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Janet Martini de La Ley
Who are your favorite characters? Why? I like Spader and Mark the best. I like Spader because he's so funny, and he knows how to have a good time. I like Mark because he resembles me; I'm shy, smart (but not nerdy) and I like the James Bond books too. He would be a perfect friend for me!
12/27/2005 . Edited 12/27/2005 #1
I'm a personal fan of Loor and Mark. Loor is just one of those strong characters that do have a hidden soft spot that they don't reveal until later. I love that in a character - when their heart appears cold, but really isn't. Mark resembles me as well. xD I used to eat carrots because it would make my eyes better (it really didn't help) and I'm positively nerdy.
12/27/2005 #2
I like Spader! He is so funny! I also think Bobby's really funny. I love his perspective on things. Maybe it's because I'm a girl, but I find Bobby's thing about wearing his boxers interesting.
1/10/2006 #3
I liked Kasha( I'm a cat person)Even though she was a bit dodgy, she was still a good character. Too bad she's dead.
1/27/2006 #4
Kohaku Kawa
I like Saint Dane! because he is totally evil like me (jk) and has everything so in controll! I can't wait to see his territory.
2/27/2006 #5
Haha, I like Bobby, too. xD I find his narration hilarious at points. Spader is okay, but he tends to be too cocky for my taste and easily has a skewed perspective on the world due to his anger.
3/11/2006 #6
Kohaku Kawa
True... but he still rocks. Bobby's narration is done very well, but the character... ...... ... meh
3/12/2006 #7
I love St Dane too.. I'm not fond of his attempt to bring down Halla... which I still don't get. He is quited vindictive and clever. You have to admit.
3/15/2006 . Edited by Janet Martini de La Ley, 3/15/2006 #8
Dark Empress14
For some reason i really like Spader! To me for some reason i imagine him as someone cute. I like how he is always in a good mood. I like how he is always smiling and so much fun. i wish i had a guy friend like that(im a girl). I just like him so much and i was upset because he wasnt in the 4th book. u know, if Spader went with Bobby to Veelox, would things have been different and Veelox saved? i dont know if Spader is in any of the future stories for i am only on the 5th book(sad, i know). I also like Bobby because he's funny and i just like him.
3/18/2006 . Edited 3/18/2006 #9
Kohaku Kawa
Spader and Saint Dane are the characters I like the most in the entire series, all the other's are just second rate too me. ^_~
3/21/2006 #10
Silas The Monk
I LOVE LOOR! she is da bomb. Think about it: She's mean, but polite, tough, hot, muscular, strong, and she can be sexy in a dress, and she is a traveler!
4/19/2006 #11
Silas The Monk
I like Aja Killian. She's hot and tough (kinda like Loor with blond hair) She dont take no krap from no one!
4/20/2006 #12
Kohaku Kawa
what do you think of Courtney?
4/21/2006 #13
Silas The Monk
courtney is OK, but she has some attitude problems. She's a very typical character: A tough jock sports freak who looks hot and all, but suffers at home and on the inside. (OK Ill admit that was REALLY cheesy but who cares?)
4/22/2006 #14
I like Alder! -love- I call him the puppy knight XD He's sweet gentle and... big and klumsy but it's the heart that counts =P (Besides it makes him more cute :D)
5/10/2006 #15
Connor Kent
This is definitly a difficult one... Hmmm... I'd say Patrick and Mark. Patrick because he's a teacher (like I want to be) and because he is very calm and relaxed and has everything under control. I wonder if Patrick will still be the traveler of Third Earth when Bobby and Courtney go there in the eighth book.
5/25/2006 #16
James Flamel
Go Bobby, Press, Spader, and Loor!!!! Patricks ok too.
6/4/2006 #17
Sally Valentine
To join the Spader Lovers, Spader is totally rad. Bobby rocks too, cause he's like me, A lot like me... But my favorite is Saint Dane. In the words of my friend Ian "He's just SO EEEVVVIIIILLL!!!"
6/4/2006 #18
Sally Valentine
To join the Spader Lovers, Spader is totally rad. Bobby rocks too, cause he's like me, A lot like me... But my favorite is Saint Dane. In the words of my friend Ian "He's just SO EEEVVVIIIILLL!!!"
6/4/2006 #19
HELL YES! Saint Dane is my secound favourite! In my words: 'His evil is just so SEXY!' XD nice...
6/5/2006 #20
Spader, Mark, and Gunny are hott... ^^
7/30/2006 #21
Kohaku Kawa
All right! Saint Dane kicked a** in the seventh book! *wipes tear* so happy. Now if only Spader would come back.
9/6/2006 #22
Ember Nickel
Remudi because he seemed honorable.
10/14/2006 #23
mark and courtney WHY?? b/c they're normal kids and they do amazing things and they give more reality to the whole series that everyone can relate to
12/1/2006 #24
I like Aja. She may be really stuck up, but she's a really cool person. I admire her determination.
12/12/2007 #25

Bobby and Press are, without a doubt, my favorite characters. I just think that they're both really cool.

10/12/2008 #26
Anise Nalci

I like Aja, Courtney and Nevva. And Saint Dane, of course... :P

5/12/2009 #27
Element Wolf


6/19/2009 #28
Element Wolf

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7/2/2009 #29

AJA!! She's the best!! I like how she hel pothers either though she's a bit abixous. . . but I admire her for how she not going get anything stand in her way!!! My next two would have to be Siry and Elli! They'll both awsome!!

10/12/2009 #30
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