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hatch a baby dragon train it till its an adult you can become immortal with your dragon by your side
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(this is were you rpg)

2/4/2009 #1
Oh Nathalie

[{ I gotta question. Where are we RP at?}]

6/11/2009 #2
mirith silverwing

((here i guess))

6/12/2009 #3
Oh Nathalie

[no i ment, WHERE are the characters at?]

6/12/2009 #4
mirith silverwing

[no idea...]

6/12/2009 #5
Oh Nathalie

[wanna RP?]

6/12/2009 #6
mirith silverwing


6/12/2009 #7
Oh Nathalie


Laura was walking in a town that she and Joel had stopped at. It was afternoon and their dragons were out hiding in the forest nearby. Joel was looking at weapons, bags, and other items they would need, while Laura went shopping for food. She was looking at the food stands when she bumped into someone. A guy. "Whoops, I'm sorry."

6/12/2009 #8
mirith silverwing


"whoops, sorry, by bad." Eragorn said, "say, have you seen a black smith?" Eragorn asked, then his war hammer gleam's in the daylight, his baby dragon is hiding in his backpack. (a few days old)

6/12/2009 #9
Oh Nathalie

"Black smith?" She held her hand up to cover the sun from her face, to get a better look at the guy. "Keep on walking straight for about, eh, 6 stands then turn to your right and you'll find it." She gave him the directions.


"Okay, thanks!" Joel said to the merchant, grabbing the supplies he recently bought.

6/12/2009 #10
mirith silverwing

"alright, thanks!" Eragorn thanks, walks off, finds the black smith, and sees how much a master work battle hammer is worth.

6/12/2009 #11
Oh Nathalie

"Hey, Laura, can you go and take these? I want to go see something." Joel said as he left Laura there protesting and went over towards the Black smith area.


"...treating me like a slave...." Laura muttered as she went out of the town and slipped into the forest towards their dragons. Ray, where are you guys at? She asked.

Over here, came his voice and the two dragons appeared.


Joel ducked underneath and looked at the black smith's good work. "Whoa," he breathed, the heat hitting him with a force, but he stood his ground and waited patiently behind another guy.

6/12/2009 #12
mirith silverwing

Eragorn looks at him. "cant take the heat." Eragorn said looking back at him, then leaving and going to the forest, when out of sight he lets out Compara, from her hiding place.

6/12/2009 #13
Oh Nathalie

[Oops, posted twice]

If only he knew, Joel looked at the guy's retreating figure and asked his question to the black smith. "Do you think you could fix this up?"

The black smith looked at it, "What'd you do to it, lad?"

"Can you?" He didn't want to say what happened.

"Yeah, it'll only take a moment..." And eyed the boy with suspicion.


Laura patted Ray's head and looked over at Twilight. "Joel said he was going to do something really quick. So he'll be back," She smiled at the dragon.

6/12/2009 . Edited 6/12/2009 #14
mirith silverwing

"go and wander Compara, but not to far." Eragorn told Compara.

Compara blends with the trees and rocks as she skips south, then smells something close by and starts heading in that direction. (baby curiosity.) and sees 2 large things and 1 small thing, doesn't seem like they know that she is there watching.

6/12/2009 . Edited 6/12/2009 #15
Oh Nathalie

Joel started to head back towards the forest, after having his weapon repaired. Twilight... he thought and sighed at what his dragon had done to it.


Night was falling and Laura had to get everything ready for a good night's sleep. She started to lay out the sleeping bags when Twilight wandered off. Ray? Where is Twilight going?

I don't know. I'll follow her, came his voice in her head.

Okay. Just don't go to far we might need you...

Twilight sniffed the air, knowing there was a little dragon around. She looked in some bushes and knew that the dragon was right there. She just couldn't see it. Twilight pushed her snout farther and felt scales brushing. Hello, little one, she quietly rawred.

6/12/2009 #16
mirith silverwing

she could only smell it. not see it cus if anything gets close. it vanishes, but seeing a fellow dragon calms it down, so she's in plain sight. (since baby's cant talk till a bit.)

she looks at Twilight curiously. hiccups spitting out poison onto the grass melting it.

