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...Miss Under-appreciated.

Am I truly the only one who feels sorry for Mary, who - dare I say it - likes her? I think that the way she was treated throughout the book was just plain cruel. She was never mentioned unless it was to point out a fault/shortcoming, or to illustrate how so-and-so is better than Mary.

And so, the Society for Giving Mary a Hug is now in session. Are there any attendees, apart from myself?

11/17/2009 #1

I'm in! Poor Mary... Plus she likes Mr. Collin and he doesn't even give her a second glance. :(

1/25/2010 #2

I'm in too, every time I see that scene where Mr Collins looks at her and then asks Lizzy for the "first two dances." I just shake my head and say ignorant old fool !

1/27/2010 #3

I know! I always feel so bad for her at that part. And you can tell he really doesn't wanna have anything to do with her at the part when Lizzy, Wickham and him are walking and Jane tells him Mary needs his help. Stupid! Eh he deserves Charlotte the bum. Do you girls like Charlotte?

1/27/2010 #4

I'm truly neither here nor there about Charlotte. Maybe my memory of her is just a little fuzzy, but she seemed to me to be the typical Victorian English doormat, accepting the first offer of marriage to come her way simply so the writer could dispose of her and move on to other things.

1/27/2010 #5

I found her annoying in her way of thinking about marriage.

1/28/2010 #6

yeah i agree with you both, she seemed desperate (well then again so did Mr. Collins, I mean getting engadged what 2 days after being rejected?)

1/28/2010 . Edited 1/28/2010 #7

Haha yeah.... Thats not done too often...

1/28/2010 . Edited by Ladychristythenoble, 1/28/2010 #8

On a side note, I admire Mary for not going completely gaga over a man, despite her infatuation with Mr. Collins. She didn't let it beat her, and focused instead upon her music. She was definitely not a Victorian doormat.

1/28/2010 #9

Yes that is very true!

1/29/2010 #10

The one thing that bugged me about her though is she was way too serious, I mean smile for pete's sake!

1/29/2010 #11

haha i agree

1/30/2010 #12

She was serious, but at the part where he gets engaged to Lizzy's friend (I forgot her name) I just felt like yelling, "Hello! The girl over there loves you, and how long has it been since you met this girl?" It is apparent throughout the novel that his wife does not love him, and Mary would have been healthier for him. An anchor for sanity, one might say.

1/31/2010 #13

OMG! I totally agree!! I think Mr. Collins is creppy actually.....

Her names Charlotte btw :)

2/1/2010 #14

yeah I know when I first watched P&P I was like creeper! AHHHHHHHHHh

2/1/2010 #15

I hate the part in the new one when Lizzy and him are dancing and he bows, the look he gives her is SO creppy!!!!

2/1/2010 #16

Mister Collins, the creeper line between you and Frollo has officially been blurred.

2/1/2010 #17

wait! who's Frollo?

2/6/2010 #18

Frollo is the creepy old guy from Hunchback of Notre Dame, famous for the line, "She will be mine or she will burn!"

2/22/2010 #19

ahh yeah now I understand your line EHH (shivers)

2/23/2010 #20

Oh yeah! Frollo... Ewww thats so true!

2/24/2010 #21
Austen Addict

Yeah, i get what you are saying i mean, Mary from as much as got out of the book was a smart girl and was just very independent. I think i migh write a story where she is the main star but no matter what i still love Elizabeth

3/31/2010 #22

Oh definitely! I love Elizabeth :)

3/31/2010 #23

I agree she's totally over looked by everyone throughout the whole book. What I wouldn't give to see Mary being the first of the Bennet sisters to marry. The look on Mrs. Bennet's face. I'm actually writing a fanfic about her, but I made as creepy as Collins, only way more obsessed. What can I say, I got caught up in writing and forgot what the fanfic was really about: Mary getting noticed.

5/19/2010 #24

Yeah, It really shows you what society was like back then. She was the only plain one, and in the end the most unhappy. It seems like she liked Mr. Collins, but he never even considered her. Poor Mary! And yes, she was like the ill-liked sister, and even her accomplishments were a fault, as they made her 'arrogant'.

7/21/2010 #25

Hi! Sorry to jump on this little bandwagon so late-but whatever.

I agree with it being sad that Mary was/is so left out. I truly believe that she was/is probably the most accomplished of the sisters and I truly adore her. I also pity her because of the way that she was portrayed, and empathizing the most with Mary, I think that she really just deserves a hug from her negligent father, and maybe a helping glance from her mother.

However, I think that Mary was simply used as an archetype for the book-ish character that was so socially awkward that no one understood, and that Mary was an exaggerated character, just as her mother, Mr. Collins, Charlotte, and Caroline Bingley were. Looking at the novel from a satirical point of view, I completely understand why she was written in the way she was, even if the treatment of her was cruel.

I think that Austen was simply pointing out the extremes of a character that were not accepted, and then using Elizabeth, who liked to read and was up to date on all things-just as Mary was- but less socially awkward, as the counter point-making Elizabeth look better and more personable by comparison, which made the social norms Austen was pointing out and making fun of even more prominent when they are noticed.

That doesn't change the fact that I adore Mary and wish she was treated better, she deserves someone ten times better than Darcy at least(is there even such a thing?) and certainly someone 10,000 times better than Mr. Collins, but I've come to accept that Pride and Prejudice wasn't just about hooking up with hot guys, sad though that acceptance may be.

12/20/2010 #26
Alianora Serein

Don't worry about Mary. When Jane Austen was asked about what happened to Mary Bennet after the book ended, she said Mary went on to marry one of her Uncle Philips clerks.

12/21/2010 #27

Hmm... thinking about it; Mary might be a bit like me; quiet, reserved, would much rather sit down with a good book than go to some social gathering...

3/16/2011 #28

Haha I agree about the reading part but I'm not quiet and reserved lol

3/16/2011 #29

I never got the idea that Mary liked Mr. Collins the way the BBC adaption seems to imply. Charlotte managed to manipulate Mr. Collins a little in time, and while Mary thought he would make an agreeable companion, I'm not sure if their similarity would be for the better. She probably would have married him though.

While there wasn't much chance to get to know the character, I feel compassion for the way she tried so hard to get noticed in a household that didn't appreciate her that much. Attempts got shot down everytime. There was little spontaneity in her and it made interactions stilted, and I can see how that might rub a person; it's sad how she gets overlooked for it.

6/5/2012 . Edited 6/5/2012 #30
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