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I would date Dimitri,there`s a chance that i would slap Christian,and Adrian`s a stinky drunk.Who wouldn't want to date a hot Russian man?

sure he listens to 80`s music,but it would so be worth it ;-) christian may be good looking but there`s a big chance of me slapping him silly"

Adrian is a stinky drunk!

Voice your thoughts Girls!.(I`ll be waiting).

1/26/2009 . Edited 1/26/2009 #1

Dimitri is mine grrrrrrrr, he joins my group of hot guys I want all to myself. ^-^

1/30/2009 #2

Oops! to bad he's all mine.You can have him when im done...NOT!.sorry girl but if you want him you got fight! ;-P

1/30/2009 #3

Cat fight it is XD no really if i had to take someone besides Dimitri. It would probally be Christian

1/31/2009 #4

hahah i take Adrian! xD

1/31/2009 #5

ugh! no fun you girls are boring.If things dont get interesting soon i'll pull my friend *puppy_luv* into this!her and i can bicker all night if thats what takes to get things going!

LOVE : MT450

1/31/2009 #6

I think you are dreaming! Dimitri is mine.....duh! He always will be and always has!!! Your just fantasizing again....you tend to do that! lol

1/31/2009 #7

why isn't it my old/new friend midnight-moonlight-hottie long time no read,im sorry honey but Dimitri will forever be mine (or until i get sick of him)but right now hes with me ;-)

and girl you can have Adrian i really don't feel like getting knocked up ;-P

agian i might kill Christian.

1/31/2009 . Edited 1/31/2009 #8

what have I told you about dreaming?? About my man expessially. I don't want to get knocked up either!! How dare you wnat to slap Christian, you might get Rose's phsyco best friend on you!! then she would probaly go crying to Rose!! Well, to conclude this Dimitri is mine and you know it!!!

1/31/2009 #9

Well we can both agree that Lissa is psychotic and you must be too since you keep going to la-la land saying that Dimitri's yours oh you silly women(your a women so your probably crazy)well i guess that settles it Dimitri's MINE!!

1/31/2009 #10

just because Adrian has the worst reputation doesnt mean that he wont find the perfect girl that he will actually settle down with. i have faith in him.

1/31/2009 #11

I think Mia and Adrian would be good for each other!! Even tho the queen would never allow that! Nope, last time I checked Dimitri was in my house!! So, that would mean hes mine.....unless he is cheating....which I highly doubt!!

2/1/2009 #12

Adrian and Mia are soooo going get together richelle mead sooo set them up second/third books!tsk tsk are you sure Dimitri's not cheating on you?because he's at my house in the future ;-) hey can we make a list of all the guys that we had and have crushes on?i don't know if that would go too off subject.if we can then yeah but they can only be fictional or actors from movies that you love.example(in order ,first i dont care about anymore,last i do)

Mr.darcy (pride n prejudice)

stanton (daughters of the moon)

Edward (twilight)

daremien (house of night)(i know he was gay)

DIMITRI (vampire academy)

2/1/2009 . Edited 2/27/2009 #13

Your just wanting to get off subject, because you don't want to admit that Dimitri is mine!! I will bite tho, OK, so this is the order of guys from books I have like feel in love with. (In order by how I like them)


2.Dimitri(Vampire Academy)

3.Eric(southern Vampire Series)

That's basically all the ones I like right now!!

2/1/2009 #14

Say that all you want you just dont want to face the truth that Dimitris mine!!! ;-P

2/1/2009 #15
Im not wanting to face the truth? Have you bumped your head??
2/1/2009 #16

Yes i have (spring cleaning hurts).we shouldn't fight over a guy(a fictional character at that)it will ruin our friendship...paper rock scizzer's anybody?damn this isn't working!

2/3/2009 #17

Dimitri Is MINE!!!

Lol; Nawww, No Fight Yes.


Good Solution,.,.,., I'll Have Him!!!

Or... If We Need Be Fair. He Can Chose... :)


2/5/2009 #18

No, Dimitri is definitely mine, lol!

2/8/2009 #19

Rofl, We're Arguing For Him Then???

Nu-uhh, He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mine !!! 333

- vampirexgirl -

2/8/2009 #20

He cant choose VampGirl He's a fictional character for crying out loud! soooo that means we have to pick and i nominate "ME!".

Do you mind if i call you VampGirl?

2/9/2009 #21

Nawww, I Know! But I Could Just SAYYY He Chose Me. Lol. I'm Kidding. But I Nominate MEEE :)

Lol, Yea VampGirl Is Fine :)

- vampirexgirl

2/12/2009 #22

Cool Vampgirl it is!You know i dont think nominating ourselves is going to get anywhere so i'll nominate...hmm(i like the name vampgirl but i also like moonlight hottie...)i pick both VampGirl and midnight-moonlight-hottie!What?!what do you mean thats not fair well sorry but i can't pick you Puppy_Luv thats like picking myself because your using my acount!what ever.

2/13/2009 #23
Haha, Ok Then.
2/13/2009 #24

Ok, Well I Dont Know What Just Happened... My Computer Did Something.. Anyway.

Haha, Well Ok Then. Thanks For Nomination, Lol. x x x

I Havn't Really Talked To Anyone here Except MangoTango450, SOOOOO, i Shall Nominate You. :)

- vampirexgirl -

2/13/2009 #25

Hmm, i would fight over dimitri, but I can fight over anime guys WOOT wOOT.

I don't think Adrian and Mia would end \up together, I think it would be more of Roza and Adrian, now before someone throws something at me *dodges flying projectile* Think about it, Rose does care for adrian and it is like the love plot in twilight all over again. Rose is going to kill Dimitri and then she is going to need a shoulder to lean on and Lissa is not going to be enough. So..........Rose and Adrian is a possibilty.

2/14/2009 #26

well... i shan't throw anything at you. your entilted to an opinion :)

Although, i don't like to think of Rose with any one else, and i dont think she would actually go with adrian. it may hav been a possibility, but now after dimitri turning strigoi and stuff, i dunno...

- vampirexgirl -

2/16/2009 #27

Darien, LOL. I used to like him when I watched Sailormoon too...

Some of my past cartoon "crushes" also included:

Ryu (Street fighter)

Goku (Dragon Ball Z)

There was some guy from the Johto league that I liked.. (Pokemon) I remember he had a Miltank at the semi-finals or something. LOL


2/20/2009 #28

Adrian and Dimitri are MINE! I seriously want them both. But as for other characters I am in love with:

Vash the Stampede (Trigun)- I love gunslingers, and he's just ahhh so awesome.

Lestat-(Interview With The Vampire)-Just badass, so awesome.

Archeron, Jaden, and anyone else from the Dark Hunter/Dream Hunter series-Great characters, I love the bad guys and the good guys!

2/26/2009 #29

Adrian is NOT a stinky drunk! D:

Well, since you guys don't like him, he is MIIIIIIINE!



2/27/2009 #30
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