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Janet Martini de La Ley
Quick Note: So far I’ve only the through “The Reality Bug” and part of “Black Water”. -How are Travelers picked? -Why are Bobby and the others Travelers? I have a theory: they were BORN to be travelers. Think about it!! Spader's dad was a Traveler, and so was Kasha's father, Seegan. Bobby's parents weren't Travelers, but his Uncle Press was. Aja’s parents are dead, but I bet one of them was a Traveler. And, even though Loor said that Osa wasn’t her real mother (mentioned at the end of “The Merchant of Death”), I’m pretty sure they were related in some way. As for Gunny...I’m believe he has nieces and nephews (or someone!) we haven’t met, and Bobby will have to tell one of them that he or she is a Traveler. ...Whatever territory Saint Dane came from, he’s the Traveler; and I doubt he has family, but he could. I think that the other Traveler from his home territory (like a brother) will fight him eventually. So, that’s my theory, and I’m 90% sure that it’s accurate. I want to hear others’ thoughts on my theory; does it suck or not?
4/23/2006 #1
not compleatly dumb but... You said the other Traveler from Saint Dane's territory, but Saint Dane IS the Traveler from that territory. Also, I think that because Gunny said in #3 that he was picked 2 years earlier, and Press said that they were the last line of travelers, Gunny won't have followers.
4/23/2006 #2
Janet Martini de La Ley
[q]You said the other Traveler from Saint Dane's territory, but Saint Dane IS the Traveler from that territory.[/q] ...Sorry, I really meant the person who WOULD be the Traveler IF Saint Dane ever DIES. I hope he does in the end! [q]Gunny said in #3 that he was picked 2 years earlier, and Press said that they were the last line of travelers, Gunny won't have followers.[/q] ...I don't remember that! That sucks! But, it also makes sense now that I think about it. First and Second Earth are really close to each other; so, I guess it does end with him and then continues onto Second Earth with Uncle Press. The other Traveler from First Earth (before Gunny) maybe was related to him. Anyway, I still stand by my theory. Anyone else have an opinion?
4/24/2006 #3
Connor Kent
If you read book seven you'd see that the facts are a little off. Although DAne says the travelers are merely an illusion. Maybe he's lying maybe he's not. The Traveler of Ibara was Remudi.
5/25/2006 #4
Ember Nickel
Saint Dane could have been the traveler between Gunny and Press.
5/27/2006 #5
Janet Martini de La Ley
[q]Saint Dane could have been the traveler between Gunny and Press.[/q] That means they're related! ...Naw, that would be creepy. Anyway, I'm starting to think that Saint Daine isn't a Traveler and is just an acolyte gone bad.
5/27/2006 #6
Connor Kent
What I don't get is. Saint Dane said the travelers were illusions right? Then how could a person (Mrs. Pendragon) give birth to an illusion? I know Courtney explains it being crazy and I'm starting to agree. LETS GET DJ TO TELL US THE FACTS. That's what I love about Pendragon. Just makes u keep thinking.
6/26/2006 #7
Unless Bobby's parents were illusions themselves, and THAT is why they disappeared... Or I wasn't paying enough attention during the books...
8/14/2006 . Edited 8/14/2006 #8
i dunno, cuz the house and dog and kid sis dissappeared to and didn't they have friends? o and i heard that there might be a movie? anyone know whats goin on???
12/1/2006 #9
Mrs. Pendragon was not Bobby's real mother. Mr. Pendragon wasn't his father. No one is quite sure where the travelers come from, it seems, or what they are, unless Saint Dane's right and the Travelers are just illusions.
4/13/2007 #10
Kara Tezla
None of the travelers have "parents" and travelers don't give birth to travelers. This was ((sort of)) explained by Loor when she said that Osa wasn't her real mother. Osa was just there all her life. Press isn't Bobby's real uncle, he's just been there all his life. I think that all the travelers are like that. The elder traveler watches them and sort of trains them to take over. I have no idea where the heck their REAL family is, if they have one ((that's where the whole "illusion" thing comes in)) but if you really think, everything is slowly starting to make sense, but making more questions at the same time. The Pilgrims of Rayne ((Book 8)) puts some more interesting twists into the story. And I like the theory of Saint Dane being a "acolyte gone bad," Janet Martini. It's the first of it's kind that I've ever heard! And I love DJ's way of writing. It really keeps you on your toes. AND he plans ahead, which makes the twists even better because he drops hints along the way.
6/4/2007 #11

Has anyone read the ninth book? It kinda explians alot about this 'gene' thing. I think that Dane is like Bobby in a diffrent dimension or something. He seems to know alot about Bobby. He's like the Bobby who made the wrong choice and became Dane so Dane has to go back in time to make sure that Bobby makes the wrong choice so that he still lives and rules in the future. Does that make sense. I'd really like to talk 9th book, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

7/16/2008 #12

Well the tenth book Soldiers of Halla is supposed to explain it all so wait and see I guess. . . .

1/17/2011 #13
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