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Mai Sachiyuki

Hmm... Well, it's a 4 storey white building with advance facilities to help every patience admitted. They also provided resting areas for visitors who wanted to stay inside. The hospital is surrounded with red and white rose bushes making the bulding look cheerful.

4/22/2009 . Edited 4/23/2009 #1
Mai Sachiyuki

Mitsy sighed as she leaned onto the wall behind her. In front of her was a bed where a brunette haired boy lied, his eyes were closed shut and no movement was made. The doctor was kind enough to let her stay in the room. She hugged herself as she glanced at the boy again and again, " Why does this has to happen? He was coming back to me and now you're taking him away again?" she said as she looked at the ceiling. She sat next to the boy, touching his cold hand. " Gecca-kun..." she muttered as she let a single tear slid down her face.


Outside of the room....

Eissa peered through the glass of the door, So.... that is the infamous Great Golem? she thought as she turned away and smirked, " What a loser...." she said to herself and giggled a little as she walked away.

4/23/2009 #2

(Mai-chan... His hand??? O_O His hands were... slashed, right? O_O)

4/24/2009 #3
Mai Sachiyuki

( Yup.... But then Sae already healed him so there were still scars on it...)

4/24/2009 . Edited 4/24/2009 #4

(ookay.. so he still have arms ,but with scars? okay then...)

4/24/2009 . Edited 4/24/2009 #5
Mai Sachiyuki

(......... exactly.... -__-)

4/24/2009 #6

Ralf opened the door and walked in. "Mitsy-chan. ...... How's he?"

4/24/2009 #7
Mai Sachiyuki

Mitsy closed her eyes and whispered, " I don't know...." she sighed, " The doctor said.... they couldn't do anything about it. It's up to him now...." she wiped her tears.

4/24/2009 #8

Ralf couldn't say anything hearing her. THen he saw the scars on Gecca's hands. "Hey... Those scars.. where did he get it? What happened to him?"

(*wipes tears* Gecca... and I'm having a plan in my head right now. But it's... sad too... what if... what if.... WAAAA TT_TT)

4/24/2009 #9

(gtg, sorry, we'll continue this tomorrow. bye)

4/24/2009 #10
Mai Sachiyuki

(k k)

Mitsy stayed silent as she remembered what had happened before but then whispered, " I don't want to talk about it..."

4/24/2009 . Edited 4/24/2009 #11

"................ I see... Sorry. I shouldn't have asked that."

4/25/2009 #12
Mai Sachiyuki

Mitsy just nodded slightly as she turned her gaze towards Gecca. Please...... don't leave me.... she frowned.

4/25/2009 #13

Ralf kept silent seeing her. "I think I should go now. See ya, Mitsy-chan.", he said as he left the duo alone

(should I make him awake? o.O the princess side though)

4/25/2009 #14
Mai Sachiyuki

(O_O um..... okay... I guess?)

Mitsy sighed once more as she waited and waited for the boy beside her until she fell asleep.

4/25/2009 #15

Gecca slowly opened his eyes and moved his hand, which accidentally touched Mitsy's. He looked around the room, trying to guess where he was

4/25/2009 #16
Mai Sachiyuki

Mitsy was startled as something had touched her hand. " Gecca-kun...." she muttered as she went closer to him. " You're awake..." she smiled softly as she slowly touched his hand.

4/25/2009 #17

"Hm?", he tilted his head towards her. "I'm in hospital, huh? Your boyfriend is really an idiot. Facing his friend in purpose to get himself killed? Don't make me laugh..", he chuckled

4/25/2009 . Edited 4/25/2009 #18
Mai Sachiyuki

Mitsy frowned, " He.... didn't...." she muttered. " You were the one that made him do that!"

4/25/2009 #19

"Me?", he chuckled. "I got nothing to do with he had done. You think I'm fool enough to get myself killed? Only for his 'friends' when he thought that he's a hime? Don't make me laugh", he sat up looked at Mitsy. "Hmm... After I take a good look at you, you're kinda pretty, you know, ex-key-chan. No doubt he has fallen in love with you", he grinned

4/25/2009 #20
Mai Sachiyuki

Mitsy turned away from him, " Just go away..... I'm not waiting for you..."

4/25/2009 #21

He laughed hearing her, "Not waiting for me? You're mean, ex-key-chan...". He saw the scars on his hands, "Hm? I got my hands back again? your friend is great. uh... Sae, isn't she?"

4/25/2009 #22
Mai Sachiyuki

Mitsy turned her chair away, " Whatever..."

4/25/2009 #23

"Aww... Don't be so mean, ex-key-chan....", he grinned at her. "And what's this thing attached to my hand?", he looked at the infussion pipe, trying to pull it off his hand

(LoboZ: He's kinda crazy, isn't he? -_-)

4/25/2009 #24
Mai Sachiyuki

(Mai: -_-" Y-yeah...)

Mitsy slapped Gecca's hand, " Don't do that!" she yelled. " As much as I hate you, Gecca's still in there! So don't touch anything!"

4/25/2009 #25

"Huh? Why shouldn't I? It's not like it's gonna kill me or something"

4/25/2009 #26
Mai Sachiyuki

" Sheesh! You're so.... gah!" Mitsy yelled as she sat back down, folding her arms. " Like it or not, I won't let you do anything stupid...."

4/25/2009 #27

"Why do you care about this guy inside me anyway? ", he sat and leaned against the bed. "I don't feel his presence right now anyway. Who knows if he's still in here", he put his arms behind his head

4/25/2009 #28
Mai Sachiyuki

Mitsy then slapped Gecca across his face as she stood up, her bangs were covering her eyes. " Don' say....that...." she said as she clenched her fists.

4/25/2009 #29

Gecca's eyes widened as she slapped him. He rubbed the place she slapped him. "What the hell are you doing, ex-key-chan... I coulda kill you right here, right now", he turned to look at her again

4/25/2009 #30
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