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Chat here about Resistance or other things!

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3/4/2009 . Edited by Angel Commando, 3/5/2009 #1

Well what's the story with Nathan Hale?

3/4/2009 #2

What do you mean?

3/4/2009 #3

I mean how exactly did he get his Chimeran abilities and what are they?

3/4/2009 #4

Well he volunteered for a secret government organization called Project Abraham to find a cure for the European influenza which was actually the chimeran virus. He was one of the few subjects who survived. The tests they took on him fused his DNA with the DNA of a pure chimera and made him semi-immune to the virus. When he was infected he gained healing powers and his strength slowly was growing.

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yes quite

3/4/2009 #8

*nods* i agree

3/4/2009 #9

My chapter The Puppet Masters will be finished soon so keep an eye out.

3/4/2009 #10

Well I gotta start readin it first. ANd i will

3/4/2009 #11

well the chapter is completely done. the next chapters gonna be about the baddest of the bad.

3/4/2009 #12


The next chapter in my fic will be called Archangel.

3/5/2009 #13
The Man Who Has No Life

I'm not sure if this belongs here or not, but I found out something that's both interesting and disturbing about Daedalus, and a question about the Cloven.

Don't think I enjoyed writing this... well I do enjoy sharing ideas with people... just keep reading.

Even though it gave me some bad mental images, I'm starting to wonder if Daedalus's chimeran form is male or not. I was looking at the concept art after I beat Resistance 2 yesterday and did anyone else notice that underneath his tail there are a bunch of things that look like insect eggs. He never seems hostile towards Hale, another person that's a half Pure Chimera, coincidence? I think insects in hive minds can switch genders to repopulate the area, and since the article on the Resistance wiki says that Pure Chimera don't need to infect hosts like the ones we've seen, I'm starting to wonder if the reason Daedalus didn't outright kill Hale, which he could have, is because he was either going to take over his body, knock Hale out and make sure the virus healed him faster, or use him for breeding. I'm pretty sure that if Hale did turn into a creature like Daedalus, he'd probably be missing those eggs under his tail, and Daedalus seemed reluctant to attack Hale at times, warning him to leave bases under the Chimera's power.

And the question is, if the Cloven are created just like the Sentinels, why are they more powerful? It said one, just one, killed a Goliath in a straight-up fight, and took around 40 hits from that thing!. They even stormed a base full of Chimera with just knives and managed to kill everything inside. 1 of them is capable of taking on 100 with just a few knives... Sentinels don't have any of these supercool abilities, a Coven even turned invisible and took 50 shoots from normal soldiers. They even have weapons that are stronger than a Chimera's. The main thing I'm asking is, what's the difference that lets the Cloven be superior to Sentinels in everyway... except they're cannibles.

3/5/2009 #14

I never bothered to look under Daedalus. Well chimera don't have specific genders. Since they use conversion to create chimera I'm guessing chimera that aren't pure are probably made without the ability to reproduce. And the DNA from the Pure Chimera Daedalus got could've been female.

And I'm really unsure about the Cloven thing. We'll probably find out more in Resistance Retribution since they are enemies in it.

3/6/2009 . Edited 3/6/2009 #15
The Man Who Has No Life

If by some chance you don't know what Jak and Daxter is or about, somethings in this may be spoilers if you intend to play it one day. And if you didn't know, Jak was created by Naughty Dog, who's Insomniac's brother/sister company and they often have each other's characters make cameos in their works. Anyway...

I was replaying a Jak game a while ago, and then Resistance.... Right after each other, and this kind of made me think of something. The Chimera look physically similar to the Metal Heads of 2, 3, and X: Combat Racing.

They're both either insects or lizards.

Look up Wasteland Metal Head and compare it to a Marauder, they look basically the same. Lumbering monsters that attacking headon to will pretty much lead to instant death...

Almost all Metal Heads have six eyes... Almost all Chimera have six (except for just the Menials from my memory, and some Metal Heads just have 2-4). Also, all Metal Heads have yellow eyes like the Chimera.

