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As a species I love both the Tok'ra and Gou'ld. But there are some like like better then others, these are my favourites Tok'ra -Jacob Carter/Selmak -Malek -Martouf/Lantash Gou'ld -Tanith -B*** -Ra I love those three tok'ra because they follow their belifs but they seem to have a different out look on everything then the other Tok'ra do. And they can be such great guys and still be cocky in their own way, I just love that. And I love those gou'ld because they are so evil, and so full of themselves. It's like no matter what you do to them they are always going to believe that they are better then you and i think that's so great.
1/1/2006 #1
Here are my favorites Tok'ra: Jacob Carter/Selmak Aldwin Gou'ald: Ba'al Hathor Nirrti
1/1/2006 #2
I saw The Devil You Know for the first time today and of course met the Tok'ra Alwin, I really liked him, he was willing to follow orders becasue he understood this is a war, but he didn't like doing it and he helped Teal'c save them even when they could have died, So Alwin gets added to my list of Tok'ra I like
1/3/2006 #3
i love Tok'ra: Martouf/Lantash Jacob/selmak Anise/Freyu in that order Gou'ald: Ba'al Anubis Ra in that order
1/4/2006 #4
Aphrodite Queen of the Damned
My favorite Tokra and personally I think the best Tok'ra are... Martouf/Lantesh Jacob/Selmak Martouf/Lantesh Aldwin Martouf/Lantesh Malek and did I mention Martouf and Lantesh? :D ...and I don't like any of the Goa'uld! Oh and speaking of Martouf, I just went to and on next weeks show not only are we going to see Janet, but we're going to see Martouf! Ahhhhhhhhhh! I'm so happy! I'm like jumping for joy right now! And I saw a picture of Martouf! OMG! What a frackin' hottie! Now and forever! So you better watch next week's episode if you like are in love with Martouf! I know I am!!!!! Martouf! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
1/14/2006 #5
Pagan Twylight
I'm a Lantash/Martouf fan myself and am looking forward to next weeks episode. I also like: Jacob/Selmak Anise/Freya Malek/(Devlin- my name for his host when I use him in my fics) Garshaw/Yosef Renal Persus and Aldwin As for the Goa'uld.. I don't care for any of them, but find most of them easy to write. Apophis is perhaps easiest because we knew him better than most of them, and, from the movie, we knew Ra. I tend to write them because of that.
1/15/2006 #6
OMG we get to see Martouf back YEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait to see this i love Martouf/ Lantash and i hated that they killed him. I really want to see who they'll bring back and who will show up i hope alot of the tokra show up All the people i like tend to die (even if a few of them do come back lol) :(
1/16/2006 #7
Pagan Twylight
Yes, he will be back tomorrow,and I'm doing my best to finish nominating the fics I want to for the Isis awards before tomorrow evening. Tomorrow is the last day to nominate your favorite "other" ship fics for awards. I'm still up tonight getting mine finished because I don't plan on missing seeing Martouf and Lantash after this many years of him being gone from us... Pagan
1/20/2006 #8
My fav Tok'ra are: Martouf/Lantash Jacob/Selmak and Jolinar even though she died cos I've got a random... well I wouldn't quite call it an obsession with her. Goa'uld: Ba'al Anubis Ba'al Camulus Ba'al Yu Ba'al Ra Ba'al Sokar And in my homage to Aphrodite, Did I mention Ba'al? For some reason I've never really cared that much for Apophis... oh well. ~~~~~~~~~ Sniffing glue will seal your nostrils, don't be a dumb-a**! (I can't remember where I got that, but it's not mine!)
3/4/2006 #9
My fave Tok'ra are: Jacob/Selmak I really don't know why but I really like Anise/Freya (A.K.A Tok'ra Spice) My fave Goa'uld are: Ba'al, I think he's cute....I know I am weird. Nirriti.....she is one evil woman. I don't like Martouf/Lantash because he is a threat to Jack. I am a Sam/Jack shipper and I don't like any one who is a threat to them. Anise is okay though because we all know that Jack hates her!! :) I was kinda glad when Martouf died.
3/11/2006 #10
*glares* I LIKE Martouf. Oh well, everyone's entitled to their opinion and I'm not gonna start a fight over this, cos fighting's wrong! Well, tot ziens (which according to the translator, means "good-bye" in Dutch, but I'm not sure if I trust it... oh well.) ----------- Erm... I have no mildly interesting thing to put here... oh well, this'll have to do.
3/13/2006 #11
TOK'RA Jacob/Selmak Malek Aldwin GOA'ULD Heru'ur Anubis Zipacna
