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3/10/2009 #1

I'll try.

Name: James London

Nickname: None official or approved by him, numerous unofficial behind his back.

Nationality: Unknown. Most likely British or related.

Class: Depends on the mission, mostly a soldier or marksman.

Sexual Orientation: Existance Unconfirmed.

Age: 69

Fun Facts: Hates cats, Germans, Turks, Spaniards, Portuguese, Russians, Chinese.

Bio:Of all the many soldiers of humanity alive today, few are older and more experienced than James London. Given the extreme losses taken during the initial Chimeran drive, it is rare enough to meet a veteran of the Great War who is alive today. However, not merely is London a proud veteran of the Great War, but his militay career in fact spans decades prior to the Great War. From what can be deduced, he fought in the war against Madhist Sudan, the Boxer Revolt, the Russo-Japanese War, the Turco-Italian war, the Balkan Wars, World War One, the Insurrection of the Soviets, the Greco-Turkish War, the Romanian Civil War, the Manchurian conflict, the Spanish Civil War, the Abyssinian Annexation, and the countless brushfire wars between the West and the Tsarist Empire. Unsurprisingly, this has left him very hard end and willing to do what would be unthinkable to many, but has ironically reinforced his idealism with the steel of cynicism rather than having the latter destroy the former, and has armed him with several principles he will absolutely refuse to budge on.

His ideological fire also burns bright, and he retains an absolute hatred for Absolutist Monarchies, Socialism, Communism, Anarchy, and racial chauvinism; facts that have often resulted in duels to the death. He also as alienated several people by utterly refusing the official Russian mythology that the West abandoned Russia if it did not side wit the Soviets (having fought in Arkhangelsk, Hungary, Moldavia, Siberia, Crimea, and the Baltics against the Reds has made this a particularly touchy subject for him) and for his strong stance that the Western Allied invasion of the Kaiserreich's Western African colonies (which he took part in) was in fact justified and the fault of the Germans (and ergo the outbreak of WWI was the fault of Germany), but he claims he cannot divulge further information due to confidentiality.

However, beyond this, he is a remarkably mysterious figure, at times bossing around Generals and at others being placed under the command of Sergeants with seemingly no pattern save for the fact that he tends to appear where the situation is direst. He seems to belong to no formal military unit, instead being attached to whatever his ever-ambiguous commanders decide. He clearly has a great deal of influence and pull at the highest levels, but the source of that influence is likewise unknown. Likewise unknown is his history. While plenty of rumors have spread about his life and his conflicts, he has been very stingy about disabusing or confirming any of them.

However, what is known is that he is a fanatical and highly competent soldier and commander with no passing acquaintence with intelligence and technology. He is driven in whatever cause he serves and dedicated to his own Conservative Democratic/Republican (if somewhat liberal) Imperialist bent. While he seems extremely motivated to the destruction of the Chimera and the reconstruction of Earth, he also seems to hold some hidden, unspoken agendas that he has been working towards but never mentions. Finally, he has a high degree of familiarity with the Chimera, and was one of the few unphased by their apparently recent evolution after the death of the angels. When asked about this, he only replied as thus.

"It is happening again, after 39 years. We managed to put armageddon back in the bottle it came in then, and we will soon have to do so again."

Weapons: Wildly depend upon the circumstance, but generally match up closely to whatever role he is in for a given mission. In addition, he carries a long sword in a scabbard on his right leg.

Sorry for the Walls of Text.

10/17/2010 #2
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