And finally, in Jak 2, it's said that they 'overrun the universe unopposed', meaning they don't live on just Jak's planet, it's stated multiple times that the Chimera are aliens, and apparantly they've also invaded other worlds (it says so in the wiki but I don't remember it).

The main thing I'm saying here is that it's very likely the Chimera were inspired by the Metal Heads, I don't know if Insomniac said it, but that's my main thought on it.

10/3/2009 #16

Dude I've noticed that too. They're just like metal heads. I never noticed the wasteland metal head and the marauder similarities before.

I was shocked when I learned that the widowmaker wasn't a chimera from earth. I thought it might be a converted giant spider or more likely a pig since it sounds like one.

Jak and Daxter rocks! Although it sux that the next one isn't coming out for the ps3 or being made by naughty dog. I almost lost all interest when I learned that. They're dumping it just like they did with crash. The only good crash game after they dumped it was twinsanity. That game was actually good because it stook with a lot of the concept of the first crash in a different type than side scrolling.

And I really can't wait for the next Ratchet and Clank (Along with resistance)!!!

10/3/2009 . Edited 10/3/2009 #17
The Man Who Has No Life

The original 4 Ratchet and Clanks were great, Size Matters was okay (short, but okay), Secret Agent Clank I haven't played yet... But the Future series retconned things to revolve entirely around Ratchet, and they made it too easy. Ratchet earned the villain's wrath by ruining their plans, they didn't seek him out just because of his species. Mary Sue-ish, that everything revolves around him for no particular reason other than his species and they had to retcon it and change a very stable set of rules, I don't hate the Future series... They'd be much funner (in my opinion after dying roughly 10 times each level in the first 4) if they were harder (not insanely hard, but challenging) and didn't change the storyline rules established :D. And there's a youtube video showing what improvements the user thinks Resistance needs, I agree with some things, but others... But think they should mix the coops for both R1 and 2. Able to play 2 Player in the main campaign with either a friend next to you or over the internet, and able to play as random members of SRPA like in R2. I enjoy good stories along with good gameplay... It's what makes me come back for more after I've beaten it.

I never found any files on the Widowmaker, but that has to make you wonder... Maybe they were locked in with where ever the Pure Chimera were and that's how they're there? Apparantly they're responsible for leaper pods aswell (according to the wiki, tell me if I'm wrong)... But Leapers turn into Rollers and just die... But British Intelligence might be wrong. It's possible they just lay the pods and the Crawlers go inside and turn into Leapers.... I need to find more intel files from R1.

Hopefully it'll be fun... I can't imagine Jak and Daxter not being fun! Except Daxter... I never finished that because it didn't feel like the normal Jak series. All in all, everything else was perfect.

Metal Heads made Jak 2 even more fun. They even made you side with the Lurkers... Which I took great joy in hunting down and destroying in the first. They supposedly destroyed the most advanced and powerful civilization in Jak's universe, swarmed the galaxy unopposed (except for maybe the Dark Makers...), and sometimes broke into the city. And the Wasteland Metal Heads are smaller than Marauders, but both look like giant hunch-back dinosaurs and both wear armor.... But I don't remember many details to the Wasteland Metal Heads, so I didn't figure it out until playing Jak 3 after I started noticing similarities between them.

10/3/2009 #18

Deadlocked was just plain easy. That's like the easiest game I've ever beat. The armor in it is really awesome though. I wish they made more armor like it only with a tail. Ratchet just needs a tail. And I thought that the future series rocks because it has to do more with ratchet and the lombaxes and my # 1 reason, nefarious is back. And alistair is pretty cool too.

10/4/2009 #19
The Man Who Has No Life

What difficulty were you playing on? I didn't die as much as the other games, but it was still a little challenging. But the first Future had flinching enemies.... That meant that the trick I picked up from the PS2 ones were useless at that point.

And to keep on topic...