4/6/2006 #12
Martouf, cause he's so flippin hott! Malek, same as above ahaha! And for some reason I love Ba'al, he just rocks with his South African accent mixed with the whole Goa'uld voice thing. I think he is the most refined of the Goa'uld, cool, in a cold, intelligent way.
5/18/2006 #13
My favourite Tok'ra is definitely Jacob/Selmak, just...because. I also like Anise/Freya (how can one not be amused by "Tok'ra Spice"? *gives many gold stars to the person who posted that* My favourite Goa'uld are: Ba'al Niirti
6/2/2006 #14
Tok'ra Sam/Jolinar Jacob/Selmak I don't like Martouf as much as the rest of you all, mostly 'cause of his affection for Sam. SJ Shipper all the way. Goa'uld Ba'al Klorrel/Skarra No one seems to like Klorrel that much!? I like him 'cause he creates such a moral delima in Jack. It was kinda sad when Klorrel got removed from Skarra, even though I was very relieved when it happened. I Like Ba'al the best, though, there's so many of him! He has recently become the one unbeatable bad guy on the show. Even the Ori are still beatable, if only by a little. Ba'al is so handsomely, hottly, arragontly evil, it makes you want to give him a big huge hug!
8/20/2006 #15
Queen Awinita
Tok'ra: Jacob/Selmak Martouf Goa'uld:(in order of best to worst) Bastet Anubis Ra Hathor it amazes me that nobody put down Hathor, must be because she is in my new story, anyhow I like Bastet the most...mostly because I have so many cats, and everyone knows she is the goddess of cats in Egypt. Hathor though gets the bottom vote, I thought she was pretty neat in the end of season 2 and the start of season 3
10/15/2006 #16
Zipacna wore eye liner, and a skirt. I could never get past that. And was surprised the O’Neal never mentioned it. However, he was a great villain in his first ep. Mines are: Apophis (no one ever nuked him, or threw him in a freezer.) Hather Ra Also Lord Yu
11/4/2006 #17
Favourite Goa'uld : Ba'al cuz his host is f*** hot. ....
4/19/2007 #18
Aye-Aye! He is soooooo damn hot!
4/27/2007 #19
Ya. Damn right. And he's mine. XP
4/30/2007 #20
I don't know why, but no one ever mentioned Egeria. Ya gotta admit she's great. I mean, first she poisons everyone on the planet, then she finds a way to cure them. How cool and utterly Tok'ra-like is that? So.... Egeria Rocks!
4/30/2007 #21
Obi's Second Cousin
Egeria's pretty cool. However, Jacob/Selmak and Martouf/Lantesh top my list. Has anyone mentioned Jolinar? I liked her.
8/1/2007 #22
The Other
Does anyone know how to make up good Tok'ra or Goa'uld names? I'm writing a fic and I need a name for one of my characters. Please help me?
9/4/2007 #23
Obi's Second Cousin
Uh, I'd suggest looking through lists of Greek and Roman names, especially minor gods. the Tok'Ra seem to follow those pantheons rather than the Egyptian or Oriental ones.
9/4/2007 #24
Real Vash the Stampede
Sokar was a cool system lord. Too bad he died too early.
10/5/2007 #25
demon unicron
the only tokra i realy care about is Jocob/semlack. i have like a lot of Ga'ulds and will list them in order 1. Anubis because he was half-asended, had some of the most advanced teckonalgy, and probulaly largest, if not secound, fleet in history. like he could send 30 ships to earth, though i wish he had done more then just haveing them setting there(like destroy a city, or something so that the stargate would have to go public) 2. Sokar because he was able to terify all the other system lords, even though he realy was not one, with out attaccking. because he had proubly the secound largest fleet in history, and thought very well into the future in terms of plans 3. Apophis. i have nothing realy pacefect reson why i likehim 4. Ba'al. the reson i put him last is because evon though he was very smart, he realy did't become a threat until all the other major players were gone. like he only became a threat when he took Anubis's fleet, which was probualy a good portion of thoes super soilders, since there looked to be so amy and they obay without dought who they are programed to obay. p.s, i saw a video on youtube called "War of the Devils: Sokar vs Anubis". i personly that could be an interesting fan fiction because they were both powerfull systom lords, and it would have been interesting to see how he would of handled Anubis. anyway, tell me what you think of it.
10/17/2007 #26
Ba'al simply because he was rather amusing with his godhood, treating it as a joke; and he’s likely the longest living gou’uld present on the show before it finished up
3/26/2008 #27
Real Vash the Stampede

