Love in the Buffyverse
Who really belongs with whom? Saying no one died and looking back on all seasons of both Buffy and Angel, who should really be together? If people had showed up at different times than they did, would they have ever fallen in love or hooked up?
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Come on, Buffy and Clem! We all know that's what we REALLY want to see. I fully dare someone to write this and make it convincing.

7/29/2008 #1

I swear I was just going to say that on another thread. Its funny, you hear her paired with everybody else so why not. She could help him clean under his folds of skin. Ewww

8/29/2008 #2

Yes! This couple was meant to be.

10/5/2008 #3

HELL YEH!! Spuffy was totally ment to be!!! Like, I know that her and Angel was THE couple of the show for the first season and about the first half of the second season, but come on! It was waaaayyyyy too fairytale! I'm kinda glad that he left and is an uber detective in LA. Him and Cordy is a cute couple anyway...although her and Doyle is my fav Angel pairing...

11/8/2008 #4

Spuffy4life! Actually call me weird but I wouldn't mind seeing Gunn and Buffy as a couple :).


1/21/2009 #5

I thought Cluffy is Clark (from Smallfille) / Buffy?

1/4/2010 #6

ill write a fic about CLUFFY. give me a story line and a couple weeks and ill have it done.

4/15/2010 #7

Buffy and Clem???????? its funny and disgusting all at the same time. I would never read a Cluffy fic simply because I am in the proccess of trying to remove that frightful image from my brain and reading one would only cause my brain to expload in horror.

8/29/2010 #8

I must see this, crackfic or no.

9/26/2012 #9

Oh my gosh, me neither! Bunn is sort-of my secret OTP

1/7/2014 #10
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