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Anybody else here think that Tom Hollander as Mr. Collins was one of the greatest highlights of the 2005 movie? I mean, really, it's hilarious to see this guy go from the biggest a*** in the Caribbean to the most awkward, pathetic guy in England (although Hollander was in P&P before Pirates). His performances are just AWESOME.

4/6/2010 #1

Although i partly agree with you that Hollander was good at playing Mr Collins i still find that the gentleman in the 1998 version with Colin Firth was much more believeable. I tend to think that the 2005 movie was very rushed and was not in conjunction with the book. The Bennet's appeared to be a working class family in comparison to the Bingley's and Darcy's which is just inappropriate. I just think that the whole production of the 2005 movie was inadequate. And although Hollander was a believeable Mr Collins he was of no comparison to that of 1998! Im sorry, i just dont agree.

5/17/2010 #2

I thought Hollander was totally adorable in the 2005 version. I loved the look on his face after he made a total a** of himself at the dinner table!

8/20/2010 #3

I loved Tom Hollander in the 2005 movie, as this is one of my most favourite movies of all time! He was so funny in his proposal scene giving Elizabeth what my sister and I can only describe as a 'weed'. But by far, the funniest part of his scenes in the movie is at Netherfield when he talks to Mr Darcy- the height difference is the best! Overall, he was so good in this role, as well as sailing the high seas in the Caribbean!

6/17/2015 #4

Tom Hollander is great actor, and a great audiobook reader as well. His reading of one of the Crestomanci books is one of my favorites. The actor who is closest to the physical manifestation of Mr Collins as described by Jane Austen is in the 1980 version - he is a tall awkward fellow. Each version has experimented with different ways of making Mr Collins repulsive. David Bamber got his obsequious manner spot on in the 1995 version, helped by the makeup department who did wonders with that greasy hair. Pity the actors who must come after such a standout performance. TH did quite a different take on Mr Collins, portraying him as a wimp. I agree, the weed was hilarious and I loved his i*** blooper during his sermon too.

9/26/2015 #5

I agree with Darcylover. The whole 2005 movi was a disacter. I did find Hollander very funny (that was the only good thing in that aweful movie), however he's tto good looking to be Collins. Collins is supposed to be repulsive, and Hollander was very attractive, more than Bingley or Wickham.

11/11/2015 #6
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