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Where is your shipping spirit-!

Also, this is the place to discuss pairing development. Any hints~?

1/17/2009 #1

Well, the canon pairings are pretty obvious.

MashiroxAzuki, TakagixMiyoshi...

But who cares about the canon? XP

I'd prefer TakagixMashiro and MiyoshixAzuki. -nod- 3

4/13/2009 #2

I agree about TakagixMashiro XD

But I like MashiroxAzuki too... They're... cute? :x

4/17/2009 #3
Synonymous Brian

I like TakagixMashiro, EijixMashiro, Fukudaxhis-mowhawked-assistant-that-I-forget-the-name-of, and now, AokixTakagi, I can't help it, its so cute, and after the most recent chapter, they're on the road to canon! If Takagi and Miyoshi actually break up, which isnt likely, but whatever. Theres no way I can see Aoki and Nakai becoming canon now after the newest chapter, he's such a freaking douchebag!! DX I also always wanna ship Hiramaru with someone, but I have no idea who! I don't really like Azuki and Miyoshi personally, Azuki's well... boring, and Miyoshi's... annoying. Its rare for me to genuinely like a female character in Ohba and Obata's stuff, and the only female I do really like is Aoki.

12/6/2009 #4
Forget it Jake

Well who doesn't like TagakiMashiro~ Though I dont mind MashiroAzuki too much (well used to anyways), TakagiMiyoshi... Ugh can't stand it.

My OTP of couse is FukudaHiramaru, yeah;;

(Though I'm still not sure why I keep up with this manga anymore;;)

12/18/2009 #5

TakagiMiyoshi used to be my favourite (she kind of reminds me of Misa from Death Note, to be honest), but then it got overtaken by AokiFukuda...they're my OTP. They're so cute together~! And even though he said he kind of hates her, they obviously have kind of a 'friend/enemy' relationship. :D And Aoki is so pretty. Seriously. Even when she was a bitch and I hated her, she was SO PRETTY. Now she's my favourite female character. Takagi's my favourite male character, but Fukuda's next, then Mashiro. I'm really glad that Bakuman has a lot more romance and variety in female characters than Death Note did. Hiramaru just makes me laugh...he's pretty awesome too, and I'm hoping he'll get paired up with some kick-ass girl in the end.

12/27/2009 #6


12/27/2009 #7


I'm so with you about Aoki/Fukuda. They're totally adorable and Aoki has become so, so cute~ personality-wise. She really is beautiful even when she was so mean in the beginning. (But the fic, where is the fic? T_T)

I-I think I love Aoki with almost everyone now. Takagi, Miyoshi, that one girl who has a crush on Takagi/wants to be his rival, but Fukuda is first on the list. :D Yay for frienemies.

12/31/2009 #8

Fufu. I like MashiroxTakagi or MashiroxEiji. I just had an interesting thought.. MashiroxTakagixEiji. xDD My perverted brain is in action, it seems~~ But Takagi has to be my favourite character to go with Mashiro.

11/20/2010 #9

Totally shipping the SaiShu. :D Fukuda/Aoki is rather lovely too, but recent developments are making me veer towards that lovely troll, Nanamine. /heehee

2/25/2011 #10
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