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This is an RP for house M.D. either make your own character or take a character from the show.
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Witty Sarcasm

House smirked. "Oh I'm sure we will. But not as well as you and I get along, honey." He slung an arm around Wilson and then Nicholas. He wasn't going to physically violate a girl, he wasn't dense. Well, not a girl he'd just met anyway.

"To the coffee shop!"

11/12/2009 #511
Doctor Owl

Feeling glad and yet somehow left out, she rolled her eyes and followed them.

This really, really was going to be interesting.

((Sorry guys, I gotta go to bed :( Need my 8 hours! Be back on tomorrow))

11/12/2009 #512

As expected, he didn't get a say in it.

"Is it open?" asked Nicholas nonchalantly as House put an arm around him and he became a little uncomfortable.

11/12/2009 #513

((8 hours!? Who gets 8 hours of sleep?!))

Wilson rolled his eyes but let House 'sexually harrass' him...but technically it wasnt since....they were gay lovers....but not.....

He really needed coffee...

11/12/2009 #514

(*shrugs* I get 6 on a good night, 3 on a bad night, but that's because of homework...)

11/12/2009 #515

((Same! =P))

11/12/2009 #516


11/12/2009 #517
Witty Sarcasm

House gave a shrug. "Should be." He pulled the two towards the door, Riley leading the way.

((I think Riley was going first.))

11/13/2009 #518
Doctor Owl

((I think I was too lol))

11/13/2009 #519

Nicholas found himself being pulled to the door.

(Sorry, obvious post...)

11/13/2009 #520
judy nails

Cuddy blinked her eyes idly. Running her hands through her hair, she was getting iritated from the hospital gown. Looking over to elizabeth, she noticed something she hadn't before. Elizabeth had the exact smae eyes as house. The cold hatefull kind, but that also could show love. Elizabeth looked at cuddy and scooted back in her chair. "Please tell me that your not a lesbian." Elizabeth noticed that cuddy was staring at her. "What?no...i'm not a lesbian. i'm just bored to death. Now i know how the patients feel now." Elizabeth laughed. "well duh, there always bored." Cuddy smiled and laied down. Elizabeth took out her Ipod and hooked it up to a radio. While they were waiting for house to return, the listened to the Rolling Stones.

11/15/2009 #521

At a cafe near Princeton-Plainsborough Teaching Hospital, Lavinia was sitting in a chair chugging down coffee. It burned her throat as she drank it. In front of her she had a case file. Looking through it, she could see no known cure for this disease. She needed more coffee. As the waitress stared at her disaprovingly, she motioned to her cup. The waitress came over with the jug and filled her cup to the brim. Lavinia smiled lovingly at the cup. When the waitress was beginning to walk away, she motioned to the jug and said, "leave it here."

She was way beyond stressed and couldn't think of anything but her coffee right now. She sleepily lowered her head onto the table with frustration.

11/18/2009 #522
Doctor Owl

((Nobody's posting anymore :P I got bored, so, yeah. XD))

Riley pushed open the doors to the coffee shop and sighed as the warm aroma of coffee filled her lungs. She didn't drink the stuff, but the smell was comforting. Luckily the shop was almost empty, aside from a few people chatting quietly, and one rather ruffled looking woman who had an entire jug of coffee on her table. Riley focused all her mental energy on hoping her new teammates-of-sorts would behave themselves--she didn't want the few, poor, innocent people in the shop to suffer through Dr. House's seemingly endless supply of "Commie" references.

11/30/2009 #523

Lavinia looked over to the table of doctors that had just came in. They were from her hospital, though from a different section. She worked in Oncology, for Dr Wilson and she could recognize her mentor, Dr House, anywhere but the rest seemed to be strangers. She quickly got up, resolving to go and say hello.

Hopefully, she thought, Doctor House wouldn't make any wise cracks about her coffee habbits today.

As she strode confidently to their table, she gave them all a smile. "Hi guys. I didn't see you come in."

11/30/2009 #524
Witty Sarcasm

House fixed his blue eyes and leering smirk on Lavinia. "Ah, the coffee-addict!" He leaned over towards Nicholas with a mock pout.