I agree with what you said to Shadowfox, Hale was becoming stronger, it was most-likely stopped by the Inhibitor treatments, but by that time it was probably already as powerful was it was. The first evidence being that Hale can regenerate completely.... Well, that could just be a gameplay choice, but I like to think differently. Another thing was that he survived falling roughly 30 feet in Chicago (correct me if I'm wrong), and was thrown around the city repeatidly by the Leviathan and got up a second later, so either his regeneration kicks into overdrive when really damaged or maybe his bones are stronger aswell. The Chimera are known to be stronger than normal people (I'm not too sure if it's just my imagination or not) but in Resistance 1 they pick up soldiers with one hand, and a melee from Hale in R2 is capable of killing a Hybrid.

10/4/2009 #20

I was on normal.

10/8/2009 #21
The Man Who Has No Life

Well then you were either better than me or I have bad memory and it's making it seem harder than it actually was... Or both.

Has anyone here every beaten the game on Arcade Mode? I tried it once... Granted I didn't know what it was for and was playing on Hard... But how far did you get? The farest I could go before dying repeatidly was on Level 2 when the 2nd Ravager appears (it or the Hybrids kept killing me).

And I was thinking about something... There's always two sides to a war. We see the humans are trying to defend themselves... But we know little to nothing about why the Chimera are being driven... Or by what. I mean they're technically advanced (advanced enough to possibly have preserved the Angels and Pure Chimera and create robots out of... I don't know what but I get the feeling that isn't the same type of metal Earthlings use, but if they made their robots out of technology from the 50s...), and they were supposedly in a war with an ancient species and seem to fear them to some extent, but there's no reason as to why they didn't try to peacefully communicate with humans. While I like the whole ' Fear me puny mortals!' attitude (really... I had no idea they'd look like that when I first played R1), I also enjoy a villain who's motivation is there. Apparantly the Chimera are simply blood thirsty animals... With guns. There's almost never any 'good side' in a war... But the Chimera seem to be an exception to that rule, but the Pure Chimera might not be mindless idiots that run around screaming in a language that only a few people can understand (I found out that they do talk... You just need to listen very carefully... And if they don't talk then it's my mistake but in R1 they say things that sound like words but it's usually confused with their normal growling). Hopefully we'd understand in Resistance 3.

And while we're on it... If we play as Hale in Resistance 3, they'll add tougher/ more memorable enemies. Resistance 2 was good... But 3 could be epic. And if they brought back the whole vehicle third person thing, I'd most likely replay it a few times, and come up with cool designs for whatever the mystery species are. Come on... Insomniac was praised for quickly releasing games so it shouldn't be more than a year now for R3. But the coolest thing I'd like to see is the main character fighting another infected person... And I don't mean in a gun fight, I mean using the environment itself to destroy them, shoot and run bosses are okay, but I enjoy enemies more when they have high endurance and you have to come up with an interesting way to kill them. And if they use that, please let it be a special infected like Hale, or infected with the genes of whatever the new race is. Either way, I know Insomniac will make a killer game, and they have some advice around the interenet that strangely suggests the things done in the Legend of Spyro with the strategetic boss fights and all but didn't use it... But using a gun doesn't usually require strategy.

10/9/2009 #22

When I beat superhuman I'm going to try arcade on difficult then superhuman. I usually always go normal and up but I haven't been playing it for a while. I'm at Iceland for super human right now so I'm getting close to being done with it...i think. i don't remember the order of levels, haven't played it in a while.

Supposedly the chimera are trying to get Earth "back" since it was "once there's". That was almost a Daedalus quote. And the chimera do talk, they must be advanced enough to speak. I love when I hear one laugh when I die XD that only happened once though. And even though the chimera didn't try to have peace instead of war, I don't think the humans would've had peace. Out of fear of the appearence of the chimera and the fact that they were once human but changed to chimera, I think the humans would've started a war anyway. Right now in our time we might be more accepting but back then it was all fear of UFO's taking over the earth and we would fight if the chimera appeared.

