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Here's where we recommend our most favourite Shenny fics: works of fiction that made us fall in love with the most perfect oddball couple (yet to be canon). Below is the format for recommendations:

Title: Please include a link!






Why you recommend it:

12/18/2010 . Edited 9/9/2011 #1

Title: The Paladin Protocol

Author: SpaceAnJL

Genre(s): Romance

Ratings: T

Status/Length: Complete (92K+)

Summary: Every journey has to start somewhere. This one began when Penny found an alternative to paintball, and Sheldon dusted off an old skill.

Why you recommend it: It is just such a great story and really one of the forerunners that best exemplifies the ship, imho. The relationship is gradual - well-paced - and the characterisation of both Penny and Sheldon is spot-on.


Title: The Cooper Libido Experiment

Author: gwendy

Genre(s): Romance

Ratings: M (smut!)

Status/Length: Complete (49K+)

Summary: There are times when the thing you love the most will cause your downfall. In the case of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, that would be Science...

Why you recommend it: This is the best AU Shenny story out there! It is the best scenario and explanation for an OOC Sheldon, who still manages maintains his little idiosyncrasies in the extraordinary circumstances he is placed in - making for the most delicious Shenny smut EVER!


Title: The Philandering Genius Altercation

Author: lysica

Ratings: T

Status/Length: One-shot (1K+)

Summary: Leonard's amorous activities with Dr. Plimpton bother Penny far more than she'd like to admit.

Why you recommend it: It's just such a tease - and a sweet indulgence.


Title: The Natural Selection Examination

Author: lysica

Ratings: T

Status/Length: Complete (40K+)

Summary: Drunk and disillusioned by her dating options following her break-up with Leonard, Penny comes home from the club early and decides to hang out with Sheldon for the night. Things get weird. Very, very weird...

Why you recommend it: A guilty pleasure and entertaining read - as are all of lysica's fics. ;)


Title: Lessons From the Masters

Author: Wolf Maid

Genre(s): Romance

Ratings: T

Status/Length: One-shot (1K+)

Summary: It takes her a while to realize she's being wooed.

Why you recommend it: It's a tad OOC, but it will have you a puddle on the floor. :P

12/18/2010 . Edited 1/14/2011 #2
Soft Kitty Song

Title: The Captain Morgan Culmination

Author: EvenAngelsFall22

Genre(s): Romance

Ratings: M (smut)

Status/Length: Complete (7K+)

Summary: It doesn't bother her that she's slept with thirty one men, it bothers her that Sheldon thinks she has.

Why you recommend it: Such a guilty pleasure. It manages to combine humour, smut, and fluff. Great read.

12/21/2010 #3

Title: Not So Cold After All

Author: gertie-flirty

Genre(s): Humour/Romance

Ratings: K+

Status/Length: Complete (2K+)

Summary: Saturnalia rolls around again, only this time Penny doesn't have any idea what to get for Sheldon. He, however, might have found the perfect gift for her . . .

Why you recommend it: A great read for the holiday seasons. Happy Saturnalia!

12/21/2010 #4
Soft Kitty Song

Title: The Irresistible Force Paradox

Author: Incognito

Genre(s): Friendship/Romance

Ratings: T

Status/Length: WIP (one chapter so far)

Summary: What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? Banter, undeniable chemistry, and the possibility for something more. A collection of Shenny drabbles and ficlets.

Why you recommend it: She only has one ficlet up so far, For Once, but it is an incredibly moving piece. Penny is really in character here and so is Sheldon, which really makes you melt for this friendship fic. It's just so sad yet uplifting at the same time, if that makes any sense. Anyway, I really identified with Penny in this, and her thoughts are just beautifully expressed.

12/26/2010 #5

Title: Gently They Go

Author: starfish001

Genre(s): Angst/Drama

Ratings: T

Status/Length: One-shot (2.5K)

Summary: She has already decided it's a 'he' and can't help but name him...

Why you recommend it: It's well-written, and you might possibly reach for a tissue.

12/31/2010 #6

Title: Dissociative Identity Quandary

Author: Panda-chan-plays-tennis

Genere(s): Romance/Drama

Ratings: M

Status/Length: In Progres/21 chapters until now

Summary: Penny notice something stange is going on with her boys. She had no idea what she was dealing with and what she would learn about Sheldon's ubmetionable past. Who knew sheldon was so diverse?

Why you recommend it: I just love it, it's a very interesting fic. it has everything a little humor, intrigue, romance, it's well writen, everyting just read it's awsome.

1/23/2011 . Edited 1/23/2011 #7

Title: There's Just Something about Penny

Author: BazingaGurl

Genere(s): Romance/Humor

Ratings: M

Status/Length: In progress/14 chapters

Summary: Sheldon has a problem.

Why you recommend it: it's realy funny and when you start you can stop, it's a little OC but it's realy good

1/23/2011 #8

Title: Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

Author: Talitha Koum

Genre(s): Romance/Supernatural

Ratings: T

Status/Length: Complete/11 chapters- 33, 547 words

Summary: AU. Based on the movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Penny moves in to 4A and comes to find that the previous tenant has yet to leave.

Why you recommend it: This story had so many great twists that it was amazing and I really truly loved the relationship Penny and Sheldon made in this story. Also there was a bit of sadness at the fact that Sheldon was in ghost form but really the END was worth every bit of this read. One of the best AU fics out there.


Title: The Guy Code Conundrum

Author: muted hitokiri

Genre(s): Friendship/Romance

Ratings: K+

Status/Length: Complete/Oneshot- 4,129 words

Summary: AU after season 2 - Penny and Sheldon's first kiss, Leonard's POV.