6/13/2009 . Edited 6/13/2009 #17
Oh Nathalie

[okay, Silver(:]

Twilight chuckles. You're not able to talk right now, are you, little one?

Ray comes over and spots Twilight with a little dragon. He shakes his head and goes back towards their camp, saying over his shoulder, Make sure it finds its way back.


"Hey, where's our dragons?" Joel asked, sheathing his sword.

Laura pointed over to where Ray was coming at. She's with a baby dragon. I don't know who it belongs to, though.

6/13/2009 #18
mirith silverwing

Compara hops onto Twilight's head in a playful maner. hops onto Twilight's back up into the trees playing hide and seek, while invisible.


'wheres Compara, she's usually back by three minutes, i'm not about to go shouting her name, that'll blow my cover, i'll wonder the forest till i find her, or vis versa.' Eragorn starts walking in a random derection.

6/13/2009 #19
Oh Nathalie

Twilight chuckled. Where could you be? She rawred, stretching her neck up into the trees.

Hey, Twilight! What're you doing sticking your head in the trees? Came Joel's voice inside her head.

There's this baby dragon up there.

Baby dragon? He questioned.

Yes. A baby dragon, Joel.

Joel looked around, puzzled by what Twilight found. He heard a rustle nearby and stopped, unsheating his sword.

6/13/2009 #20
mirith silverwing

appearing once again, over Joel, Compara hiccups and spits poison onto the base of the tree.melting it. as the tree falls aways from Twilight and Joel, Compara jumps down curiously looking at Joel, then to have a bit of fun dissapears and appears three feet to Joel's left.

hiccuping again, She spits poison onto the grass.

6/13/2009 #21
Oh Nathalie

"Whoa!" Joel says surprised that a baby dragon just knocked down a tree and appeared out of no where. He laughs. "Where did you come from?"

I just found her here. Her rider should be close by just--

"Not here." He finished, looking around, for the dragon that just disappeared and for the rider.

6/14/2009 #22
Oh Nathalie

[I keep on posting twice!]

6/14/2009 . Edited 6/14/2009 #23
mirith silverwing

Compara reappears onto Joel's shoulder, without him knowing, weightless while invisible.

Compara stands stiffly as if she could hear somthing, sniffs the air.

6/14/2009 #24
Oh Nathalie

Joel heard a twig crack nearby. He turned around, sword raised and ready for a fight.

6/14/2009 #25
mirith silverwing

Compara just sits there, on Joel's shoulder, then hisses, poison dripping from her fangs, not on top of Joel's head and shoulder, harmlessly onto the grass, from the opposite side.

Eragorn walks into the clearing, with his war hammer out.

sensing he was there, She glides over to him. (turnning around and jumps of course.)

6/14/2009 . Edited 6/14/2009 #26
Oh Nathalie

Joel looked down at the sizzling grass that melted, but back up at the sound of a twig snap. Bringing his sword up in fighting mode he peered across and saw... "What are you doing here?" He asked just as Twilight came out from the trees, growling low at Eragorn.

6/14/2009 #27
mirith silverwing

of course Compara is on Eragorn's shoulder.

"so, this is Your dragon?" Eragorn pulls off his left glove and holds it up, the symbolof the rider. he turns his head to look at Compara who is on his shoulder.

"Compara, how many times have i told you not to play with other people! you can play cat and mouse with the wild life but not with life people!" Eragorn puts his glove back on.

Compara shrugs, as if she's been through this before.

6/14/2009 . Edited 6/14/2009 #28
Oh Nathalie

Joel put his sword back. Twilight looked down at Joel, What's his problem? He shurrged.

"Well, that's nice to know." Joel said. "You're a rider, I'm a rider, She's a rider."

Laura was walking over when Joel pointed her out. "What's going on here?" she asked.

6/14/2009 #29
mirith silverwing

"names Eragorn." Eragorn puts his hand out. "people added a title, its 'war hammer' so i guess you can call me hammer, and you are?"

as if knowing that everyone is going to be friends, Compara jumps and glides over to Twilight, and sits there, lays down and falls asleep.

"also, your dragon... might want to put her down, when she drools... which is in a few minutes, she doesnt drool slober." his head turns to the fallen tree. "poison."

6/14/2009 #30
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