"She can be addicted to coffee and it's fine, but when someone mentions that I'm 'addicted' to Vicodin, it's a bad thing!"

Life was no fair...

12/2/2009 #525

Whoa, whoa, hold on a second.

So he was working for a man hooked on prescription painkillers?

Are you kidding?!

This just kept getting better and better...

12/2/2009 #526
Doctor Owl

Riley snorted as she downed one of the free coffee creamer packets.

"Hey, Vicodin's not that bad," she vouched for him.

12/2/2009 #527
Penelope Fiction

Lavinia eyed House speculatively. "I guess. But I wouldn't say I'm addicted to coffee. Heavy metal is more my shtick." She smiled and revealed a pair of large headphones hanging at her side.

I had to make her heaps like me. Heavy metal IS my shtick!!!!

12/2/2009 #528

Wilson shifted as the others spoke, not really paying attention to anything they were saying, and glanced back at the door.

"Really should get back to my patient...." He murmured. He felt guilty just leaving...well getting taken away from his patient like that. Besides, they were just there earlier that morning! He actually did work when he was supposed to! House was influencing him too much...

12/2/2009 #529
Witty Sarcasm

House grinned and gestured to Riley. "See? Vicodin is not bad. Unlike coffee. Which stunts your growth, gives you the jitters and makes your teeth yellow."

He pulled Wilson up to the counter. "We're just here for a quick drink and we'll be back. Time for you to take a break anyway. S'not like your patients will die if you're not by their beside every moment of the day."

Speaking of patients...Cuddy was lying in some room, waiting for an MRI...

Ah well. That was why he had his black man.

Someone had to do all the work...

House was the genius; he used his head, not his hands.

12/3/2009 #530

They both sounded pretty bad to Nicholas.

12/3/2009 #531

Wilson sighed and allowed House to drag him over to the counter.

"Could happen..." He murmured, rolling his eyes.

12/3/2009 #532
Witty Sarcasm

House snorted. "Yeah. And you could have your coffee poisoned and have to have everything from your neck down amputated. Besides, if one of your patients does croak, there's really nothing you could've done about it standing by their bedside anyway. it is!"

12/3/2009 #533

Nicholas sat down at a table, intent to ignore what was going on for the time being.

12/3/2009 #534

"I could...try to save them?" He muttered before pausing. "Wait, how could I live just as a head?"

12/3/2009 #535
Doctor Owl

"You know you two sound like a married couple, right?" Riley commented with a playful smirk.

12/3/2009 #536
Witty Sarcasm

House waved a hand dismissively. "Details, details. I was making a point, Wilson." He turned blue eyes to gaze at the oncologist.

"What're ya having?"

He grinned at Riley. "Funny you should say that.... I was just thinking about proposing."

12/3/2009 . Edited 12/3/2009 #537

Wilson tensed slightly and shook his head.

"Not again.... Not more today...." He groaned to himself, rubbing his forehead as if trying to rub away an oncoming headache. Why did people have to keep pointing out about today about him and House? It just seemed like more so today than any other day! And he was ignoring that last comment. Just going to let it go and hoped nothing happened... and if it did well.... he would deal with that when it happened.

He took a deep breath and shrugged. "Surprise me." He muttered to House. If they were so close as a married couple House would know what he wanted, right?

12/3/2009 . Edited 12/3/2009 #538

Lavinia shrugged. "Whatever. Let's not argue about this. You have your addiction and I have my coffee." she directed this comment at House.

Sometimes she wondered why she thought he was so brilliant...

12/4/2009 #539
judy nails

Cuddy turned off the Ipod and looked at Elizabeth. "Where the hell is house?" she asked. Elizabeth shrugged and got up. "I'll go find him." Elizabeth walked out of the hospital. It wasn't long till she found the group of doctors at a coffee shop. Elizabeth barged in and frowned. "You a** hole, you really don't care about cuddy do you?!" Elizabeth looked at wilson, "And you could have dragged him back so he could get the f*** MRI done! Her liver is failing, she obviously needs a new one untill we find the right digno-" Elizabeth was cut off by her pager, infact, they were all cut off by their pagers. Cuddy was spazzing out. Elizabeth rushed back to get a grip on things.

12/11/2009 #540
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