Metroid Prime is very strategic and you have a gun.

10/10/2009 . Edited 10/10/2009 #23
The Man Who Has No Life

Sorry, I was thinking of the name of the new Spyro series, I meant the originals that were created by Insomniac.

I still need to unlock Superhuman... Difficult isn't that hard but if you manage to beat the game on Super Human and Arcade Mode, then you can walk around saying you're the best resistance 2 player on the internet. Is it true that one Hybrid is capable of killing you on Superhuman though?

Their laughter was a little disturbing the first time I died. And yes, if you listen there's this one thread somewhere on the internet that says that the Chimera don't talk as much in R2 and they did in 1, then someone showed a video of a playthrough and something (Pretty sure it was a Steelhead) said, "Face me!"... Or they just made it up and I imagined I heard it. I never thought of the humans attacking first... But it would have most likely occured. Now that I think about it, most aliens in the 50s were depicted as invaders that wanted to 'vaporize us all', but it would probably be even more likely that the government at that time would have captured them and dissected them (like the Cloven, and to a lesser extent Sentinels). But not even trying is worse, but that makes me wonder... Why don't they just launch spires all over the planet? I don't know why, but they never state exactly where the Crawlers and Spinners come from.

Ironically I just got Metroid Prime today. I'm debating where the first boss fight counted as strategetic in my head, on one hand you had to wait for the sheilding to stop rotating to hit it, but that was just it. But yeah, I guess it counts since you didn't just have to shoot at it and move backwards, you had to wait for an opening. Just don't like the whole not being able to move which direct your gun is in while you move like in Resistance, but I don't play a lot of FPS so a lot could do that.

10/10/2009 #24
The Man Who Has No Life

I was thinking of something, when (or if...) humanity wins the war, what happens to the Sentinels? If there's a cure there's a chance they'll simply be cured. But if there isn't, will SRPA keep them as test subjects or super soldiers? Or the more likely, have them terminated? They're not completely human, much stronger and dangerous than one (except for James Grayson but that's not important), and they're the last remnants of the Chimera which nearly wiped them out. If they somehow grow an immunity to the inhibitor treatments, then they'll most likely be killed. Or kept alive to study the Chimera and prepare for if they ever return... Or use them as the basis for a new army of supersoldiers if the virus can be controlled without constant injections (it's farfetched but I can dream...). I don't think it's ever been mentioned anywhere if the Sentinels think they'll die when the war is over, or does it say that somewhere in the games/novels/comics?

10/18/2009 #25
The Man Who Has No Life

I was wondering something a few days ago about Resistance. Anyway, it came from the whole 'would Hale become another Daedalus' to a variety of answers. The common theme in them all being no (most likely anyway).

Jordan Shepherd had a compromised immune system (the comics and the Intel files confirm this).

Before reading this, I suggest you have a small snack with you... And it may be a spoiler to someone who reads this but haven't found all of the Intel files yet (I haven't even found them all yet).

Anyway, Jordan Shepherd was injected with Pure Chimeran DNA, and since he had a disease (too lazy to look for it right now), he mutated into some sort of Chimeran freak. Nathan Hale was a perfectly healthy human (as far as we know...) and was injected with the same virus/vaccine. Nathan did NOT mutate and it's several months since he received the injection. He was put into a short coma, but before said he was seeing.... stuff.... But anyway, he did not mutate at all. Well, maybe the eyes, but I can't remember if it said that his eyes were originally that shade, but they appear amber/brown (or a little gold) in the beginning.

While some of this may be wrong, feel free to correct me... But was Hale ever injected with the virus that the other soldiers got or did he skip it?

