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why is there no dodger love??? dodger's the best, no question. completely my favorite character in the entire series. (i could be wrong about this, havent read books 9 and 10... i know, i'm lame)

barring any huge plot twist that makes dodger untrustable, i love him. he's great!

3/24/2010 #31
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

You're not alone on that.

I love Dodger too!!!!!! ^_^

He's just so freakin cute sometimes and reminds me of a hyperactive puppy!

Plus he's got the kickass Brooklyn accent and he was really nice to Courtney even after she was a total b*** to him!

Plus he saved her from the taxicab after SD tried to drown them!

Out of curiousity... am I the only one who can see a Courtney/Dodger pairing??? He seems like he has a bit of a crush on her, and I think she could end up liking him too, especially after what they went through on First Earth...

6/11/2010 #32

What about Siry???!!!?? *Looking around anixously* he's awesome! He's cocky and tough but loves Ibara I mean his friends and him defend it from Flighters all the time! I'm an a pround Siry Remudi Fan-Girl *See pename to see what I mean ;)*


1/17/2011 #33
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