Scary Godmother
Here you just talk about things from both movies of scary godmother. Enjoy!
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If you have any ideas of a scary godmother story you can post them here. I look forward to reading your ideas! Don't be afraid to post your stories either. I was scared at first, but I got some good reviews. My first story is Scary Godmother: Hannah's Love Ride. My most recent story is Scary Godmother: Boy Trouble. Please post!

5/4/2009 #1

Oh cool! That's awesome! Do you like femmeslash? I was thinking of writing a Scary/Ruby fic. Can you send me the link to Boy Troubles?

9/26/2009 #2

I don't mind femmeslash. And that really seems like a good idea. Also(I feel like an idiot), I don't know how to do links.

9/26/2009 #3

I thinnka femslash of SGM and Hanna would be very...... interesting. Maybe ad in the cat girl (what is her name?). Just a little friendly ad-in!

9/29/2009 #4

I just thought of a wierd one. A slash pairing between Bert and Jimmy. How wrong would that be. I mean, I l.ike Bert, but I think Jimmy sucks.

6/3/2010 #5

if were talking slashes I've always wanted to write a Kaite Hannah but I just can't think of a good pot idea ho well.

10/19/2010 #6
That seems pretty easy. Just have a "coming of age" story where Hanna goes to Katie for guidance. It'll just flow from there. I would write it myself, but I'm far too busy and have no experience in the realm of lemon writing. It would be nice to see a story like it though *wink, wink* ;-)
10/19/2010 #7

Lol, I'd rather have a Orson/OC story. But she thinks he's already with Hannah!!! XD

9/10/2011 #8

My fave pairings... Hannah/BugABoo, Hannah/Scary, Hannah/Orson (GASP! A normal pairing!) Scary/Harry, Scary/Skully, and Skully/Harry... Damn I am crazy... But that's how I got my name! :D

Story ideas... Well, I was thinking a fic where there's three new human girls to meet the Fright Side characters. But they're totally insane, and can't agree on ANYTHING!

Rebecca would think Scary and Hannah, and Harry and Skully belong together, and would frequently ask them when they plan to get married and whatnot.

Mandy would think Hannah and Orson, and Scary and Harry belong together, but wouldn't mention anything for a while.

And Penny would think Hannah and BugABoo, and Scary and Skully belong together, and would have massive fangirl-spasms when they just touch hands and stuff.

10/31/2012 . Edited 10/31/2012 #9
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