Hale exhibited none of the attributes of a Chimera, he didn't have increased healing, strength, speed, but maybe stamina since he took a few of their bullets (but that may have been a game play mechanic). According to Resistance: Retribution, the Cloven exhibited none of their forms of madness/ super powers shown in that game until a few months after receiving their injections. Nathan may have been the closest thing we had to a Cloven, he may have become something even more powerful than Human or even Sentinel... And then he was infected in Fall of Man. Nathan suddenly had noticeable golden eyes (like a Cloven might I add; judging by their multiplayer pictures in R:R), regeneration, but he didn't start to show signs of converting, he remained in control, the Angels having no control over him except for a half a second... And then they'd get a LAARK missile to the face.

It's said that extra infection may speed up the process... Or alter it. Nathan seemed completely fine in 1 then the inhibitor treatments came in 2. To my understanding, a vaccine is usually made from parts of the virus itself, so in essence they just kept infecting Nathan a little bit more with every inhibitor treatment.

Nathan, without any of the extra infection from the Crawlers or Inhibitor Treatments, might have been a Cloven. A Cloven that didn't go completely insane that is.

It's clear that the Cloven can be infected more due to them biting out their own wrists in Conversion Centers to die... Or they just don't want a bunch of bugs crawling around their brains, which is completely understandable. So they CAN be infected more, Nathan could aswell, but the thing is that they may or may not continue to mutate. In R:R there are these things that James finds near Cloven that he says leaves him with an adrenaline rush but feeling incredibly weak afterward. He may have found a primitive form of an Inhibitor, or maybe it was just used to augment their combat efficiency. If it's the first, then the Cloven really have no reason to fight the Chimera if they'll become them eventually and they're neither with humanity nor the Chimera.... But you have to ask yourself, if they were immune to transforming/mutating, why were they considered a success before becoming wild savages?

Nathan, with the extra Chimera DNA, was probably something akin to Daedalus but not quite the same. Nathan's immune system had roughly 6 months to adapt the virus, Daedalus was sick for years and so the virus mutated within him... And a very intelligent yet disgusting creature was born. Nathan might have become some type of Chimera with the impure DNA in his system, just not a Hybrid or anything else we've seen before. He may have become the same type of person seen at the end of Resistance 2, black veins, glowing yellow eyes, but still able to pass as a human if he were to cover up his eyes... And now I'm making him sound like Albert Wesker from Resident Evil.... But it's possible. Or the other likely event, being that he was infected again and again for 2 years to slow down the infection he might have looked human on the outside but with just the yellow eyes, no black veins or weird alien-human voice. It's possible he would have developed Daedalus' powers over time, or something else entirely.

It's obvious he wouldn't have been a drone (Hybrids for example) since he resisted Angels in the first game he might have had their control over the Chimera if given the time (and WITHOUT Daedalus' power).

He might have become an Angel for all we know, or some knew type of Chimera like mentioned above... Only not quite human.

And a question to those who've found the proper Intel... It would greatly help me understand... The Cloven seem to know the Angel's existence but have no idea what to do with Grey Tech, they just dance around it chanting in some sort of ritual. Sorry if this doesn't quite sound understandable, I'm a little tired and rushing this, but if there's anything you don't understand just point it out and I'll try to clarify.

Merry Christmas... Or almost Christmas if you live in about an hour behind me.

12/24/2009 . Edited 12/24/2009 #26
The Man Who Has No Life

..... Anyone going to agree with my idea? Disagree with it all? Give reasons onto why some parts of it are wrong while others are right? Any ideas on to what the Chimeran virus is like on it's host's mindset?...... Anyone?

(Childish voice) Don't ignore me!

I could agree with the whole 'being influenced by Angels/Daedalus' idea. Or the being driven with constant nightmares and fits of emotions are extremely inappropriate times. But let's say that someone had enough will power, could they retain their sanity? Even more of a question would be could they stop the transformation? While I'm not a scientist, aren't most ailments simply in the mind? Sure a virus that transforms the body might (key word, might) be the exception but is it possible?

