... what are YOU talking about?" lmao

In geometry, my friend and I would just sit there every day and write random BBT quotes on our book covers! Best class ever!!!

5/4/2010 #25

LAWL! Your so lucky you have friends that watch that too. But only my friend has gotten to watch like 3 times. UGH!

lol today my science teacher was talking about the "The Big Bang Theory", where the universe was formed. But Taylor and I were thinking about the Show lol!

5/4/2010 #26

I'll see your BBT quotes and raise you this:

I started chatting to a girl I met on a BBT fan commmunity. Now we're preparing for our wedding.

Beat that. ;-)

5/5/2010 #27

LAWL! 333 that was awesome.

5/5/2010 #28

What do you guys think what will happen in the 4th Season of The Big Bang Theory? (SheldonxPenny wise) Because, its almost over with the 3rd season, we just need two more to go!

I'm so distracted from the pair, its not even funny! Today, I even started doing my own little comic about them!


5/12/2010 #29
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

Hopefully they end up together somehow!

Like maybe Sheldon gets drunk or something... lmao

idk, I personally think there's something (at the very least, lots of flirting) going on with Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco... seriously, has anyone seen how they act around each other (like at the Emmy's perhaps)?? At the Emmy's she was clinging to him when they did their introduction thing and Johnny Galecki was just left out of it!

It was quite amusing actually! XD

5/12/2010 #30
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