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Moved over here by request, for easy access. :)


I’m sticking with the most odd or likely to be used ones for this. If there is a button on the keyboard for it, I shan’t bother.


Special HTML Shortcuts (Symbols and Accented Letters)

Link for Windows Alt keys

FanFiction Formats


Special HTML Shortcuts

These just need to be written into your box as text on FFnet (or other places). You can also copy and paste from here and it will work in posts. For thread titles, these shortcuts are a must – and they’re a time saver for everything else.

The symbol is first, then the code for it. Remove the space. ;) These are case sensitive!


& spades;

& hearts;

& diams;

& clubs;

& dagger;

& Dagger;

& larr;

& uarr;

& rarr;

& darr;

& lArr;

& uArr;

& rArr;

& dArr;

& harr;

& hArr;

& trade;

¢ & cent;

£ & pound;

¤ & curren;

¥ & yen;

§ & sect;

© & copy;

® & reg;

¯ & macr;

° & deg;

± & plusmn;

¹ & sup1;

² & sup2;

³ & sup3;

µ & micro;

& para;

» & raquo;

« & laquo;

& lsaquo;

& rsaquo;

¼ & frac14;

½ & frac12;

¾ & frac34;

¿ & iquest;

¡ & iexcl;

× & times;

÷ & divide;

& asymp;

& ne;

& cong;

& infin;

& otimes;

¬ & not;


þ & thorn;



I’m not going to list upper and lower case. Just remember these are case sensitive. If you change any the letter to uppercase (example: agrave to Agrave) you get the caps form. :) These are quite intuitive after a while. :P Just think of how the name is used.

à & agrave;

á & aacute;

â & acirc;

ã & atilde;

ä & auml;

å & aring;

æ & aelig;

ç & ccedil;

è & egrave;

é & eacute;

ê & ecirc;

ë & euml;

ì & igrave;

í & iacute;

î & icirc;

ï & iuml;

ð & eth;

ñ & ntilde;

ò & ograve;

ó & oacute;

ô & ocirc;

õ & otilde;

ö & ouml;

ø & oslash;

ù & ugrave;

ú & uacute;

û & ucirc;

ü & uuml;

ý & yacute;

ÿ & yuml;

((There are a lot more accented letters and symbols, but their shortcuts are numerical. If you have any that need to be listed -- say, if Tolkien used one that isn't on this list, just tell me or show me the symbol, and I'll get you the numerical code. There are also dozens more text ones of foreign letters, mathmatical symbols, etc. If you have a request to have easy access to it, tell me. :))


Link for Windows Alt keys


FanFiction Formats

My list of these is at home, so you’ll have to wait on it. ;)

2/6/2009 #1
Thranduil Oropherion Redux

Thank you, Katie. This is invaluable especially for us Tolkien writers. I'm pinning this topic for easy reference.

2/6/2009 #2
Silver-hair Angel

Bumping if anyone happens to know how to fix it so that your text comes out upside down.

3/8/2009 #3
Silver Symphony

Well, I dunno if this qualifies as 'special characters,' but I found a site that flips your writing upside down.

3/14/2009 #4
Aislynn Crowdaughter

Is there any way to show music notes? The alt windows keys are apparently nnot working. But I think I saw some notes in a forum post, once.

3/19/2009 #5

There are no alt keys for music notes. D: I usually just copy/paste them.

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

3/19/2009 #6
Thranduil Oropherion Redux

Where do you copy/paste them from? The Windows Character Map?

3/19/2009 #7

Mmm hmm. :) On Arial, about 3/4 of the way down is where they are easiest to find. But they can be c/p'd from here, too.

3/19/2009 . Edited 3/19/2009 #8
Aislynn Crowdaughter

Katie! *tackles* Thank you! That's what I needed! :)

3/19/2009 #9
Reader's Corner

How did you get that blue colour symbol?

11/1/2009 #10

I linked this thread to another forum I go to, because it's awesome. Hope you don't mind. ^^

11/27/2009 #11
Thranduil Oropherion Redux

Not a bit. It's a great resource. (So is Katie.) :)

11/27/2009 #12

Thank you, Katie. This is invaluable especially for us Tolkien writers. I'm pinning this topic for easy reference.

6/20/2011 #13
Elizabeth Burke

There are alt keys for music notes

♫ hold alt type 14 release alt

♪ hold alt type 13 release alt

8/5/2011 #14

Brother! Tell me please how to use them in a story? The automatic character replacement kills all the correct quots and apostrophes. That's not fair in 2012!

6/23/2012 #15
A Forgotten Place

If you were more abusive in your administrative powers, you would be more respected.

Instead you are cowardly and allow me to flame and attack people on your own turf.

Step up to the plate and start threatening me back.

TheNotsoTalentedPoet challenged me to a flame war, I responded, and he ran away. So I'm going to fuel the fire until he returns.

2/25/2017 #16

I refuse to be your superhero, Captain Carnage.

2/25/2017 #17
A Forgotten Place

Even if I fail, others are waiting in the wings. Flamers and trolls that make me look like your kindly next door grandmother.

They will show you no pity

2/25/2017 #18


Been there, done that. What else ya got?

2/25/2017 #19
A Forgotten Place

You are but an insect in the face of the old administration's unholy powers

2/25/2017 #20

I'm sure.

2/25/2017 . Edited 2/25/2017 #21
A Forgotten Place

It is not known how much control the old administration has over the internet. Their ways are impossible to ascertain.

This site was just one of many they created.

They will take it back alongside countless other sites the new administration tore from their grip.

2/25/2017 #22

Sure they will.

And this thread's being locked, due to the desire to avoid spamming it up. Let us take this discussion elsewhere.

2/25/2017 #23
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