1/8/2010 #27

I should probably go to Resistance wiki and brush up on all this (which i will when school stops being a bitch.) I haven't played OM or R:R but i've got R2 (which is friggin awesome!!!!) and the end confuses me. I know when you beat Daedulus you get some uber power that kills any and all chimera in your way. Okay skipping ahead Nathan and Capelli crahs and he finds Nathan outisde staring at something and Nathan turns to him show his advance mutation state. However its these 2 things that bug me: 1) It seemed that there ws a planet in the sky taht was blown up and Nathan and Capelli were standing on someother planet. Was taht blown up planet Earth? 2) Nathan said: "Do you them? They are calling to us. It is beautiful." And capelli shoots him in the face. That was the same exact thing Daedulus said on the first level when you're battling the Goliath. When nathan touched Daedulus is it possible that Daedulus was transferred into Nathan and if Nathan(Daedulus dead?)

One moe thing: What the f**k is a an angel?

1/9/2010 #28
The Man Who Has No Life

I have not collected all of the Resistance 2 Intel... I got a general idea of what was going on though from the Coop.

But to answer your question an Angel is a type of Chimera that controls all of the normal footsoldiers. Up until Resistance 2 they were the Chimera's only weakness, without them the Chimera apparently die out or become defenseless without something to guide them. They kind of look like Daedalus, only they have metal limbs like Doctor Octopus, their bodies are yellow (or whatever a Hybrid's skin tone is), and their heads look like six eyed lizard's. They try to occasionally take over Hale in R:FoM by making him see flashes of yellow. There's a picture of one on the wiki, as well as a video.

But ever since Daedalus came into the picture, they're not as valuable as they were before since attacking them won't make all Chimera under their control complete idiots (more so anyway...), and now we have Primarchs and Overseers (bosses in R2 Coop). There's an article page on them in the wiki, and they make appearances in R:R as bosses/mini-bosses.

As to what that planet was in the sky, I'm pretty sure it's the Chimeran home world, or at least a planet under their control. The towers (think of the place where Daedalus killed Warner and Hawthorn, Holar Tower I believe), when activated project beams of energy into the sky (once again, Holar Tower). Now individually these beams are harmless. But when all of the towers are activated, the beams formed one giant net over earth and they created a hole in space. So when the Chimera activated the last towers, Earth was teleported into another part of the universe. I believe that they were still on Earth, but Earth is in an entirely different solar system... Or galaxy.

But yours is possible, why would the Chimera teleport Earth to another planet that looks like it's falling apart. Maybe they were in dire need of a replacement and teleported Earth there to be a new home for whatever lives on that planet?

As for Daedalus taking over Nathan's mind.... I honestly don't know. He sounded exactly like Daedalus, or he may have simply been under the control of the true leaders of the Chimera. Either Daedalus' mind switched to that of a Chimera's and he took over the Chimera on Earth or he was being manipulated and his body was just a puppet. It's said that Nathan and Daedalus are two parts of the same whole... If one dies the survivor gets the other's powers. So either Daedalus' conscious took over Nathan's body, Nathan's transformation was sped up by coming into contact with Daedalus (why did he touch him to begin with?!) and it's his own converted mind at the end , just with Daedalus' knowledge/connection to the pure Chimera, or he's just a host for whatever was guiding/controlling Daedalus. And going by gameplay terms Nathan is shot repeatidly, has regeneration on par with Wolverine (don't quote me on this, I'm not too sure how great his healing abilities are), and he has powers at the end similar to the Cloven/Daedalus, who are both supposedly immune to bullets. One Cloven was shot around 40 times by a Goliath, dropped momentarily, got up and self-destructed itself, and another was shot by several guards in an escape attempt and it didn't seem to slow them down. So I'm that Nathan is still alive, some people even say his regeneration gets faster after absorbing Daedalus, and he'll be fine after a little while. I just hope he's a good guy in Resistance 3 if he is alive and not an evil boss... But if he is it would be kind of cool to fight him in his human form.

Hope I helped you with your questions.

1/9/2010 #29

Lot less fuzzier than before. Thanks

1/10/2010 #30
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