OK PEOPLE! i want to know what ship you support and why.
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DJ Quicksilver

Looking for something a bit out of the ordinary when it comes to alternate ships, I actually found a couple of Harry/Daphne, Harry/Tracey, and Harry/Daphne/Tracey fics that are pretty good. Should be even better now that has added Tracey and Daphne in the character selection.

Measure for Measure - (WIP)

Harry Potter and the Chance Meeting - (WIP)

The Grass Is Always Greener - (Complete)

I'm pretty sure there are more burried that I haven't found yet, since the addition of Daphne and Tracey to the character selection is brand spanking new, so any other interesting H/D, H/T, or H/D/T stories would be appreciated. Thoughts on the pairing?

10/7/2008 #1

Harry/Daphne or Harry/Tracy is more or less the same like Harry/OC because we know nothing about this characters safe for their name and their house. The MS potential is very high in FFs featuring this pairing.

10/7/2008 #2

What house is Daphne in? It isn't mentioned.

I actually want to see Harry with Lisa Turpin. I wrote a story about Dumbledore having a crush on her.

11/2/2008 #3

She's in slytherin.

This is from the Lexicon site.

Slytherin? 1991-1998 Daphne took her OWLs at the same time as Hermione (OP31). Her younger sister Astoria grew up to marry Draco Malfoy.

And I actually like Harry/Daphne. I once read a H/Da it was really good.

1/13/2009 . Edited 1/13/2009 #4
Charles Augustus

This pairing is well on its way to become a cliche

2/7/2010 #5

Well on it's way? It was allready a cliche a long time ago...although I would call the cliche "Harry/random Slytherin girl"...the name doesn't really make a difference.

2/7/2010 #6
The Pink Swan

As a whole I like Tracey more than Daphne. Daphne is becoming overused and there's just something about a half blood Slytherin that's appealing to me.

Though Lavender and Lisa outrank both these Slytherin Girls to me.

2/17/2010 . Edited 2/17/2010 #7
Rago Dragovian

I recall her being mentioned in Deathly Hallows. She's the girl that rallied the Slytherin's to leave before the final confrontation with Voldemort. To be honest, I like these stories ever since I got disappointed over Jo Rowling's use of the Slytherin house not helping in what was suppose to be a united battle of all 4 houses (as implied by the Sorting Hat) and how poorly characterized and non-existent Ginny Weasley felt as far as her random relationship with Harry came about.

Luna Lovegood, and hell, Cho Chang felt more interesting and better developed as love interests. They both, at the very least, showed a deep sense of character at some point that let us know their thoughts but we didn't get ANYTHING from Ginny in Book 6. Even Daphne, from what little we saw of her in Book 7, had some characteristics that explained things about her.

10/17/2010 #8
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