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R.L. Sisters

Now, before I begin I just want everyone to know that I am NOT a Mr. Darcy-hater. In fact, I'm a pretty big fan, but I thought I'd make this topic to see what other people think.

So, while I was watching the movie, and even reading the book, I noticed how much of a villain Mr. Darcy was considered in the beginning. Not only was he prideful, but stuck-up, selfish, and inconsiderate towards those of a lower class. Of course, as the entire plot of the story-line goes, this is just the prejudice perspective.

However, after I finished the movie and book, I couldn't help but notice how much credit and praise is given to this single character. I know most of it is deserved, but is some of it unnecessary? Agree, disagree...? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

-L. Sister

9/27/2011 #1

Actually, yes. I agree that Mr. Darcy is glorfied a bit more than his character deserves. (I love him too, and Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book.) Personally, I think Mr. Darcy would be a rather dull person, in reality.

On the other hand, his passion for Elizabeth, along with his devotion to his sister, and his many other complexities make him a wonderful hero.

I can definitely see both sides here. Darcy is proud and arrogant (a character trait I absolutely despise in people,) but he is also willing to overcome his failings to be a better man. I think that is why Darcy is given so much credit.

Another thing I love about him (primarily because I love recognition) is his unwillingness for Elizabeth to know that he was responsible for Lydia's wedding. His love for her is so strong that he cannot bear to accept mere gratitude from her. Again, I think that is why he is recognized as a great hero.


11/29/2011 #2
R.L. Sisters

I see your point. It is very well thought out, correct, and I agree with it =).

I guess the point of Mr. Darcy is how he develops from that conceited rich guy into someone loving and considerate. It's kind of like he won a type of victory which makes you feel triumphant in the end (for the character).

-L. Sister

11/29/2011 #3

I don't believe Darcy is overrated. He's misunderstood in the beginning. His shyness and reticence mistaken for arrogance. Elizabeth is truly his "better half" in that she makes him work on his weaknesses. He's not comfortable making small talk but forces himself to do that to be a better man in his eyes. If he'd truly been all of the things that people think the worse of him. The worse that he does is not warn the local populace of Wickham's evil. He could have done that without being chums with them or telling them about Wickham's wrongs to his sister. If they'd refused to listen then the problem would have been entirely on their heads. His relationship with the Bingleys and the positive thoughts from those who work for him reflect that he was not prejudice to those not of his station and that he was a good man.

5/1/2016 #5
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