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Austen Addict

Sometimes or usually i wish i was back in time, where guys were so nice and sweet. They were more civil and they respected you! Who agrees with me that we just want a classy guy and not the wanna be cool dudes!! If every guy was just like Mr. Darcy the world would be a better place!

4/1/2010 #1

Amen! When ever I watch P&P I always wish there were more guy like Darcy and Bingly

4/5/2010 #2

i agree, i'm on training my boyfriend to be more like Mr Darcy but at the moment he is more likely to hit me with a door than hold it open for me!!!!

5/17/2010 #3

I love Darcy's character so much, but it seems like we only have Mr. Collinses and Mr. Hursts in the real, non-novel world. To be honest, I'd settle for a Mr. Bennet. I love his sarcasm.

5/19/2010 #4
Austen Addict

Yeah, me too I think that he would keep my life interesting and that we would always have things to talk about.

8/8/2010 #5

I know I love Mr Bennet too. I feel sorry for him that he has to deal with Mrs Bennets nerves day in and day out.

9/23/2010 #6

ays, you have to wonder why he married her. I know it sort of explains it in the book, but...

9/24/2010 #7

I know, all I want in a guy is for him to be sweet, and caring. I don't want the wannabe 'cool dudes' I want a kind and civil guy who would open a door for me and the world would be a better place if more guys were like Mr. Darcy, I agree with you Austen addict ;)

10/8/2010 #8

Well, I suppose it would be rather boring if everybody was like Bingley and Darcy.

And I definitely could not live back then/ in such a society. How boring wouldn't that be? Doing nothing but having dinner parties, going to balls and gossip. As a female your only opportunity was a good marriage. No thank you!

As for opening the door, my opinion is this: if a person (male or female) goes through a door before me and just lets it close in my face then I'd be rather pissed. But at the same time; if I'm going towards a door and some guy just goes past me solely to open the door for me I won't be pleased with that either. I do have arms myself. (This of course doesn't apply if my arms in anyway are being used, say if I'm carrying something.)

3/18/2011 #9

Ya! someone agrees! I would love to live in a society like that with no hipsters or flat billers! So living back in that time would be better than know when a touch means nothing unlike back then a touch for them was exciting and new and like our present day first kisses. they got all of that out of a touch! seriously I would love society like that!

9/20/2011 #10

i dont want every guy to be bingley or mr darcy. i would like guys like them to be with me. i want the guy to caring respectful and stuff but i also want him to be a li'l reserved and shy and unassuming... very handsome would also help... Can you imagine Darcy being a dirty talker?

1/26/2012 . Edited 11/19/2013 #11

i also agree. im watching p&p for the second time tonight and i just keep thinking about how there isn't any class left in this world i would give anything to have a Mr. Darcy in my life

3/9/2012 #12
Do you think Christian grey is something like mr Darcy? I think he could be after he falls for Ana Steele in fifty shades. That is what I imagine.
1/29/2013 #13
Do you think Christian grey is something like mr Darcy? I think he could be after he falls for Ana Steele in fifty shades. That is what I imagine

Christian Grey is an abusive a***. So no.

Darcy is guilty of arrogance and being less than socially skilled but he's not abusive. Even by the standards of Jane Austen's day.

As for why every guy is not like Mr. Darcy.

Because everybody can't be rich and handsome and single

Because some men are interested in men

Because some women are interested in women

Because some men aren't interested in relationships at all

Because the regency period was a time of huge patriarchy and importing social mores from then is not a good thing.

Because that much arrogance in the world would cause it to implode

Because a million other reasons

3/16/2013 #14

As other people have said, not only more men just like Bingley and Darcy, I 'd want as a boyfriend someone nice,honest, with a gentelmanly behavior and of course someone who would love me as I am, not a boyfriend who would want to take something from me. there are alredy to many Wickhams in this world

5/14/2013 #15
leo Charles

As I recall it was a foolish decision in his youth. Perhaps they were BOTH young and foolish, and he outgrew her by simply maturing; Whereas she remained in the same mental state. It would not be the first couple to have one partner outgrow the other. Always sad, no matter whether the husband outgrows the wife, or the wife outgrows the husband.

5/17/2013 #16
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