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Ultimate Soldier

Why are you here, Asian Man?

2/5/2009 #31
Rainy Boom

Asian Man:DEY FOUND OUT!!! *commits samurai suicide*

2/5/2009 #32
Ultimate Soldier


*looks at Blue*

Azul, por que tu familia es loco?

2/5/2009 #33
Rainy Boom

They're not my family, they just live in my head.

2/5/2009 #34
Ultimate Soldier

Oh... than buy a brain.

2/5/2009 #35
Rainy Boom

I've tried that once...*thinks back*


*Blue Eyes is standing ontop a pile of burning cities, laughing*

2/5/2009 #36
Ultimate Soldier

*installs a brain for Blue*

2/5/2009 #37
Rainy Boom

I thank thee Ultimate, now...


2/5/2009 #38
Ultimate Soldier

Sweet! Marry Ele so you can be King!

2/5/2009 #39
Rainy Boom

I dunno...she might go have sex with Upp and Greg while my back is turned..but then again..I'll prob have like...20 BILLION more wives...

2/6/2009 #40

Cool, I must already be the undying queen of the universe if Blue has to marry me to become king.

And why are we always talking about my sex life?

Anyway, I already have predictions for the next SSB game. And unlike almost all of everyone else's, these have a posability of being true.

First off, I doubt ridley will ever be playable. It's not going to happen unless its part of story mode. Samus will remain the only metroid Character, Krystal may be in the next game .... Falco may be replaced by Krystal, Mewtwo will be brought back, Snake may be replaced by someone, some final smashes will be changed or revamped, Wolf may be replaced by Krystal, Sonic may be replaced by Megaman, there will be another F-zero fighter, Shadow will be an alternate color for Sonic if the hedgehog actually stays in the game, and Peach will have Rosalina and Daisy as costume ripoffs. Again.

I dont care who's in the new game as long as Falco stays, but I wouldn't mind seeing Master cheif as a third party character (he'd take snake's place), though I even know that's highly unlikely.

There will probably NEVER be any anime characters in brawl. Ever.

Now I'm going to play brawl.

2/6/2009 #41
Rainy Boom


I was so freakin ashamed of his moveset...'ve had like..3000 billion boyfriends in the past year!! Three including, me, greg and upp!!

2/6/2009 . Edited 2/6/2009 #42

Point is, someone has the potential to replace someone else. I dont want Krystal to replace Falco, but there is a chance it may happen.

If we're lucky, Nintendo wont delete anyone from the current brawl roster, bring back mewtwo, throw in some modes and more characters and call it a game.

Lol, I thought sonic would have one of those continuouse three hit combos, like Falco, Fox and Kirby.

What? I only had 3 boyfriends in the past year. And thats in real life. Since when did I go out with any of you guys?

2/7/2009 #43
Ultimate Soldier

*wolf whistle* Go Ele, keep it up!

2/7/2009 #44
Rainy Boom


you don't get you?


should we tell her, Ultimate?

2/7/2009 #45
Ultimate Soldier

Okay, but you go first.

2/7/2009 #46
Rainy Boom

ok, it starts out like this..

ya know how you'd switch rping with different guys..I have no idea who started with. But, then it twas me, then Greg and then Upp.

Well, somewhere between Me and Greg, Ultimate started saying that me or greg was your boyfriend on the forum.


2/7/2009 #47

I cant help it if you guys are attracted to me and Ultimate teases you for it.

All I'm getting is that you guys think I'm a pimp or something and, since I'm a pimp, you guys (Ultimate included) are my hoes.

2/7/2009 #48
Rainy Boom

i'm not anyone's B*tch!!! I'm meh own man!!!

2/7/2009 #49

Thats what they all say.

2/7/2009 #50
Ultimate Soldier

Your right Ele, I'm definitly your hoe. I spend countless nights dreaming about you and how great it would be to f*ck you. I hide it by making fun of other ppl, but its still true. I'm nothing but a human sex slave for your evil desires. And I'm proud of it.

2/7/2009 . Edited by Elegants, 2/7/2009 #51

Yet I'm Blue's hoe. I please him, I f**k him good, I f**k with his crush... *blushes* Whoops, did I mention I f**k Upp and Greg and my two boyfriends? I love being gangbanged.

2/7/2009 . Edited by Ultimate Soldier, 2/7/2009 #52
Ultimate Soldier

We're even.

2/7/2009 #53


2/7/2009 #54
Ultimate Soldier

Why would I put "ppl" for? That ain't me! I never put such a word. Okay, we're more even, no more screw ups. And I only think of you-know-who and not you! You're African! I'm Hispanic! We gangster-colored people don't belong to each other! That's why I like you as a friend ONLY. You can have Blue, Greg, and Upp for all I care, but I ain't yo ho, nor are you mine.

2/7/2009 #55
Rainy Boom

I'm white!! :D

and a little black...

2/8/2009 #56
Ultimate Soldier

No offense, but I know some white kid and acting black... my god, how did he get a African head? He looks... stupid. My advice: Never act like another color person. Ever.

I'm 14 and "6'4!! :D

2/8/2009 #57

Lol, I was rushing because I put 'fixed' before I actually fixed the message.

Black and Hispanics can't be together? To be honest Ultimate, I'm one of those people who believe color doesn't matter. My last boyfriend, was white, and had blond hair and blue eyes.

I take it you dont think that way.

I'm like 5'4.

2/8/2009 . Edited 2/8/2009 #58
Ultimate Soldier

I do, I just find it weird for a Hispanic and African be together. Unique, maybe, but its more fun to see than any other thing. I just... well, I don't think the gangs of LA would agree to that.

2/8/2009 #59

Wow. Just, wow. I will be one of the first of many to call that statment racist.

You live in LA?

I asked my mom, I'm actually 5'6 lol

2/8/2009 . Edited 2/8/2009 #60
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