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I have a few plot bunnies running around in my head about pride and prejudice but I don't have the skill or the patience to write them... I hope to post them and get someone else to pick it up if found intriguing.

the first is that Mr. Bennett himself had found a better match and how a different mother and wife would affect the Bennett sisters, same basic plot of p&p but someone better or worse as their mother. Like an educated women or a total shrew of a women.

the second was if Miss Elizabeth had fallen for Mr. Bingley or visa versa and Jane was already married before the story starts, how would Mr. Darcy factor in if he still falls for Elizabeth.

the third is if Bingley was as flight of fancy as he appeared, falling in and out of love with the next pretty face and Darcy had no hand in Bingley abandoning Jane, Bingley just saw the next pretty girl and started flirting with her in London.

That Georgiana had seduced Whickham not the other way around and when her brother comes to stop the elopement she offers half the money Darcy pays her suitors to leave, and she has done this multiple times.

Elizabeth is a relative of the Bennett family, she still takes offense at comments about them but she herself is a well bred lady of an esteemed estate. She returns to her own family after the first assembly and Mr. Darcy's offensive comments because of a family emergency, she has an older brother who dotes on her as Darcy does Georgiana. Her father is known to have married beneath him but the entire family believes in marriage for love.

that is all I have right now

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I might try that last one, that's intriuging!

i love D&E AU's because they strain character complexes as far as they'll go. By the way, what kind of family should Elizabeth come from? Where should the family estate be? Hertfordshire, or Derbyshire, or somewhere else? Also, how old should that older brother be? What kind of family emergency would call Elizabeth back home?

I'm thinking Lizzy should be the cousin, and she still has the name of Bennet, being Mr. Bennet's brother's daughter. Does that sound sane? Because sometimes the younger brother inherits a smaller estate, and Longbourn could be one of them. Elizabeth would be pretty much the same, but Jane and Mary would be the confidants Elizabeth and Jane were in the original, I'd think.

I wonder about the brother, though...

Where should Elizabeth and Darcy meet again? Would you rather in town, or on a visit, or...? The POSSIBILITIES!!!

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