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XxTwilight HimexX
Just tell us who your fav is and why.
1/29/2009 #1

My favorite is definately Kagamine Len.

Basically because he's got a great voice. And...

He's cute and hot at the same time... o_O

and... I just love him.


1/29/2009 #2
XxTwilight HimexX
Oh! He is mine too! I just luvs him! ^w^
1/29/2009 #3

I'd have to say a tie between Kamui Gackupo and Megurine Luka at the moment. I love PURPLE LONG HAIR and pretty clothes especially on guys, and Luka's voice makes me want to squee.

Oh, and without them half my favorite shippings wouldn't exist XD

2/3/2009 #4


He's hot.

And the songs..are physcotic. My favorite. Spice! is epic.

2/6/2009 #5
XxTwilight HimexX

I know! Wow! Mostly everyone loves Len! He is just so cute!!

2/6/2009 #6

Lol, definitely.

Did you know he has a version of Meltdown now? I had no idea o_o

2/8/2009 #7

Len awesomeness. ^^

2/14/2009 #8
A Whimsical Dream

As much as I adore Len. My favorite VOCALOID is most likely Rin.

I Fandub, cosplay, and roleplay as her, I adore her higher pitched voce bank over Len's.

And well, I find her songs more touching .-. Prisoner didn't make me cry but Paper Plane did.

And I'm very very attatched to Len in general... so yeah... ;_;

2/19/2009 #9

Paper Plane killed me! It was so sad!

I prefered Servant over Daughter of Evil though xP

2/19/2009 #10
A Whimsical Dream

True, But i prefered Regret Message over Servant, then again Re_Birthday over Message... =w=;;;


2/19/2009 #11
XxTwilight HimexX

I agree!!!

2/19/2009 #12
A Whimsical Dream


2/19/2009 #13

I like Kaito! Cuz he's funny and loves popsicles! ^_^

2/21/2009 #14

Re_Birthday? Is that another song in the Daughter of Evil series? I haven't heard of it before

2/21/2009 #15

Kaito is HILARIOUS! I love his parody of Daughter of Evil! XDD His love of ice cream really gets to me haha... I ate like 10 ice cream sandwiches today T_T

2/21/2009 #16

Dude I did that before and got in trouble cuz it was for the family.

2/21/2009 #17
A Whimsical Dream

Yeah, well kinda. As far as I can tell...


It's basically about Len being "cursed" from having "Killed" Miku, And the whole deal about Meiko and Kaito capturing him and Excuting him in Rin's place.

So you'll understand what i'm talking about a bit more when you see the PV... and that's actually my youtube account... I love nico... XD

2/21/2009 #18
Grimm Lullaby


Len and Rin are so cute!!!! They also have a great voice.

Miku has a great voice.

2/21/2009 #19

my fave is (of course) Hatsune Miku

then Neru Akita goes second. I really love her. the way she rivals and tries to get over miku is really cute.

next comes Teto. i'm also a bread lover. I love their triple Baka !! Baka Baka Baka!! XDD

Yowane Haku also gains a high spot for me. She reminds me of tsunade...haha...

Meiko would be okay but the four on top are really my favorite ones.

2/24/2009 #20

My favourite would be Rin. But I love both the Kagamines. It's just that I do prefer Rin's voice over Len's. I admit that Len sounds more robotic.

Miku's voice does not work for me. It doesn't co-operate with my ears. It just sorta... "squeaks" in my mind.

I'd never really gotten into Kaito, Meiko, Gakupo or Luka. So yeah.

But the Kagamines are what got me into Vocaloid, so that's probably why I cling to them more than the rest. xD

My favourite English Vocaloid would have to be Prima. C'mon guys, show 'em some love!

2/25/2009 #21

To me, it would be Miku Nendriod dance let me know Vocaloid...But Len caught my eyes first, so is his fault! Xp

2/26/2009 #22

Leon because he sexy and awkard, which I find cute. Kaito comes in a close second.

2/26/2009 #23

Same here! I thought I was the only one! XD I almost only listen to the Kagamine songs because they're what started me on vocaloids.

2/27/2009 #24
Beijing Express

My favorite is Miku! She's adorable, and was the first character that got me into Vocaloid!

3/27/2009 #25

Kaito (not Idiot!Kaito though) is my favorite. Always. I don't think I really needed to point that out (from the people who've already talked/rped with me), though. xD

4/19/2009 #26
low bit sound ninja

I'm a big fan of Gakupo. He's so cuuute 3 Especially when he tries to be all super srs samurai-like XD

4/27/2009 #27

Bah, I'm one of the few people on Earth who has Meiko at the top of their list of favourites. She's much too underappreciated compared to Sakine Meiko. Which is the VOCALOID2 teenage version of her.. ;A; How can you not love that big-busted alcoholic? ;v;

5/4/2009 #28

I lurve Len 3 reasons?Do we really need any?Cause he's a shota(i mean come on, who doesnt like shotas),He has an awesome voice,he is a twin( i have a weird obsession with twins) and his songs are so sad!!TT3TT

Second would be Teto cause shes cute and stuff

Third would be Luka cause her voice rox

Fourth would be Neru cause i like Tsunderes XD

5/9/2009 #29
Izzy Ilmol

I like Meiko and Luka. They don't get enough attention! :heart:

And Kaito is awesome with the icecream and Cantarella...

He he.

Miku kinda annoys me at times but she's cool. I just don't like how she's always beautiful/loli/gorgeous/object of affection in some of the videos. I love the rotting and queen stuff though.

Rin and Len are adorable. You can't go wrong with these two.

There are others, but...those are the ones I'm listing now =w=

9/10/2009 #30
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