Actually Sokar probably had the largest fleet. He was about to attack the other system lords, right before he was assassinated by Toa'kra. Thus the cheap Apophis stole all his belongings by total luck.

Remember when one of the minor goa'uld who was working for Anubis said, "I have to thank you for destroying Apophis' fleet. That saved us so much trouble.". So it means even Anubis did not take Apophis'(Sokar's really) fleet lightly.

Ba'al didn't take all Anubis' fleet. He had one of the largest fleet to begin with. It's just that he stole Anubis' supersoldiers which made him strong. Then he built up even more fleet. He was cheap too. Yu's forces were stronger than Ba'al's. From the episode Revelations, a ship commander of Anubis reported "The battle with Lord Yu did not go well, we request reinforcement!" Then a system lord who was working under Anubis said "That stubborn old fool refuse to die!", and she sent more ships to help. Back then, it was only Yu fighting Anubis. Because he was the only one voted against to let Anubis rejoining the rank of system lord while all six other major system lords voted "yes".

Anubis, was a cheap one too. The whole ascension thing was cheap. He gained some ancient knowledge by doing that, and he could not die. He did not play fair. Besides, he did not have the largest fleet to begin with. At first, he had only "a handful plants" as they mentioned in the show. He had very few ships, but the technology of those motherships are superior to regular goa'uld motherships because he upgraded them with ancient tech. After he started to kill many minor goa'uld and stole their resources, he began to build up a larger fleet. With more system lords fell to him, his force only grew stronger with those system lords' resources. It's too bad during the war between Anubis and other system lords, SG-1 did more damage to other system lords than they did to Anubis, including the killing of at least 3 system lords who were the enemies of Anubis. Silly Denial gave the eye of Ra to Anubis which destroyed a huge fleet of other system lords', he could just instead telling Lord Yu to "just open fire, he doesn't have the eye yet".

3/26/2008 . Edited 3/26/2008 #28

And yet, at the end of the day, who's the one still left alive? Ba'al. While it's debateable who "cheap" or not, I'd have to say Ba'al's the smartest System Lord on the show. And the way he's so coy with everyone is to cool. Sometimes I think you could blow up his entire armada in his face before he calmly asked you out for a drink.

Yu may have been powerful, but you have to admit, he was stupid. At least for a System Lord. No other SL was that easy to get info from. Lucky SG-1!

Sokar was a moron too. What the hell was he thinking? "Let's bring my worst enemy back to life, torture him, kill him again, and repeat. He'll hate me even more that way! Then, let's give him a little bit of power over all these other guys on my prison planet. They hate me too. I wonder what'll hapen...." Idiot!

3/28/2008 #29
Real Vash the Stampede

Ba'al was cheap and lucky.

He was left alive because the Replicators wiped out all the other system lords who attended the last System Lords' meeting. He wasn't there!

Yu wasn't stupid, he was just one of the most honorable goa'uld system lord. He even let go of Teal'C after Teal'c failed assassination on him. During the middle of the war with Anubis, Yu was just too old and suffered from losing of memory etc. old people's problems.

Sokar was not stupid by torturing Apophis. Nor Apophis was his worse enemy. Apophis was weak compare to many other system lords. Sokar's stuff wouldn't be stolen by Apophis if Tok'ra did not assassinate him at the wrong moment. You seem to be forgetting that it was Tok'ra NOT Apophis that killed Sokar. If the Tok'ra did not kill Sokar at that moment, the fate of Apophis would only be

1. Being captured by Sokar on that mothership

2. Best case for him, escaped, but then what? He had nothing left! He might end up like Nurttie who had only "a handful Jeffa".

3/28/2008 #30
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