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Kiri Sousuke

The Forest that lies behind the main building of the school. This place can be used for self-training, and also provided an awesome picnic place. Beware of getting lost....

1/31/2009 #1
Chiisai Shiroi Wolf

Taiga strolled through the forrest pretty bored.

1/31/2009 #2
The Nadcromancer

Somewhere below a tree....

"Check mate."

"Rematch," Abby growled.

"Oh, really?" Sora rested his head on both his hands. "You'll just get owned by me again."

"We'll see," Abby muttered, rearranging the pieces. "I wanna be white this time...."

(O.O Random.)

1/31/2009 #3
Kiri Sousuke

(^^ So they're getting along, ne?)

1/31/2009 #4
The Nadcromancer

(Yeah, finally. :P)

1/31/2009 #5
Kiri Sousuke

(^^ Why am I getting the feeling that Sora is cheating here....^^ Anyway, I wish I could be like that...:P)

1/31/2009 #6
The Nadcromancer

(Don't worry, I have plans for you.... =))

1/31/2009 #7
Kiri Sousuke

(=.="" What plan?)

1/31/2009 #8
The Nadcromancer

(Oh, nothing. :P)

1/31/2009 #9
Kiri Sousuke

(Hmmm......=.=" Just don't try to kill me in the process...)

1/31/2009 #10
The Nadcromancer

(O.O Why would I?)

1/31/2009 #11
Kiri Sousuke

(Nosebleed and blushing, you idiot...)

1/31/2009 #12
The Nadcromancer

(*cough* I won't. ^O^)

1/31/2009 #13
Kiri Sousuke

(=.="" You guys...all of you are just harassing me to blush and nosebleed...)

1/31/2009 #14
The Nadcromancer

(Kiri, are you really mad? Or jokingly mad?)

1/31/2009 #15
Kiri Sousuke

(=.= Just jokingly mad.....^^ I'm at home today, so feel free to make me blush...XP)

1/31/2009 #16
The Nadcromancer

(Lol. Kay. xP)

1/31/2009 #17
Kiri Sousuke

(go to the random chat...^^)

1/31/2009 #18
Chiisai Shiroi Wolf

Taiga looked up. "Hey!"

1/31/2009 #19
The Nadcromancer

Abby turned back to face Taiga. "Yo.... um.... Taiga, was it?"

1/31/2009 #20
Chiisai Shiroi Wolf

"Yes, Taiga." She answered.

1/31/2009 #21
The Nadcromancer

Sora pinched Abby, "Your move."

Abby flicked his hand away, "Later." She continued to speak to Taiga, "So, what're you doing here? Bored, huh?"

1/31/2009 #22
Kiri Sousuke

(Kiri is here...:D is over and he is just wandering around, thinking.)

Kiri was wandering, his head swirling with the events that happened today...

1/31/2009 #23

(Oh ho. Taiga's warming up with other people? now that's something new.)

1/31/2009 #24
Chiisai Shiroi Wolf

(not really. XD It's just a matter of time till she blows)

"Well I was going to meet someone.." She said agitatedly.

1/31/2009 #25
Kiri Sousuke

Suddenly, there was a shout and Kiri came running towards them:


1/31/2009 #26

(gaint tiger. Kiri, you shouldn't say that in front of Taiga. XD)

1/31/2009 #27
The Nadcromancer

(Good point.)

"A tiger in a forest?" Abby muttered. "That's new."

Sora tossed his head up in an immature way, "I'm not saving him again, that double-crosser. He's gonna fry me once I get there."

1/31/2009 #28
Kiri Sousuke

(LOL that's what I thought....but it'll be fun...:P) Kiri quickly ran past them. A few seconds later a giant tiger with the size of an elephant was charging at them

_"SAVE THAT CHESS BOARD!!!!" Kiri shouted back.

(o.o I just love to play chess....:P)

1/31/2009 #29

Kirosuke was strolling far away from the trio, therefore he did not see or hear the commotions from them.

1/31/2009 #30
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