Why you recommend it: Unfortunately this one is looked over a lot because Leonard and Sheldon are the main characters of the fic, but really that was the beauty of it. You really got to see a different take on Leonard's reaction to the Shenny coupling and it was one that actually transformed my dislike for Leonard completely. Yes.... this fic changed me. . I base all my love for Leonard on this fic alone. This is a very well written show of friendship on both Sheldon AND Leonard's side. Please review if you read this fic needs more love.


Title: That Don't Impress Me Much

Author: Wolf Maid

Genre(s): Humor/General

Ratings: K+

Status/Length: Complete/Oneshot- 2,032 words

Summary: Sheldon/Penny. Sheldon and Penny meet Shawn and Gus in a cafe.

Why you recommend it: ...Two Words: .... Psych Crossover.


Title: My Fair Penny

Author: immortalbeloved13

Genre(s): Romance/General

Ratings: T

Status/Length: Complete/7 Chapters- 9,578 words

Summary: Sheldon's problems begin when he offers to pay for Penny's voice lessons

Why you recommend it: I would recommend having the wonderful experience of watching My Fair Lady first, because after Penny's voice lessons she ends up with the role of Eliza Doolittle, and guess who plays Professor Higgins to fill in for an injured actor? Such a perfect role for both of them.


Title: Calling Bluffs

Author: DSieya

Genre(s): Romance/General

Ratings: T

Status/Length: Complete/Oneshot- 5,788 words

Summary: It doesn't matter that chocolate is technically not an aphrodisiac. When it comes to getting back at Sheldon, Penny's ready to pretend anything.

Why you recommend it: Set IMMEDIATELY after The Gothowitz Deviation. Like IMMEDIATELY after, meaning that if you forgot what exactly happened in that episode you may get lost in the beginning, but this is the best twist on an episode I've seen yet. I seriously can't look at that episode the same anymore because of this.


Title: Mistake

Author: gwendy

Genre(s): Romance/Drama

Ratings: M

Status/Length: Complete/Oneshot- 2,212 words

Summary: Penny goes to 4A to spend a night of passion with Leonard...and finds out she had made a mistake.

Why you recommend it: I always get a kick out of this one no matter how many times I read it.


Title: Hands and Fingers and Touching Oh My!

Author: Jazzrose343

Genre(s): Romance/Humor

Ratings: K+

Status/Length: Complete/Oneshot- 2,760 words

Summary: Penny and her fascination with a certain pair of hands.

Why you recommend it: Because we all know they're one of his best features... Really I was right there with Penny through this whole thing. But my reasons for staring at Sheldon's hands are purely artistic.... .


Title: Through Quartz, Sand, and Cellulose

Author: fujiidom

Genre(s): Romance/Hurt/Comfort

Ratings: M

Status/Length: Complete/Oneshot- 14,256 words

Summary: Sheldon gets some help dealing with leftover grief of his father's death from Penny. A powerful lifelong friendship ensues.

Why you recommend it: Fuji really outdid herself with this one. The feelings both Penny and Sheldon feel are portrayed with a great deal of reality. This was sexy, moving, compassionate, and really they cared for each other so much that I really went away from this feeling satisfied.

2/10/2011 . Edited 2/10/2011 #9

Title: Apocalypse Week

Author: Eternal Contradiction

Genre(s): Romance/Humor

Status/Lenght: Incomplete/7 chapters - 37,363 words

Summary: Sheldon Cooper is crazy, but also kind of made of awesomeness. Or at least that's how Howard puts it. Penny thinks there's a possibility he's made of sexy, and really, the world must be ending if she has to suppress wayward urges to kiss him.

Rating: T

Why You Recommend It: The story is very believable and simply funny. I am very curious about how is Shenny going to happen, because so far Penny is the only one showing some interest. Sheldon, as always, is completely oblivious to any social interaction. I even started jumping up and down at a certain chapter of nervousness, what makes me realise how much this story actually makes it seem like some episode of TBBT. I actually wouldn't be surprised if those things happenned on TBBT.

11/1/2011 . Edited by chromeknickers, 8/8/2013 #10

Title: The Lesson

Author: Convict13

Genre(s): Romance

Ratings: K+

Status/Length: Complete (628)

Summary: Penny decides to teach Sheldon a lesson, but perhaps she will learn something too. Just a one shot. Reviews would be very much appreciated.

Why you recommend it: It may be short but it's definitely sweet! Penny thinks she has the upper hand...but Sheldon learns fast.

11/10/2011 . Edited 11/10/2011 #11

Title: Rescued


Author: VikingHeart

Genre(s): Romance/Drama

Status/Length: Incomplete/15 chapters, 24,243 words

Summary: Penny has almost died in a storm on the Atlantic Ocean. She is saved and taken aboard a Royal Navy ship. The captain is arrogant and condescending, but she can't forget the first impression she got of him. A Shenny story set during the Napoleon War, in the year 1805!

Rating: Fiction M

Why You Recommend it: It's an absolutely BEAUTIFUL story by a very talented author.... I highly reccomend this tale if even to get the awesome image in your minds of Sheldon Cooper in the Royal Navy uniform of 1805 (Swoooooooooooon!) =))

4/14/2013 . Edited 4/14/2013 #12
Disproving Penny
10/13/2013 #13

THANK YOU firelas579 for putting a shout out to Disproving Penny on a site forum that calls for Shenny Fic Recommendations! I am working on finishing the story up and you just made my night! :) You are awesome! I will shout out to you in my author's notes for this one!


10/15/2013 #14
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